Tenga Cups

A quick word about Tenga:

It’s one of the fastest growing company in the sex toy industry. About 13 000 units are sold in Japan every day. Of the 20% of products sales worldwide, top countries are the USA, Spain and China. And: they got the “super-employee”, who broke twice the masturbation world record with their products (9 hours 58 minutes).

One thing should be especially noticed: Tenga products have no “special packaging” with anime characters or such, nor are the products conceived as intercourse-simulation.

Now that you met Tenga, let’s move on to the Cups review.

Some of these products come in 3 editions: soft (white), normal (red) and hard (black). Here we consider the normal editions.

Compared to a multiple-use hole the Tenga Cups are a bit expensive, there are one-time disposable cups at lower prices.. and lower quality, I assume. Tornado, Ma-sai, DNA, …  the market keeps growing. What is the environmental impact of all this ? Dunno. Keep in mind that Tenga also does reusable toys, expensive yet very well made. These will be reviewed in a next post.


For added convenience, each product is reviewed in a separate post:

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