Seventeen Bordeaux

Yes, they did it again ! Seventeen Bordeaux, it is. No it doesn’t come with a bottle of french wine, it’s just the color of the inside. And.. the packaging. This has titjob potential huh ? Ok let’s look inside.

Urethane foam !! Yeeees ! This material feels incredibly soft, and another thing: let it swim in hot water for a few minutes, and the foam keeps the hole warm while you use it ! The bumps are less big than the ones from IBO MAX of course, a more lifelike sensation for a hole you will be happy to stroke yourself with day after day (for a few weeks, at least). Very good suction capabilities. Simply the best toy from this series.

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Age series: Bordeaux
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10



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4.17 (12 votes)

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48 Replies to “Seventeen Bordeaux”

  1. My 17 Bordeaux inner layer finally began to detach after the last few uses (maybe 10-15 total, since I mix it up with the rest of my collection). Today, while cleaning it out, I could see that the inner layer was detached about 1 inch (2.5cm) in from the opening. Well, I didn’t want to worry about mold or anything getting left behind in there, so I spent a few minutes and just carefully removed the inner layer completely. Now I’m debating if I try and use it again normally (lubing everything up and putting the lining back in for one use – just to see if it works), or possibly putting it inside one of my older or less used onaholes as an extra inner layer. Hell, I might even try to use it with my wife as some sort of vaginal sleeve or something (she’s had 2 kids, so anything is an improvement at this point). What to do…?

    1. That’s why normal seventheen is superior compared to Bordeaux. I’ve been using it for around year and stimulation is perfect for long fap sessions + nothing was being detached from onahole

  2. I have been playing with the large loli virgo from magic eyes and the ろりえろ学園 from EXE. Getting really bored, sensation is going down. Is my dick broken or I need tiger stuff? So was wondering, which one would you recommend the 17 hard or soft edition? Or do you have any other recommendation, since I am a lolicon, things from that sector might interest me more. Thanks bro.

  3. This was my first onahole and it was awesome… it was. Yesterday the inner red layer got totally separated from the pink layer almost entirely and became useles, some trusts and the inner layer goes to the bottom and you feel nothing. I have it since summer and used it very occasionally, in total maybe 10 or 12 times. It started getting apart since the first day but it wasnt a problem, it still worked fine but it was becoming more and more… until yesterday.

    I’m looking for a new one and it will be a one layer one for sure.

  4. Yeah box art says toi*hat-to in Katakana guessing that just the way they pronounce Toyheart. It says that instead of showing Toyheart logo on toop left corner and left top of box but like I said on Toyheart offical site it shows the box art of it saying it in Katakana instead of showing logo. Maybe its just later production run of the product. Cause if its a counterfeit its a damn good one….

  5. I just bought one of these from Amazon and when it arrived noticed couple things different about it compared to the promo pics. The entrance is different and it doesn’t have ToyHeart logo as part of the side of the onahole. Not sure if they are just made different then the picture or maybe I got a counterfiet. Anyone got one that has those differences.

    1. Maybe you got the Bordeaux Soft ? That one doesn’t have a ToysHeart logo on the side.

      But yes, ordering from Amazon can be a risky gamble if it’s the marketplace (even “shipped by Amazon”: in their warehouses they mix all products with same barcodes in the same shelf, genuine and counterfeit alike)

      1. Its the same as the one above cept box has kanji instead of Toyheart logo. I didn’t notice that till after my post about it. Cept when you go to Toyheart offical site the box art they show kanji and no logo at first thought cause of that it was counterfeit but the offical site shows non logo box art.

        1. I got mine through OtonaJP which is a trustable website and I can assure you that mine doesn’t have logo on the onahole and Toy’s Heart is also written in Kanjis on the box =)

    1. Well, try the Seventeen, get used to it, and then get Seventeen Bordeaux 😉 Chances are that the Seventeen will be left unused later on, but that depends on your experience !

  6. Don’t know how the score can be this good. I just bought one and feel disappointed. I can’t feel anything, except for suction which are more annoying than good. The sleeve itself isn’t stimulating. In the end I had to finish it with Meiki Maria. Don’t know how everybody keep recommended it?

  7. I’m torn on whether or not I should order the Seventeen-Bordeaux or the Daisyuki Hold. The only onaholes I’ve ever experienced are the Tenga Flipholes White and Black and I’d like to have a new one in my collection. It’s just hard for me to decide. Any suggestions? Feel free to plug any others if you want.

  8. It looks like there’s a new Seventeen Bordeaux Soft, AkaiHebi. Will you be reviewing it anytime soon?

      1. Sounds great! I’ll try to wait until then. I’m having trouble picking one between the Seventeen Bordeaux Soft, Seventeen Bordeaux, Lolinco, and the Virgin Age Admission.

  9. Hi, I’m a newbie to onaholes and I just got this one. When I am cleaning it, is it save to flip it inside out? I read some places that its bad but some places telling me I should

  10. It appears that there is a derivative of this product called ¨Seventeen Bordeaux Soft¨ available on OtonaJP. I´m waiting to see someone do a review of it. I consider getting it instead of the regular Bordeaux, but it´s more expensive, and I haven´t found any reviews (in English). It does have a high star rating on

  11. I’m a fan of Toysheart onaholes but this one has no safeskin. I have several Toysheart onaholes, Slut Announcer is probabnlyh my favorite, but I like the R20 and Vacuum Witch too a lot. If you revisited the seventeen Bordeaux think its worth getting? What about the 17evo?

  12. Right so I don’t mean to be explicit here but I just don’t fit this thing.
    I read reviews that this was meant to be a good size but it really doesn’t give me any room. Insertion seemed quite impossible…Once I finally got inside I was just pushed out. Tight the the point where I couldn’t feel anything. Age Series 20 is a perfect fit though, probably still my favorite purchase.

  13. Hello, so the inside layer of the onahole detached itself. Should I still use it and remove the inside?

    1. Mmmh, you could put it back with glue or something 🙂 The outer layer alone won’t be usable, and the inner layer would be like a cheapie onahole..

  14. Hello, I recently got the Virgin Graduation and really satisfied. I was really debating to get this over the graduation cause of the number score. Should I get this or the Admission for my next one depending on feel and durability? Thank you.

    1. OH NEVERMIND lol. Just saw the updated reply (further up the comments) so this answered my question… Thank you!

  15. hello! I love your reviews man, and I’m seriously considering acquiring my first onahole, however, I don’t know which one to decide~ I’m considering this one, the 17 Bordeaux, Kirino can’t be this tight, virgin age admision and graduation, and super tight declaration~ my thing is not that big, I haven’t checked the size of it but I know it’s not big, so what would you recommend for a first time onahole? what I’m most concerned about, second to pleasure and feeling, is the durability of it~ thanks for answering :3

  16. I got this today and damn… it’s amazing. My first onaholes were Kirino and Ayase My sister can’t be this tight series and they were disappointing. They weren’t anything special and I could go on for good hour with them. HOWEVER this one… HOLY CRAP it was amazing. I came too soon. Much sooner than I expected. Stimulation is great, tightness is just perfect (if I wanted more tightness, I just squeeze air out), texture is bit hard but I love it.

    I’m only have average size penis (about 6in) and kinda sucks that I didn’t reach the womb part as deeply as I wanted to.

    Definately worth the money as of now. I’m not sure how long it will last but I threw out kirino and ayase onahole immediately lol.

    For those who want strong stimulation, I’d suggest passionate wife masturbator: This was another amazing one and to be honest, I can’t choose between seventeen bordeaux and passionate wife.

    1. true, passionate wife is one of my favorites, definitly a must have 🙂 (together with earthworm den, Puni Hole DX and Virgin Lope)

  17. You rated this 100%, but you said that the inside starts to detach. Should I go for this or Virgin Age: Admission? This is my first time getting an onahole, and I’m not sure what to go for. I’m Asian if that helps you gauge my size.

  18. You rated this 100% but you also said it tears easily. Should I get this or Virgin Age: Admission? I’ve never gotten an onahole before.

    1. Nowadays I would give it a 80% for pleasure, things have improved meanwhile 🙂
      For the first… Admission shows you what “tight” means, but you definitively should have a first with good suction. Either Seventeen Bordeaux, or Eroman, or Open my pussy Rina.

  19. Hey ,This one is impressed me. a Tight Softness and Bumpy make me Suddenly cum in less than min in Surprising.

    What make me wonder is it Pushed me out when insert my dick in, Maybe an Air-Flow in too much?

    and when use with USB hole warmer for a little longer times. a inner-wall is stick a little to USB warmer.

    maybe shall i add a little lube on warmer?.

  20. Hi,
    What would you say about the durability of this one? I read some review that said that interior start to peel off after couple of weeks and the two layers started to separate. Do you experience this problem as well?

      1. Thanks for the reply. Sorry,my computer is a bit weird at the moment. Please ignore the repost.
        BTW, what would you recommend for good durability and pleasure for around 30 dollars?

        1. Durability of this one is pretty good, like all dual layer onaholes it suffers from “detaching” inner layer, but not to the point of not being usable anymore.

  21. Nice to see this got a nice review! My friend is going to get me one but I had a hard time deciding over like 20 or more of them. Just randomly took out a random number generator, punched in the numbers, and the lucky number came up with this one twice(In a list of the ones that looked interesting). From what I read on this page.. I think it’s trying to tell me something? Anyway great site, if it wasn’t for those place I would have have found a good vendor!

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