Greatest Stroker II


Yes, it is what it is: a thing with a moving part inside that “strokes” your thing.

Or actually not. Wait for it.

How should I review it ? The entrance is so narrow that a full-erected western man can’t enter it, and of course with a soft erection you can’t correctly “press it inside” either. Let alone the fact that the “stroking piece” is too far inside and that.. it can’t handle a western’s girth (so that the motors stalls, great). Pretty much batteries are necessary, and it’s pretty loud too.

I can hardly figure out to who this product is aimed for. For people with the length and girth of a pencil ? (not even joking). So actually, 48 $ wasted (because yes, its price went up since then).

Sorry guys, I know you make a lot better stuff now (see next post), but I have to mention who produces this: ToysHeart.

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Author: AkaiHebi

European otaku exploring Japan's most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011. Pan and sex-positive. Freedoms activist.

One Reply to “Greatest Stroker II”

  1. Wish i’d read this review first.

    I’m not exactly “massive” but my first thoughts were it was broken as the hole was so narrow. I had difficulty inserting 2 fingers, let alone anything wider.

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