Seducing Witch

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Crafted with love by the happy folks at ToysHeart: Vacuum Warning ~ Seducing Witch !


ToysHeart sure takes it’s time to create awesome stuff, so sometimes they miss interesting deadlines like, for this one, Halloween. Well, there’s no pumpkin anywhere on the packaging, so it’s perfectly okay to sell it afterwards -and post a review shortly before Christmas, like Infernie ^^  Thanks to NLS for the fast and safe shipping ! Let’s take a look at the box:


So it’s a witch. No green skin, no sharp nose, the broom is missing, ..  must be an apprentice. The hat. The hat ! That’s…

Okay. Senketsu the blood-sucking seifuku and the personality-reading Sorting Hat had sex together, and this devil hat was born. Oh it has a name: Asumo. And the witch beneath too: Chloe. Because ToysHeart gave us some story to read !


古くか超自然的な力で人々に害を及ぼすとされてきたが、文明の発達した明代ではその姿を見た者はいない。なぜならば、姿を見た者は現実世界に戻れないからだ。ー人前の魔女を目指す見習い魔女っ子の クロエは、男性の精液から大量の魔カを 得るために、魔カの源であるアスモ (帽子)と 協カして魔力収集に励んでいる。   しかし、アスモは偉大な悪魔が封印され た姿。復活を目論んでいるが、クロエは その事を知らない。クロエを利用し自ら の目的を果たすためにアスモは力を賃しているのだ。 (more or less: a few kanji may be wrong from the OCR, I only know hiragana)


Furuku ka chō shizen-tekina chikara de hitobito ni gai o oyobosu to sa rete kitaga, bunmei no hattatsu shita akiyode wa sono sugata o mita mono wa inai. Nazenaraba, sugata o mita mono wa genjitsu sekai ni modorenaikarada. ̄ Hitomae no majo o mezasu minarai majo-kko no Kuroe wa, dansei no seieki kara tairyō no ma ka o eru tame ni, ma ka no minamotodearu Asumo (bōshi) to-kyō ka shite maryoku shūshū ni hagende iru. Shikashi, Asumo wa idaina akuma ga fūin sa reta sugata. Fukkatsu o mokuronde iruga, Kuroe wa sono koto o shiranai. Kuroe o riyō shi mizukara no mokuteki o hatasu tame ni Asumo wa chikara o chin shite iru noda.

No panic, here’s the Google translation:

While there have been been the harm to people in ancient or supernatural forces, a Ming Dynasty was the development of civilization is not a person who saw the figure. This is because, who saw the figure is because not go back to the real world. Chloe apprentice witch girl aiming a witch of over public, in order to obtain a large amount of maca from male semen, are working hard to magic collected by cooperate with ASMO (hat) is the source of maca. However, Asmo is sight of the great devil has been sealed. Although contemplates the resurrection, Chloe do not know that. ASMO in order to fulfill their purpose utilizing Chloe he has wage force.

Get it ? Asumo the evil hat wants to resurrect, and to do this it needs mana. And the mana, like in (almost) all Japanese RPGs, is extracted from human semen ! But because only a tiny portion of men would cum on purpose on a hat, Asumo needs someone’s help: the (nymphomaniac ?) witch apprentice Chloe ! Asumo is using Chloe into having sex with humans to collect as much semen as possible ! What would happen to the unaware Chloe once Asumo is able to resurrect ? No-one knows. Do we wanna know ? Hell yes ! Let’s give Asumo all the mana it needs !!

The onahole is nicely big: 185 mm in total length, 150 mm in internal length, and 585 g of fun. It’s thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), ToysHeart’s “Safe Skin” type: feels great, very durable, safe phtalate-free, and has almost no smell. Finest Japanese masturbator quality.


On one side, there’s a bumpy texture. So you can grip it real hard and never let it go.


Chloe’s insides are basically straight, beginning with a “rubbing ring” at the entrance, then a tightening part with little ribs (mmmmh), leading to a spot where ribbed tentacles strangulating around your dick like devil’s snare, ending with a soul-sucking vacuum chamber. Well…  the suction it gives isn’t THAT strong, but definitively nice. And the “pop” sound it makes when you pull out…  yeah, better cover it up with loud music if you don’t live alone.

The onahole is a big piece, no matter how hard you hold it, you won’t really feel your hands. It’s all well cushioned around your dick, increasing the delusion and improving your experience. The packaging says that this onahole is kind of loose, which means “standard tightness in Westie’s standards”. And there’s plenty room inside for above-average penis sizes, no worries 🙂

The price hurts a bit. Sure you get your money’s worth of TPE meat, but ow. Costs twice as much as average onaholes, and should last twice as long (at least). Still a good long-term investment. No regrets. Thumbs up to Toysheart, they deserve the price.

Comes with a single bottle of “Moisty” lube, it’s enough for two uses. A standard water-based lube like Peace’s does fine. The cleaning ? Oops. Big onaholes are sometimes tricky to clean thoroughly, and Seducing Witch is no exception. Since you can’t easily reach the bottom with your fingers, you may have to turn it inside-out. You can do it, it’s a bit tricky but it doesn’t harm the material ! Roll it inside-out over your fist. And it wrapped my entire wrist, you should have seen that !

felt like
felt like

Toysheart onaholes dry rather fast, store it a few hours outside with a Toy Bag (to protect against sunlight), pat some corn starch or baby powder on the outside for extra silky feeling, and then store back into your sextoy drawers. Excellent.

♫ 嘘だらけの真実 by 煉獄小僧

Disclaimer: by using said onahole, you take full and exclusive responsibility for summoning evil creatures like (but not limited to) Asumo, dementors or the Cheshire Cat

Vacuum Warning ~ Seducing Witch
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


I love witchcraft and sorcery around my penis

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19 Replies to “Seducing Witch”

  1. Haven’t gotten a new ona in a while so I wanted a tenth one for my collection… This looked great, so I bought it from OtonaJP as always ^^ she’s feisty… Can’t wait for her to arrive!

  2. Hey so I just got this onahole and the material is… Weird. Its almost… Chalky? I thought it was some powder on it but even after I washed it it still felt like that on the outside. And the internal texture feels really gritty, like I’m not using enough lube even though I’m using a ton. Any one else experience this? Does it need to be washed harder or is this just supposed to be the feeling of the texture? Like I said gritty would be the word to describe it. Like there is sand on the inside. Its actually a little painful to use.

    1. That’s really possible, the material used is pretty special 🙂 The inside textures can get overwhelming too, try using a stickier lube.

  3. Hi, you mention in your review that the build quality is good and that you can turn it inside out. Is the hole really OK to turn it inside out when cleaning, will it not tear? Most cheaper onaholes or dual layers you don’t recommend turning them inside out but you do with this one?

  4. i was thinking of buying a onahole but im not sure what I should get my “thing” is about 19cm so I don’t want to get something too small but as long as it feels good il be happy what are a few good ones to buy I was thinks of getting 2 or 3

      1. ok well I was looking at spending about 200$ got a nice little bonus from work =P so far iv got Seducing Witch, Age series: Twenty, Age series: Seventeen Evolution, Age series: Seventeen Bordeaux, and Virgin Age ~ Admission with the New USB Onaho Warmer and that only came to a total of 163$ I thought onaholes were more expensive but hell im not complaining so what else do you think I should get for around 40 or so more dollars? and thanks for the help

      2. srry about all that but I forgot to include shipping so its 220$ but I still wouldn’t mind knowing other holes you think are worth getting with my next bonus?

  5. I have this one and should mention it gets better the more you use it, as the material adapts to your pen0r.

  6. Definitely gonna buy that one sooner or later, wanna help Chloe in her task xD

    Btw Akaihebi, is there a christmas themed onahole scheduled for release ?

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