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Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD! Presenting you a new sex toy review, KYO Piston! Made by MotsuToys!


Yes, the famous european shop for onaholes, MotsuToys, made this sex machine! This is my first time trying a sex machine, and I was very excited in reviewing this product. After so many years fapping with onaholes (since 2012 I believe), it starts to get a little boring… don’t get me wrong, I love onaholes, I could never come back to using the hand, but I always wanted something different. Whether it would be a love doll (hopefully in the not so far future πŸ˜‰ ) or a sex machine, I really wanted to try something new aside from onaholes or larger sized ones like hips. Before getting deeper into the review, let’s take a look at the piston.


The KYO Piston in the middle, and on his sides the Oral and Anal sleeves from the bundle.

Well, the packaging is fine, it is simple and elegant I guess, but a hot chick on the box wouldn’t hurt.


And these are the contents of the box: the sex machine (piston) with the vaginal-type sleeve inside it, manual, and the charger.

A basic european-plug charger. The cord is long enough, and it’s not bulky.
The manual comes in English, German and French.

Here a scan of the manual.


And here is the piston.

So here it is, it’s quite big… this is a serious machine.

The charger goes on the back, but do not use it while charging.
All buttons are located in one place.
This is how the front looks like with the vaginal-type sleeve inserted (it looks the same with all other sleeves).
To open it, just press that button.
Removing the sleeve is quite easy, just slide that part and take it from the unit.
This is the material that heats up the piston.

And here are the different types of sleeves: vaginal, oral, and anal. The unit comes by default with the vaginal sleeve, but I definetly recommend you to get all three since you might not like the vaginal and that could ruin your experience and become a worthless purchase.

Here a few pics of the sleeves.

Very standart and basic sleeves. But let’s talk first about the piston itself.

So, the idea behind this toy could either be to give you a new and great sensation you never experienced before with onaholes, or having an easier fap without having to do all the work… or maybe both. I really like the idea of a sexual machine milking you while you’re on a couch or in the bed watching porn, with your arms behind your head and enjoying the experience. Unfortunately, the KYO Piston does not manage to achieve this… is quite far away actually.

There are many different aspects to talk about. First, the size. This thing is huge, and a bit bulky. You can hold it by the side with one hand and having your phone or something in the other, but from time to time you will need to lift it up, re-insert your penis (to change the vacuum pressure inside, or re-lube the unit), and that will require you the use of both of your hands. Also, if you’re fapping while laying on the bed with a TV on front, it obstructs a big part of your view.

Another thing you sure are concerned about, is noise. This thing is noisy. Here a video.

I made a few tests. I left the piston at Speed 1 inside my room, and being in front of my door, I couldn’t hear it (this will vary from house to house, how thick your walls are, how well your door isolates noise, etc.). Neither I could hear it at Speed 2, but at Speed 3 I could hear it. Somebody passing by your room could hear the strange noise. It does need to be quiet though, and maybe the person would need to stop and listen carefully, but it makes noise just enough to make you nervous at a point where you won’t use because somebody could hear you. So summarizing, it’s something you’d want to use when there is nobody home.

Another thing to note, is that watching porn while using this is horrible, the huge noise it makes makes it difficult to hear your video, which is quite annoying. It wouldn’t be good for doujinshi or pictures either, since it is very distracting.

As for using it, it’s very simple.

Sometimes you might struggle a bit to fit the sleeves on the front, but that is rare, usually you get it immediately done. If you left it ready, all you have to do is pour lube, and push a button to start fapping, being so simple and fast is a very important aspect. Although, the toy requires charging. I’ve tested the battery’s duration, and it lasted me for around 3 fap sessions (long ones, 40 mins? ), so that is pretty good. Usually you will charge it after 1 or 2 uses, so you shouldn’t have problem running out of battery in mid-fap (a red light will be on where the turn on/off button is when the unit is low on battery), but charging it is something to have in mind.

The unit offers many functions, like: different movement patterns, heating, and speed.

The heating is useless in my opinion. It takes around 20 minutes to heat to a good temperature, which I think it’s too long, and I never really bother to heat things before using them, I like to masturbate almost immediately. Also after the first minute or so, the insides are hot enough due to all the friction and there is no need to keep it on while masturbating, so I believe a heating function is not necessary, but that is my opinion, I understand some may like it.

The pattern changer is alright, but I always use the default one, where it moves up and down at the same interval of speed, I never found the other ones appealing, it just gets the movement slow sometimes.

The speed changer is great; it has 3 different speeds, and at Speed 1 is fast enough, but at Speed 3 is lightning fast. I really didn’t expect it to have this much power, it really moves very very fast. I guess this is something you cannot achieve in a smaller size unit.

Alright, having covered its functionality and design, let’s get to the important part. Does it feel good?


The unit can have up to 3 sleeves (at the moment?), and the feeling is a bit different for each one, but if I had to summarize the overall feeling… it’s… horrible. There is… no feeling. This is one of the most disappointing sex toy experiences I ever had.

The idea behind this toy is like a vagina moving by itself on top of your penis, thrusting inside, simulating sex… but is far, far away from that. And it’s not the sleeves’ fault, I tried using just the sleeves alone, and they have a decent feeling like a typical cheap onahole, the ribs feel nice, the length is good… but the machine is not.

When the sleeve is inserted inside, there is nothing around it to push the walls against your penis, so when you penis is inside the sleeve, even if it moves, you barely feel any friction at all.

This is at least the case for me, my penis is not very big, so maybe for guys with a bigger penis the experience would be something totally different…

Let me show a video.

As you can see, when I push the penis inside, the sleeve gets like sucked towards the inside, which is another problem for me, the sleeve starts to have some feeling from somewhere around the middle to the bottom, and my head can barely reach the middle. Unless you have a penis a few centimeters larger than ~14cm, you won’t get much out of this toy.

Here is where the somewhat fun part gets, which is experimenting with this toy. Since I wanted to reach deeper, I tried to use the unit while opened, and it worked… more or less, but it was a bit of a struggle to use. I had to hold all the time the lid open, but at least I could reach deeper, and I started to feel the the ribs of the sleeve.

I also tried changing the sleeves, and if I were to rate them from best to worst, it would go like this: oral > anal > vaginal.

When I changed to the oral sleeve, there was a big improvement, since I could feel the ribs of the onahole near the entrance and not all the way to the bottom of the sleeve.

It started to feel decent, but after 1 or 2 minutes passed, you have to increase the speed as your penis gets a bit numb, and after you get used to the 3rd speed, the stimulation, as little as it is, is gone.

Another thing I tried, is, with the unit opened, lean the lid on top of my chest, and let the unit jump on top of my crotch without holdingit with my arms. That was a nice and fun experience, but it felt like a phantom stimulation due to the problem I mentioned above, there is no meat around the walls of the sleeve to hug your penis with each thrust.

Another thing to note, is that toy requieres a lot of lube, the first time you lubricate it requires double than usual, and you will need a few refills later on (since it’s a bit challenging to climax).

I managed to ejaculate, but it was not easy, it feels better to just use the sleeve alone to be honest.


You only need to clean the sleeves most of the times, but sometimes a bit of lube may end up on top of the unit. The sleeves aren’t the easiest to clean either, since the walls are so thin, it is a bit hard to reach the bottom with your fingers since there is no meat around them to hold them in place. But once you get the hang of it, you clean them as usual, as any other onahole: pour water inside, flush the liquids, pour soap inside, use your fingers to wash it well, flush once again, and dry it both outside and inside with a small microfiber towell.


Overall, it’s an interesting machine to experiment with, and a great concept, but poorly executed. The stimulation is very low, it is not something you may use with people inside your house, and is not cheap. Still, don’t completely discard it, every toy can be either good or bad from person to person, perhaps I lack the necessary size to use this, or it is not something for an intense stimulation but rather for a chill and relaxing fap. If you’d like to read a different point of view, stay tuned for Akaihebi’s review coming soon!

KYO Piston
  • 1/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 1/10
  • 7/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Very easy to use + Less effort to fap (lol) + Good battery duration + Very fun for experimenting the different ways to use it
– Stimulation is almost non-existant – Bulky – Noisy – Expensive purchase if it doesn’t satisfy you – Requires maintenance (charging) – Huge, it’s harder to hide

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4 Replies to “KYO Piston ~ AnonD”

  1. Thanks for the review. I was actually wondering about getting this one, but decided not to since it looked really huge, expensive and not at all visually exciting for a first sex toy to buy. Instead I decided to treat myself with Gokuatsu Lover and Super Hard And Tight – Cyclist Girl. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

    Do you have any recommendations for a bigger than average size?

  2. I have been using Virgin Age Admission for awhile now and I was thinking of getting another onahole. What would any of you recommend for an onahole for long sessions since I think Admission is a bit too “aggressive” for long sessions.

  3. If you’re looking for “hands free” toys that are actually good:

    Fleshlight Launch
    Pro: Cheaper than other decent options, no importing, wide variety of sleeves (50+)
    Cons: You have to use Fleshlight sleeves(most are underwhelming)

    Vorze A10 Cyclone
    Pro: Quiet, Semi good sleeve choice
    Cons: Uses rotation which is not very “sex like”, have to import sleeves/toy itself

    Vorze A10 Piston
    Pro: Brand New Toy, Quieter than Fleshlight launch, Feels amazing because of special piston design
    Cons: Very Expensive, Limited Sleeve choice as its new.

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