Pepe Lotion

Yeah it’s the most standard product of Pepe, they released many more editions of lube for specific usage: hand/footjob, sodomy, nature-lovers, pepper flavor, onahole/dildo, ..

I guess for using with onaholes you better want.. “rubber & lovers” (the one for sex toys) 🙂

Well yes the Pepee standard isn’t as good as Onatsuyu when used with the onaholes you find here, but it performs well as massage-lotion and additional vaginal lubrication (adding the fact that the lotion doesn’t contain spermicide, so it’s perfectly compatible with conception). I had time enough to get it half empty (360 mL bottle), but I didn’t use for months. Classic stuff which hardly compares against some other lubes like Finish & Sleep (quote: “You can’t use other lotions if you get used to this one!” ← trust me, they’re right). Soon reviewed 😉

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Author: AkaiHebi

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