Gokusai She’s Wearing A White Shirt

Here comes a review of a new onahole by Magic Eyes ! I’ve got a couple things to tell you about it, so let’s jump right in !



So, what did Magic Eyes come up this time ? Oh, girl in wet shirt 🙂  Girl wearing only a white shirt, whom she probably stole from her boyfriend, and somehow ended up outside. Then suddenly the rain, and the shirt becomes see-through. Male gaze and stuff…

Magic Eyes’ artist did a good job, really. A pretty girl, and field flowers to strategically hide what’s otherwise censored with a mosaic.

Also cool is the little comic strip. With uuuuh…  a perverted rain cloud playing a prank (spitting) on the girl while the sun enjoys the show 🤔

The context is weird though. How did she end up outside, and only wearing this white shirt ?


Inside the box, you’ll find the onahole wrapped in plastic bag inside a plastic tray. And a 15mL pack of lube.

So far so good, except for the lube: I’ve been saying this again and again, and I don’t expect Magic Eyes to address this issue anytime soon: the lube comes out with the consistency of marmalade. As-is, it’s completely useless. You need to pour it into a lube bottle, add some water and mix well. Only then, it can more or less be usable.


Urgh. The smell when you open the plastic wrap…  the smell fades away after a couple washes and some resting in the air, but still. I’m getting more and more unforgiving for this burnt-cellophane mixture smell.

Truth is that Magic Eyes really did some efforts into this onahole design, with 3 layers of TPE material like Alraune. The blending is well done, and the way the shirt wraps around the main body can only be applauded.

Magic Eyes know their business with multi-layer toys, and they find inspiration to use it.

Uh.. one more thing.

You’re probably thinking “what kind of horror torture straight from a guro manga did he do so that the onahole started tearing up in half”, well I just use it with my average-sized penis. No violence, just using. I used it twice. TWICE.

Magic Eyes, sorry but I won’t be fixing this with a soldering iron: ultimately it will fall into pieces anyway.


I think Magic Eyes is got getting loose of the Lolinco internal structures. I mean, they work like a charm ! The walls clamp around you and the ribbed sections welcome you in, and brake you when you go out. The suction effect is mild, it’s not getting over-the-top tight. Yet this onahole won’t go easy on you: it wants your orgasm and it wants it fast !


Being multi-layer onahole, this toy needs some extra precaution when cleaning. Avoid turning it inside out: just flush out what you can with water, then soap up inside with your fingers, and rinse. Due to the structures, you may have some difficulties to dry every corner. Or if you have the right setting, you can simply let it hole-down dry in the open air (away from direct sunlight).


Magic Eyes’ idea with the shirt has originality, and the design is overall well done… even if the illustration context is far-fetched and.. makes clouds and the sun look like total jerks who molest girls.

While Magic Eyes confirms their mastery of multi-layer toys, they also confirm severe problems with material (smell, easily tears open). The “made in China” written on the box ain’t no valid excuse.

Yes I’m getting severe. For that price, I think customers should expect better from Magic Eyes. Maybe keep the design in-house, and subcontract the chemistry and production to Toysheart 😉

Gokusai She's Wearing A White Shirt
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 2/10
    Materials and cleaning - 2/10
  • 5/10
    Packaging and addons - 5/10
  • 3/10
    Price - 3/10


+ toy design, multi-layer tech + pretty illustration character + always nice to find a comic strip on the box
– uh.. comic strip.. a cloud spitting on a girl who’s possibly in distress ? – jelly-lube useless as-is – bad smell upon opening.. still.. – hole tearing open up to navel (ain’t a guro toy, ffs) – price range would have been too high even if it was made in homeland Japan
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2 Replies to “Gokusai She’s Wearing A White Shirt”

  1. Please review the Gokusai Uterus-Little Red Riding Hood. That one looks very interesting with the cervix and womb.
    That is crazy your split like that. Maybe it is a problem with Magic Eyes’ quality control. Either way, any onahole should be usable for atleast 20+ times in my book. They should send you a free one.

  2. Yeah mine tore like that after only two uses as well. Threw it away, pretty disappointing.

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