Christmas Chaos

Christmas ! A magical word for children, a period of intense stress followed by a family festivity around food for adults. Starting at Christmas, the days get longer ’til summer. What better moment to celebrate the return of sunlight, bringing joy for children and strengthening bounds with the ones you love ? The sextoy industry sure does profit from Christmas too, where relaxing and cuddling in the warm bed are very appreciated ! But this year’s Christmas will be different…

Snowy and quiet, the town at Christmas night...
Snowy and quiet, the town at Christmas night…
02“Oh hi, I’m Naho ! You can call me Naho-chan !”, goes the girl alone in her small apartment on a 24th December. “I’m the new mascot of Onahole Review, maybe you already saw me there ! Naho-chan is still a trainee in the team, so please take good care of me~ !”The blue-eyed girl crawls to the mirror, adjusts her brown braids, her hair messy from the bed as usual. She smiles at the result and falls back in her bed half asleep, her Hell Kitten laptop waiting on the pillow. Humming a Christmas song, she boots up the pink device she recently got for birthday, and opens the web browser. The page is filled with Christmas job offers.
03“Actually, Naho-chan is looking for a part-time job ! You know, being a mascot isn’t a full-time job, so I can help elsewhere when AkaiHebi-sensei, TailsTellTales-sensei and RenRen-sensei don’t need me !”Focusing back on the screen, she notices a popup appeared and is blinking. She reads: “SantaClaus NorthPole Holdings Ltd. accepting trainees for express delivery tonight. Rewarding job. Good pay. Inquire now.” She hesitates a couple seconds, and clicks on the banner. And…
04“UWAAAAAA~”.. a portal appeared, right below her ! Without a chance to escape, Naho falls through the portal at insane speed. The freefall seemed to last during hours but suddenly she falls through the other end with incredible velocity, right into…
05… Santa Claus’ back ! Naho crashes hard into the old North-Pole CEO, but luckily both remain unharmed. Recollecting her mind, Naho finally asks:”W-Where am I, and who are you ?” The old man, rubbing his back, raises his eyebrows to the silly question.

“I’m Santa Claus, of course ! And this is my headquarters, ho ho ho ! .. Look: I’m a bit busy, today’s Christmas. Are you here to give me some help ? Pretty please ?”

“Well.. Y-yes, I mean-” ~ Santa keeps her quiet with his hand on her mouth.

santa cosplay“That’s fantastic, thank you so much ! Let’s not waste any more time, cutie !”Santa gets on his feet and runs as fast as his big belly allows towards a big trunk, opens it and starts pulling out all kinds of schoolgirl outfits and swimsuits, until he finds what he’s looking for: a santagirl costume, of course.

“Perfect, it should fit you like a glove ! Put it on now, we need to go-ho-ho !”, he says to a shocked Naho. With shaking hands, she grabs the costume.

“O-okay, but.. D-Don’t watch please..”, she asks. Santa turns around and resumes loading big bags into the waiting sleigh outside, while Naho changes clothes for this sexy outfit.

naho santagirl
sleighOnce ready, she joins Santa on the sleigh outside the factory. She barely has the time to sit next to Santa before like a burst of wind the sleigh jumps in the air pulled by the supernatural reindeers. Naho immediately enjoys the fresh wind sliding over her face, the snowy landscape rushing by at incredible speed. Santa slowly laughs at the excited girl, but they have a mission, and they are behind schedule ! No time to fool around ! Santa’s first stop: Naho’s neighborhood. He grabs a big bag from behind the sleigh, and gives it to Naho.”Here, that’s the bag for your neighborhood. Please, deliver the presents for me..”

That’s unexpected.. What is Naho supposed to do ? She looks at Santa with asking eyes. The old man just smiles:

“Oh please, you can do it. Just sneak into the houses and deposit the presents ! Mmmh, make sure not to mix them..”, he says as he looks inside the bag, before lightly pushing Naho outside.

naho bagNaho slowly stepped out from the sleigh and turns around wanting to ask something, but the sleigh was already gone and flying in the black sky… Idling a while, alone on the snowy street with the big bag in her hand, Naho finally starts running around, holding the bag on her back, trying to figure out what houses should receive the presents.”Oh f*ck it, I’ll just throw random presents under Christmas trees~”, she tells herself after her unsuccessful search. “As long everyone gets something for Christmas, it’s fine.. I guess !”
naho missionShe climbs over fences, sneaks through windows, infiltrates homes hearing families laughing and having a good time around some hot and juicy food. She feels her empty tummy waking up at the smells of cinnamon bakery and stuffed poultry. Faster !Without a noise, she crawls along floors, finding the Christmas trees and leaving two or more presents under there before escaping like a little mouse. No time to care about the snow prints she leaves on the floors. A couple times she escapes from awake dogs, or stops for a minute to fondle cats before remembering what she was doing in other people’s houses.

Eventually, the bag became lighter.
Eventually, the bag became lighter.
naho finishAnd finally, she deposits the last present. Her mission is complete ! Too eager for some well-deserved dinner, she runs home and silences her growling stomach with all kinds of sweets, still wearing the santagirl outfit.Back in her bedroom a while later, she notices her laptop is turned on. On the screen, only these words: “THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. AS PAYMENT, YOU CAN KEEP THE OUTFIT ! (maybe send me some pics of you!) HO-HO-HO. -Santa-san”

That bastard !, thinks Naho for a second. But then she looks at the outfit she started loving. Oh well, it was fun !

Meanwhile, in the neighborhood…neighborhood

to be continued…

a visual story by AkaiHebi (text) and RenRen (illustrations)

Merry Christmas !


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