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Hi, how everybody’s doing zen ? πŸ™‚

As announced in the Tenga Cups review, this new one is about the first reusable toys by Tenga: the 3D series. And they come in different flavors !

Yes, they put them in a “statue-form”, modern art like..  as if you would show them in the open with all the Tenga users who know about them. Well, masturbation isn’t as strong of a taboo in Japan as it is elsewhere.

It would be complicated to compare them since I only got one: zen. Anyway…

As said, only got zen and not really considering buying more: expensive !

Don’t know how it works ? Look at the picture above: what you see is the internal structure: to use it, flip inside-out and you’re good to go. So your choice(s) will be based on your favorite stimulation, and that.. well.. depends for each of us. Or you can try to understand NLS’ reviews (copypasting):

  • “SPIRAL” is spiral structure. Although the part whose hole is looser than the goods, and a stimulus are weaker, a responsibility does not give the spare time which takes a break to a penis from a debt and various angles unique to spiral structure.
  • “MODULE” is the structure with which square unevenness was regularly located in a line.
    A square field traces a penis and an angle gives a stimulus.
  • “ZEN” is the structure of a ribs system which a beautiful line like a Japanese garden ran innumerably.
    A stimulus is also a feel of appearance as it is.
  • “POLYGON” is the structure which it began to delete roughly with a knife.
    If it inserts, the stimulus similar to non-dimension processing to push aside can be felt, and a stimulus level is a little high in it being unexpected.
  • As for “PILE”, even though just appearance is individual and excites interest, the stimulus characteristic is a simple ribs system.
    The gradation of the triangular projection was also too delicate and was not felt.

Get it ? πŸ˜€

Now, my words about zen:

It’s not very tight, only depends on the pressure of your hand. The many ribs give a quite intense stimulus, not “scratching sensation”. Just the right depth, and rolling around feels good. By pressing the air out before insertion I create quite good vacuum. I don’t need to go crazy to cum twice (not continuously).

Still: it does feel good, it’s easy to clean and is in antimicrobial material, but it’s still quite expensive. You better want to pick one, instead of starting a collection of all five. Too bad it’s not the kind of stuff you can try before buy πŸ˜‰ If unsure, go for spiral or zen.

Tenga 3D: Zen
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 5/10
    Packaging and addons - 5/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


You thought it was modern art but really it was me, Dio !

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1 Reply to “Tenga 3D Β· Zen”

  1. I’ve owned the spiral for almost 2 years (so that shows you the lifetime if you take good care of it)
    It’s pretty much my default hole out of the half dozen I own simply for the ease of cleaning but yet very nice sensation, its not nearly as stimulating as most of my other holes, but you can’t beat the convenience of maintenance on this hole and it’s easier to edge myself with since sometimes the other holes I will blow my load just a little sooner than I want to because of how ridiculously stimulating they are, though that may be a personal issue….
    The only thing is one word of caution; mine is slightly damaged from leaving an onahole warmer in for too long; it seems to melt very easily, as I had the warmer in only for about 15~ minutes at max warmth and it lost just a little bit of the texture on the parts that were in direct contact with the warmer. Still usable, but lost just a tad of texture.

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