Costume Play Doll Zura Kyun

When you envision sexiness, what do you see? Maybe a maid costume, maybe a little dress. Some would say lingerie on a beautiful woman, and while everyone is free to their own opinion, and for your consideration, behold. Packaging Note: This is not my absolute idea of beauty, but it is pretty darn close. And…


ORB Warmer

*creak* The light! Oh the glorious light! What day is it? *checks phone* It’s already been over 3 months!? Wow, I was really preoccupied. I’m still alive I see. Let me check my notes…and there are no notes…that’s fine. In case you forgot, it’s WavyTurtle once again, bringing you another product review for a product…


Magic Face

Hello all once again, I’m WavyTurtle and I’m back after some time with another review. I’d tell you all the story, but it’s already on another blog, so I suggest you look there. I won’t bring it up here. Before I get off topic again, here is an onahole that comes to us from the…


Squeeze Spiral

Hello, hope you all are having a wonderful day. I know I am, why just the other day…wait, hold the phone. Something’s different here. What could it be? I know! I’m not on my blog, I’m on Onahole Review! Oh man, those guys, and those onaholes (especially the onaholes)! I-I getting way off topic here….