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Hello hello dear sexuality adventurers, pleasure seekers and boundary crushers ! Today, I’ll talk a bit about Heat Beat, a “penis helmet” vibrator made by WORLD. Did it make my heart beat ? Let’s find out 🙂


The maker, WORLD TOGEI Ltd, was totally unknown by me. It’s a brand of Fuji World, who’s an adult toy wholesale company. I guess this gives them a privileged outlook on customer demands, and it seems there was a need for a toy such as Heat Beat. Unsurprisingly, it’s designed in Japan and made in China.


No anime girl, no porn star, nothing immediately telling us that it’s a sextoy, the intentional penis-bearer’s equivalent of Hitachi’s Denma “shoulder massager”.

However the reddish colors give a hint about it’s erotic use.

Inside there is a simple pink cardboard box, description leaflet (in Japanese), and an USB recharging cable (color may wary, mine is black):

Full recharge takes around 1 hour, for a battery duration of around 150 min. Although battery weakens much faster when using the heating function.


Heat Beat is easy to hold and lightweight, but don’t get fooled by it’s size:

It’s hole is rather shallow to my taste, it covers only the penis head. Hence, my “penis helmet” description before 🙂 The inside is covered in a soft silicone layer, which is significantly better than, say, Shakuhachi’s membrane.

When the toy is in vibration mode, a green LED flashes (the brighter the light, the stronger the vibration):

When the toy is in heating mode, an red LED turns on. In conjuncture with vibration, it makes a slowly orange flashing light:


Now, there are not many products I can compare it to. Electric Deep, .. and that’s about it.

Usage is pretty straightforward: smear a bit of lube around your dick, and put Heat Beat on top ! Turned off or just in heating mode won’t bring anything spectacular, so you’ll find yourself playing with the vibration modes.

About the heating: it doesn’t take long to start feeling warm, and temperature can rise up to 38°C. I’d recommend starting the heating only after insertion so your dick can get used to the rising heat, because otherwise it can feel.. not pleasant. You’ll notice that this temperature is too hot for sperm to survive long (that’s the whole point of testicles being outside: keeping a ~34°C temperature); – but.. your cum, your fun 🙂

Vibration modes. There are 3 of them, in patterns of around 2 seconds. Let’s represent them this way, with intensity on scale from 1 to 9:

  • 11111111122222333333
  • 44444444444444455555
  • 55556666777788889999

Soooo…  only 3 patterns 🙁   Patterns 2 and 3 are enough to push me off the edge, but.. some variety in sensations would have been nice instead of just “uphill→cliff” style vibrations.

Also: the toy mainly targeting only the penis head, I always remain hungry for more.. just like 2 cm more, to have it vibrating against my shaft and helping out with blowjob fantasies (my penis is an westerner average ~14 cm). Let’s bet technology will soon bring us “sleeves” to tie our penises in, connect the Bluetooth and a game or video on PC or phone commanding the toy to do vibrations, rotations, wanking, all kinds of sensations matching a sex scene for awesome experience. An offspring of VORZE A10 Cyclone SA.

Heat Beat ? Yeaaaah it’s an “okay” toy if you wanna lie back in bed and let it buzz your penis to orgasm while you play CandyCrush or whatever. Also nice to have it sitting on top of your penis while you take your shower, it’s lightweight enough for the usual hard-on.


Fucking easy to clean, at least ! Since it’s waterproof, you can simply put it under water tap to flush out everything. Soap up two fingers and rub them inside a bit, rinse, done !


I wouldn’t say Heat Beat is a “must have”. Overall the concept is good, so please, WORLD, just push it a bit further: deeper insertion, more vibration patterns, and how about adding a rotating bead inside to create a rubbing/tightening sensation ?

Otherwise, Heat Beat meets my expectations.

Heat Beat
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 5/10
    Packaging and addons - 5/10
  • 3.5/10
    Price - 3.5/10


+ good product design and material + very easy cleaning + battery-powered with USB charging + waterproof + heating function
– only 3 vibration patterns – too shallow hole: sensations too focused on penis head – price suffers from battery
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2 Replies to “Heat Beat”

  1. Bought this a while back and was excited because it was my first electric one I’ve ever bought, but was disappointed because I couldn’t fit whatsoever. Only about half of my turtle head could fit and even though I left the Heartbeat to warm up for about 5 minutes, the distance I could fit myself into wasn’t too far to heat up and was around room temp. so I eventually took it apart for fun to see how the insides looked (it was quite simple: motherboard, battery, rotor, conductive strips, and of course wires) Also had the same problem with the Extreme Triple Glans Shaker, which I was also super stoked for, where I couldn’t even fit it on my head while flaccid. Though I did make use of those rotors by modding out one of my older onaholes and lordy lord is it awesome as fuck!

    1. I’ve had the exact same experience with the Triple Glands Shaker thingy. The only way I could slip it on was the lube the crap out of it, which ironically lead to it just shooting/slipping off of my dick in a rather comical fashion!

      I don’t think of myself as hung as a horse (although, if 14cm is indeed the average I’m surprised to learn that I am above average!). I fear that we will just have to accept that these types of toys just aren’t going to be viable for a Western audience. Unlike onaholes which due to their rubbery and flexible nature will accommodate us regardless – and where being bigger than the intended user leads to a tighter squeeze and possibly an even greater sensation as a result!

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