New USB Onaho Warmer

It’s winter, it’s freezing cold. But even in summer, this is a must-have !

RENDS previously released the USB Onaho Warmer, which got very popular (since being one of the only few existing accessories). They could be leaning back and enjoying the cash flow, but no ! they worked on a new design, based on customer reviews and modern onaholes.

The new version is bigger, reaching deep in your middle-sized onaholes. It produces a bit less heat, to reduce the risk of onahole deformation or melting. It looks less “amateur work” at the cord attachment, our friend AnonymousD mentioned that the old version had it’s “pink section” broken, I guess he wasn’t the only one in this situation and the issue seems resolved with the new version. What’s pretty nice too is the longer USB cord: sometimes the USB ports on your computer aren’t easy to reach. And since it’s just USB 2.0 connecting, you don’t have to mess around with outlet converters. I wish everything was USB or ATX powered in this globalized world. Anyway.


Onahole warmers have been known to damage onaholes with low heat resistance, changing the inner shape or even make the inner surface melt. While RENDS’ onahole warmers only get at 42Β°C, there are onaholes that were indeed damaged when the warmer was left inside for a long time. Note that onahole shapes change anyway even only according to your dick, but repeated warmer usage can accelerate the process. What I consider here are onaholes where a single usage causes significant damage (which means the material can’t take the heat at all). Always lube the onaholes before warming. Feel free to add your own experience in comments. This is not meant as exhaustive testing database, only a warning notice about certain onaholes warmed up for a certain amount of time, when shit happens. Please be exhaustive πŸ™‚

Heating time for medium-sized onaholes (right at USB plugging):

  • 5 minutes: warming up the lube
  • 15 minutes: warm onahole
  • 30 minutes: hot onahole (may be too hot to use right away)
  • 60 minutes: burning the onahole (material resistance test)

Shit happened with:

  • Chinkoki! Listen to your dad! (small onahole; shape change and melting at 30 min)
  • Seven (small onahole; shape change and melting at 60 min)
  • Superb Fella 3 (shape change of the tongue after 15 min)
New USB Onaho Warmer
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 5/10
    Packaging and addons - 5/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


Improved, better and must-have !

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22 Replies to “New USB Onaho Warmer”

  1. Considering onahole insert manufacturers say “don’t leave out in direct sunlight to dry” where global temperatures average 14c and Japan at 15.6c why are we promoting a USB warming stick that heats up to 37c!
    True a real woman’s internal vaginal temperature CAN (meaning sometimes) reach 37c but tends to be lukewarm at best.
    If there is even a hint of damage from usb heating rods destroying already fragile onaholes then I’m out.

    1. I rarely noticed onaholes deforming significantly despite heavy summer heat (upwards 30Β°C). I think the main worry is about ultraviolet radiation possibly breaking down the material.

  2. i bought a few of these over time and they break pretty easily… whish there was a really heavy duty one thatll last more than 20 uses. Im not rough with them either.

  3. I use the Hoka Hoka warmer, and its instructions say to let it warm for five minutes (I wait at least five minutes and put it in when it’s warm to the touch), and then to leave it in the hole for five minutes – ten being the maximum. Since I’m scared of damaging it, the longest I’ve been willing to leave it in was 8 minutes, but so far I haven’t noticed any significant difference.

  4. My experience with this warmer, is the following (?)
    After a few (probably five) no consecutive usages, one day I plugged it to my laptop to start the fun as I did those several times before, but after 5 minutes I noticed that it was taking too long to heat, actually it wasn’t working at all :c
    I stored and used it very gently, but I think that probably one of the internal cables got disconnected. I noticed that the power cable is able to go round freely since there’s nothing attaching/fixing it to the body of the warmer. I tried to open it but it seems they sealed it really thigt. So my last hope, is to open it with a saw, check if everything’s ok inside, (probably reconnect a loosen cable) and seal it again melting a bit the edges of the surface that was cut to open it.
    Btw, I haven’t tried that yet, so I’ll post again after doing. I considered this option instead of buying a new one because of shipping costs/delivery time. (Yeah, I live in south america).
    Talking about the product, It worked perfectly until its sudden death and looks well made and all… I doubt it was my fault but you can also tell it’s not a crappy warmer. I just hope it will come to life again T0T

    1. I had the same experience with an onahole warmer from omocha dreams (I think they are from RENDS too).
      I got a new one because of accommodation by omocha dreams. The same happed to my second warmer!

      But first I tought they got damaged by the wrong current I used (500 mA maximum and I used 1000 mA -> used the USB charger of my smartphone) but when I opend it I had the same problem. Both wires were detached so I soldered them again and closed the warmer with tape (just in case I have to solder it again). Now I have 2 hole warmers so I can power my 2 onaholes at the same time! πŸ˜€
      At the end I a bought a power plug with 2 USB ports with each 500 mA current output to be safe.

      I also warm the holewarmer up for 5 minutes, then insert them with enough lube for another 5-8 maximum 10 minutes! But after I go in, the warmth really starts me to go crazy (I want to come immediately!) so I have to fap slow and soft but after 1-2 minutes I have to warm my hole again. It’s okey, so my dick can take a break from this sensation, it’s really too realistic for me^^ Because of that I do it sometimes without the warming but during winter it feels really good!

  5. I have the “Daisuki Hold” type Onahole, and I tried using it with the warmer. After finishing my business, I checked the inside after cleaning it, and I think the nubs inside has warped, but I can’t tell whether it’s the warmer, or the Onahole adapting to my penis. I only used the warmer about ten minutes after using the lubricant, so I’m kind of concerned if it was damaged.

    1. It happened the same to my daisuki hold O: but I still don’t know if it was because the warmer or it’s supposed to happen after using the onaho. Btw, it doesn’t completely look like “damage” but I also noticed the change in the bumps.

  6. Do I let the warmer warm up fully before putting it in a lubed hole or put it in to let it warm up and take it out 15 mins later?

    15 mins is safe for mouth of truth, admission, and seventeen Bordeaux?

  7. I bought this together with the virgin age admission. I tried it for like 10-15min i didnt notice the onahole to be that warm at all really.. But im hesitant to try for longer time since your other small holes have “changed”.

    What do you think, should i use this at all with the material in the admission? Or do i risk it to lose tightness etc?

    1. You sticked it inside right at plugging the warmer ? It needs some time to heat up ^^
      Of course use lube for better heat transmission, and let it cook for like 20-30 minutes, you’ll feel it already

  8. Hey guys, I’m pretty new to onaholes and stuff (just got my first 4 onaholes two weeks ago). So far I’ve used 2 of the 4 for a total of 5 times, and I don’t quite understand the need for this USB warmer.

    1. takes quite a bit of time to warm the onahole, which might be better spend getting right into action
    2. the benefit doesn’t outweigh the costs… takes time to get warm, which costs electricity… and all for a couple of minutes “warm service”? not really worth it, I think (the same as heating up the bathroom before taking a shower, just for a few minutes of not standing in the cold lol)
    3. I may have limited experience with onaholes, but so far I didn’t have problems with heat. At first the onahole is cold, then I put on some lube on the entrance and the penis head, rub the entrance, then enter etc… after a bit of “workout” the onahole gets pretty warm inside, and after cumming inside it gets even hotter^^ I immediately go for a second run and the warmth is more than comfortable. No need for a warm-up πŸ˜€
    4. Definitely no damage without heating^^

    Just my opinion. It might feel nice having it warm from the beginning, but I don’t know.. then again, I spent money on onaholes, even though I can fap quite fine without them lol

    1. Wait till you try it really warmed up, then you will think its worth it. And trying to warm it with water is a hassle and takes even longer for larger ona holes like the meiki ZXY.

  9. I just soak the hole in hot water along with a small bottle of lube. It’s far easier and poses no risk. How long does an onahole stay hot when heated using a warmer?

    1. Depends on the thickness, the material, and how long it has been heated (putting warmth “deep” in the material). Well a few minutes, long enough to happily slide your dick in and keep heating it with your body temperature πŸ˜‰

  10. This is also send by J-List but at 14$ i think it’s too expensive for what is it
    Thank you for the review !

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