NLS Warming Lubricant


Onaholes and lube, it just goes together. Today, let’s talk about this special lube !


I think I don’t need to introduce you NLS: they sell plenty of stuff, but they also design some stuff thanks to their bounds with Rends. This includes USB Onaho Warmer, Finish & Sleep lotion, or Ultra Mint lotion. Ultra Mint last summer, to efficiently cool down your engines. And now Warming Lubricant for the winter. Simple, yet useful.

The bottle is plain. Nothing written on it. It’s exactly like Finish & Sleep bottles, so try not to mix them if you removed the plastic wrapping on the latter. Stick the opening inside your onahole, push a couple times, and enjoy !


Now for the contents: L- arginine, hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, aloe vera extract, persimmon tannin extract, ginger extract…    sounds good.


Seems also good for massage lotion ^^


But is it ready to replace the USB Onaho Warmer ? Well..    It doesn’t feel as hot as Ultra Mint feels cold. Maybe there’s a good reason to that, if it’s more warming then it would be caused by skin irritation. Still: it does feel a bit warm, or at least not as cold as standard lube. Thank you ginger extract ! … describing ? It’s more or less the heat you feel when you hold your dick with your hand. When sliding inside the onahole, it’s as if you heated it up a while before. Just a bit, not as much as the USB warmers (that I recommend totally, the new version).

While Warming Lubricant isn’t a real milestone in sexy technology, it’s price is okay. Worth a try 🙂

NLS Warming Lubricant
  • 6/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 6/10
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    Materials and cleaning - 7/10
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    Packaging and addons - 5/10
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    Price - 6/10


Lube feeling less cold !

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3 Replies to “NLS Warming Lubricant”

    1. Yes, you did read “placenta extract” in the ingredients. Me too I’m curious if it’s just a translation problem, or… 😮

  1. Oh, you got that lube, I was curious how would it work out. I don’t really like the bottle, first because it has nothing on it, not a drawing or any letters, and second because it’s one of those where you have to push for it to come out (I don’t know the name of those kind of bottles), and I don’t like those because when the lube is over, a small part of it is left inside the tube and when you’re desperate to get a few drops for a fap while you’re waiting for you new order with lube to arrive because you run out of lube, you see the remaining lube inside there and there is nothing you can do about it (without getting really messy). Pepe Wankers 360 has the best bottle so far, I so love it <3.
    Didn't hard bout the ultra mint one, I'll check it out once summer arrives, lol.

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