Seventeen Evolution

EDIT; April ’13: since this review, ToysHeart released a new product: “Seventeen Evo Soft”. It should be better than the older one, I guess. /EDIT

EDIT March’15: fellow onafapper AnonymousD made a review of 17 Evo Soft !

Since Seventeen was (and still is) so successful, and because more money is better, ToysHeart released a new one: Seventeen Evolution. The packaging is quite poor. But it’s pretty different inside..

Is Seventeen too smooth ? Here you have it, with plenty of ribs, grooves, constrictions and bumps.. and a better entrance through the cervix. The result is quite astonishing.

Age series: Evolution
  • 7/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Materials and cleaning - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


The previous was too smooth, here, take this !

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6 Replies to “Seventeen Evolution”

  1. I own this Onahole know for a few weeks and can not really complain.
    The the inner-layer glans chamber at the end feels a bit detached from the soft outer-layer, when I knead it
    but I think it is still within the scope.
    I have to admit that I use a Hole Warmer but only round about 5 Minutes!
    The inner-layer does not stick to the Hole Warmer at all.
    This only happens with my second Onahole which has a inferior quality in my eyes.
    The tightness is sometimes to much for me (just when it’s warm…) but it is good for training when you are a quick shooter like me ;-p

  2. Purchased this nearly a year ago. At the deeper end, I could feel the inner-layer had separated from the outer-layer even on the first use! The sensation wasn’t very good at all because of this. I only managed to use the product about 10 times before it had completely come apart, and the inside-part was completely ruined, with holes and tears all over. In comparison my has lasted me maybe 40-50 uses.

    Necessity being the mother of invention, when my seventeen broke, I threw the inside part in the garbage where it belonged, but kept the outer “shell.” It’s a bit of a struggle to do, but I tucked the Kirino onahole inside the seventeen’s shell, and, wow! What an improvement!

    As an aside, I have to mention that I suspect the reason my Seventeen broke so quickly may be due to my “research assistant” being too large. I am about 7.5″ long and I guess 1.75″ wide, though I have never measured the width properly. It’s not really something to brag about when all it does it break things 🙁 Something to consider if you are larger than the intended market.

  3. I just ordered the bordeaux cause you rated it better than the evo but now i realize it may have been cause the first review is very outdated!! Omg, did i make a bad choice?! Maybe there is still time to change my order! Heeeelphh!

    1. Mmmh that’s not a drama, Bordeaux’s still a quite good onahole 🙂 Evo soft has another stimulation, more intense. So it’s not really “this or that”, both are okay 😀

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