Ag+ Lotion

You know, the best toy is worth nothing without a good lube. When it comes to water-based lubes, Japan made quite a few with great quantity/price performance at best quality. They’re unmatched. And, they aren’t shy for innovations, especially not […] Read More


And here’s a bottle of lube, from Rends πŸ™‚ That is pretty much your standard lube, like . Odorless and tasteless, medium stickiness and just fine in most cases, NLS didn’t lie. It’s a 360 mL bottle. In terms of improvement, […] Read More

Pepe Lotion

Yeah it’s the most standard product of Pepe, they released many more editions of lube for specific usage: hand/footjob, sodomy, nature-lovers, pepper flavor, onahole/dildo, .. I guess for using with onaholes you better want.. “rubber & lovers” (the one for […] Read More