A10 Cyclone

EDIT nov. 18, 2014: here comes VORZE A10 Cyclone SA, make sure to check it out !

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you this new technology of flashlight-lantern using Japan’s best LED-light expertise ! The sun goes down, the days get shorter, and you need to lighten your doorway for your family to come over at Christmas. Don’t let darkness reign upon you, get this awesome lantern now !

No panic, it’s just a penis mixer.

You’re already all asking why/how I got that. Long story short: I wanted to try for quite some time, and NLS was giving away the R-1 controller for free for orders over 100 $ during a campaign. Split-order, separate shipping, R-1 controller for free, it was a great occasion to get the A10 Cyclone much less expensive.

Warning for those interested: unless you buy a R-1 + A10 set, or unless you already got it, you need the R-1 controller. The A10 Cyclone in itself won’t help you. (but the R-1 alone comes with a quite strong bullet vibrator, very nice)

The instructions:

  1. plug in
  2. lube
  3. insert
  4. activate
  5. cum
  6. clean the fucking mess you just made

Yes you can call that a “penis mixer” since it rotates around your thing and builds up a dense and smelly foam made of lube and semen.

The Internet is just so filled with product reviews of the A10 Cyclone, I barely have anything to add to them aside: “yeah the noise is a weakpoint”. The stimulation isn’t an “in-out type” (like the A10 Piston), therefor the pleasure slowly builds up, and you release in a… how to say…Β  “flat ceiling” mode that is quite mind-blowing. You can easily keep going and cum 3 times or even more, during one hour or more. Using large shorts, you can keep it “sitting” on your penis so you have your hands free to read some dirty books or watching gross hentai on tablet.

Preparation: I had to watch several videos to understand how it can/should be. But it’s pretty well conceived, I must say: the “rotation chamber” is isolated by an outer chamber to prevent clothes, hair or whatever being wrapped around. The membrane prevents the lube to flow all over the place and splash. With two “intermediate rings” (the optional black plastic rings), the rotation chamber fits perfectly to everyone. Asiatic men may want to not use them.  *cough*

The cleaning. Oh the cleaning. I guess it could have been worse. The outer parts stay pretty clean, you just may have trouble properly separating the rotation chamber from the handle (the magnet is strong, maybe too much: you can end up splashing the chamber’s content)

The A10 Cyclone comes with one inner cup, but there are plenty additional cups available. Together with the different rotation patterns, you get a very wide set of stimulations.

Yeah yeah. Here some videos.

A10 Cyclone
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Packaging and addons - 8.5/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


Very efficient electric masturbator for intense cumming, but a bit troublesome to clean and somewhat expensive

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9 Replies to “A10 Cyclone”

      1. So two different devices from two different companies….

        Vorze by Rends and user can create their .csv for any video, but besides the sample video and AkaiHebi’s videos there are barely any other videos

        CycloneX10 by Waffle and user can experience Waffle’s visual novels (which are not translated to English) and in addition there would be support for Waffle’s and other producers’ hentai animations (which is a plus)

        What’s the verdict AkaiHebi?

            1. Good onaholes will be reviewed next πŸ™‚
              X10 Cyclone USB.. that’s unlikely, unless NLS sells it, and that’s unlikely.

              1. X10 Cyclone USB was released on Amazon.jp during the Thanksgiving weekend and KanojoToys just stocked it today.

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