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You like it strong and tight ? A-One made something for you: ZEX IBO TORNADO 🙂

Okay, let’s get blown up in the air by this thing.


Short note about the entrance: it could have been a bit more convenient, squeezing and pushing inside while using both hands, well.. Not so great.

The inside seems promising, and inside:


A tight entrance, a vacuum-chamber ending, and in-between a minefield of nubs. And fuck yeah it’s tight and intense ! Make sure to use enough lube, a good water-based lube, and it fucking sucks your sanity out from your dick, makes your head spin and you feel like a wooden puppet in the middle of a raging tornado. Kinda.

Material-wise we have a single-layer onahole, it’s below my current material standards. It’s lagging behind, it could have been way better. In fact, you know what it reminds me ? My little sister can't be this tight ! The material is pretty similar, the tightness is about the same, it’s just more intense. Yes, that was quite some time ago.

It doesn’t seem to have much success on Amazon, and I can understand that: I only recommend this onahole for experienced users who have no trouble getting a rock hard dick. Again: put enough lube inside and get started slowly, or it will be painful. But for that price, I don’t complain much.


Author: AkaiHebi

European otaku exploring Japan's most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011. Feminist and sex-positivist. Pansexual. Genderbender. Freedoms activist. オナホ レビュー 著者 「onaho-review-author」

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