Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl

Hello hello, welcome back to onahole highschool 🙂

For this one, Toy’s Heart came up with the name “Akogareno senpai wa teppeki musumedatta”, which roughly translates as “my senior whom I look up to was a barriered girl”, and it’s obvious some English shops had a little trouble to preserve the “taste” of the name. To otakus and generally all people with some knowledge of Japanese society, the word “senpai” easily replaces the whole “senior” thing: she’s not just a senior schoolmate, she is the senior you count on and idolize, she is the perfect example of a student you strive to become and is inspirational (while not being quite a teacher or master).

Now, “teppeki” translates as “iron wall”, and refers on how she feels like towards boys, and/or sexual relationship. She’s aware you look up to her and she has to keep uptight so you can follow her example, and she’s very shy of getting lovey dovey with you because of that. Until one of you confessed, and broke down that “wall” that kept you in a strictly “senpai-kouhai” relationship 🙂



“It was awesome ❤️️  From now on, I always want to be with you !”

She may have huge breasts, but I like that character 🙂 Shy and reserved, yet lovely and great sex partner. I think Toy’s Heart can re-use that character for a more uh… dominant role, after all she’s senpai and got to teach you everything about sex she’s been secretly studying. Hugging you tenderly into her breasts while making you moan in pleasure by teasing your prostate, and so on~

In some aspects her character is a bit like me: shy and reserved, but past a few hurdles, she’s unleashing a world of lewdness onto you 😇


Inside the box, you find a plastic tray securing the onahole itself, and a small bottle of “Moisty” lube.

This lube is very good quality, and should be enough for about 2 uses.


So far, no complains for me. It’s a perfect size onahole for holding in the hand, is very stretchy, feels smooth, doesn’t get oily, and has a good as no smell even right at opening.

Toy’s Heart can really boast about the “Real Skin” material this onahole is made with, because it’s much better than what most other onahole makers can provide.

Inside the onahole, we notice: a rather tight entrance, a first chamber with 4 large bumps, a second chamber with smaller bumps and spikes, and then… a tight ring, leading to a final chamber with ridges and ribs. Yeah I get it: that ring is supposed to be the cervix, after which you find yourself in her uterus. Or a particularly tense vagina muscle. Anyway ^^

As good Toy’s Heart materials are, they have a struggle to make dual layer toys as good as Magic Eyes. I’d almost say “as expected”, that tightening ring broke after a few uses, and completely detached shortly after. So right now, no more ring.


So, how relevant was that ring anyway ? Well uh.. it was interesting. The ring resists to the strokes, so it both acts as a “repellent” when you slide in, and a little something that pulls at you when you slide out. Having just your glans slide in and out from the ring is a bit funny, but doesn’t do for much sexual stimulation. Overall, I’m not crazy for this gimmick.

The rest of the onahole gives a slightly tight response to the dick, the first part being as good as not stimulating, and the bottom half lacks a bit of distinct sensation.

I have mixed feelings on how such onahole matches the character fantasy. Yes she’s not having regular sex yet so her vagina may not blow your head off.. but.. a softer bottom would have been great, for a “snug” feeling, so pulling out would be so disheartening. Keep in mind she wants to be with you forever. You’re the kouhai here, you must do what you’re told, and sex is not over until she decides so !


With the ring still inside you must consider it a dual layer onahole, and thus not turning it inside-out for soaping up and cleaning. Sticking your finger deep inside to clean the bottom is kinda funny by itself, feeling that ring slightly strangling your finger. Nevertheless, uneasy cleaning operation.

Without the ring, it’s must more straightforward: turning it inside out makes it a breeze to soap up everything and clean it, and also patting it dry.


It was worth a try, Toy’s Heart, but the ring should be re-engineered. It comes off way to easily, and doesn’t add much to the experience (while significantly hindering the cleaning process).

Aside that, I once again praise the material: Real Skin does really feel a bit like skin, and it being guaranteed phtalate free and safe to use and not smelling and not getting oily and almost not sticky .. you get it, that’s what Toy’s Heart does the best.

The character choice for the illustration is rather good, I think I wanna see her again with another setting, with her really being “in control” over the kouhai you and making you completely devoted to her.

The price range is totally honest, and even in overseas shops it remains very affordable. There’s cheaper, but not Toy’s Heart quality !

Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 8.5/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ very good material quality + nice illustration and inspiration + affordable
– lack of sensations – ring gets off quickly – cleaning complicated with ring
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