Seventeen Evo Soft

Hellow fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you Seventeen Evo Soft, an onahole made by Toy’s Heart. This was sent to me by NLS, so let’s review it!


This onahole is the softer version of Seventeen Evolution judging by the name, I haven’t tested the original, but I guess it felt good, that is what AkaiHebi told us in his Seventeen Revolution review.

Here is the box art. A cute seventeen years old schoolgirl is presented on the front cover, ready to have endless sex with you. She appears on the front and on the back, and you can also see the inner structure, I liked the box. Opening it up, here is the onahole:


Simple presentation, she is in the typical plastic holder, which is nice to keep it away from getting crushed during transportation, and printing marks on it’s surface, also comes with a small bottle of lube. I haven’t tested it, but I guess it will be fine, I’d have preferred a bigger bottle, considering the price of the onahole. The first thing I noticed was this:

Those ugly lines both on top and the bottom of the onahole… they just makes it look cheap, but I got used to them.


The vulva looks nice, also it hold very well the lube to lube the glans of your penis, which I consider an important aspect, I always hate it when onaholes like Bumpy Sisters make it a pain to lube well for the first insertion, making a mess with lube in the whole front of the onahole’s surface.


And look at that size! It’s very big! A little too big for me, but I’d say is a pretty good size, enough to ejaculate freely inside :D. The skin feels nice to the touch too I’d add.

Now, let’s talk about the feeling. With that nice box art, curious inner structure and that cute pink color, I thought it would be amazing… but I was disappointed. Here is the inner structure:


The name of the onahole suits it, “soft”, but I’d rather say “super soft”. My penis is a little bit sensitive, I find it very hard to masturbate with onaholes like Lolinco, it is just too hard for me and sometimes it kills my erection. This is so soft, the first times I tested it I had trouble keeping my erection. I’ve tested it for a while, and my latest test actually felt good, maybe I was weird or something those first days, but the stimulation is very low.


The best part is the one at the beginning, those bumps feel nice, and the rest is just ok, although it’s not intense at all. It does feel sort of nice, the super soft walls slide nicely around your penis.

Considering the price, and if I knew how it feels, I wouldn’t buy this onahole, but hey, maybe is just not for me. I have used onaholes for around 2 years now and became less sensitive, which probably means I need harder onaholes for better stimulation (yes, I know I said I’m still sensitive now, but comparing to back then, my penis changed a lot using onaholes.). Also, it’s a bit too big for me, so I guess if you have a big penis, sensitive with the touch, it’s your first time buying an onahole, and you don’t mind spending a few bucks more than average priced onaholes, this could be the onahole for you, but from my point of view, it’s not worth it.

Seventeen Evo Soft
  • 4/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 2/10
    Price - 2/10


Too soft, and too expensive.

User Review
3.33 (3 votes)

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11 Replies to “Seventeen Evo Soft”

  1. I definitely like the soft type, but because of the price, I didn’t buy this one. For me, I am very sensitive and sometimes if I get squeezed I can easily come in just under 5 mins.

  2. I own all the Seventeen series onaholes. This is my second favourite after Bordeaux.

    The original 17 Evo was kind of interesting. I am uncircumcised and have a very sensitive penis. Evo drove me insane! It was so hard but after a few minutes of use and a lot of lube, it felt great! I vividly recall a session with that hole and five orgasms. I would still be using it but the infamous seperation of the inner layer meant that it broke.

    I was eager to try the Soft version. Firstly, it’s very soft! The hole thing flops about quite a bit. It almost feels like a single layer hole. As the reviewer mentioned, the entrance is the best part. Afterwards the stimulation tapers away into almost nothing.

    This is a little disappointing at first, but that extra space means the vacum effect is quite strong. It also retains lube very well. After a few minutes of using it, the whole thing became moist and pleasant. I find the best way to use the hole is to hold it tightly from the end and move it up and down in short thrusts.

    Vary the force you use at the end and occasionally push all the way down to feel the cervix. Eventually the sensation from the entrance on your glans will become overwhelming! You will be able to gently edge like this for quite some time and if it gets to hard, you can just keep your penis deep inside and focus on the end of the tunnel. Using the hole like this will provide a great experience! Also, varying how much air you squeeze out will provide quite different sensations.

    Bordeaux was my go to hole for a couple of years now but I became a bit bored with it. Evo Soft is a great way to break that tedium and I see it as being my favourite for the next few months!

    1. Thanks for the mini review you added. I actually have mixed feelings with Evo Soft. Somedays, it feels decent, I actually feel some stimulation, but some other days, I don’t feel nothing at all… I dunno. The inner layer is starting to peel of too, so I keep my rating for this onahole. It’s not too bad, but ughh… way too soft.

    1. Nope, nothing will happen to your penis if you don’t use condom, I never had. And it’s better without a condom since the stimulation is stronger. You can use a condom if you don’t wanna go through the bother of cleaning your penis after the fap… but do it raw for better feeling.

  3. Damn, what a brutal review. Would you still recommend this product to a first-time buyer? It seemed like your biggest complaint was the softness, which you admitted was likely due to years of using these toys.

    What do you think? :O

    1. Well, likely, I think that could be a chance, but probably is not. I did not like it. I would not recommend it to a first buyer, if you have a big penis, get a R20, if your size is normal/small, smooth flat cadet would be great. I dunno… it could be good for a first-time user, but probably not, so, no, I don’t recommend it.

    1. Ahhh, I knew it, “sensible” sounded weird to me, it’s sensitive! lol … my english sucks, thanks man! 😀

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