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Hello all once again, I’m WavyTurtle and I’m back after some time with another review. I’d tell you all the story, but it’s already on another blog, so I suggest you look there. I won’t bring it up here.

Before I get off topic again, here is an onahole that comes to us from the Makers PxPxP as part of their summer 2015 lineup.


Hopefully the pics came out better than the last review. Thought I am more confident.


The box comes with the oral onahole and a bottle of lotion (120 ml) or (~4.1 oz). The bottle is orange, but the lotion inside is clear. Why the orange bottle? I have no idea, but since it has no negative effect on the review, I’ll just move on. The onahole comes in the shape of a schoolgirl’s head with an open mouth. Also included is a game called “Kiss x 800” (full title Kiss x 800 ~Kiss de Gakuen Houkai? Houkago Hen~). From what I have heard (ok, I actually read it, I don’t have any irl friends that have onahole hobbies, at least none that I know of),


Weighing in at 1320 g or ~2.9 lbs, it is a bit heavier than your average onahole. Feels like it’s made of sturdy material and can handle some (non-sexual) abuse. Sexual as well, though I wouldn’t recommend you do that to yourself. Though it’s sturdy, you may want to be careful when holding and storing it; marks could start appearing outside, affecting the aesthetic of the onahole (inside however should hold together for a long time).

Besides being OK as a desk weight, the flat bottom makes it feel like you are getting a blowjob from a…well, schoolgirl going by the face and hairstyle. It feels even better using this onahole while standing up. The sounds from the mouth can get a bit loud, though this may not be a problem for many (myself included). The detail in the throat is amazing and feels amazing, the sensation I feel is only rivaled by La Bocca Della Verita in my book.


Cleaning up is a bit awkward as despite the size, there is not too much “throat”  (makes sense depending how young you think this schoolgirl is) so water (as well as lotion and semen) can overflow out of the mouth. And the size could have it difficult to fit in the sink to wash it.

The real problem is how much of a dirt magnet the outside of the onahole is (for me, it was more like lint. Could be because how I stored it, no bag or box anymore) easily washable, but can get annoying.


In conclusion, this onahole is pretty great for when you want to switch up your simulated oral experience. Though you’d have to want to put it the extra effort to truly enjoy this onahole. But even if you put little effort, it’s still a good experience.

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  2. The way it has no eyes…. it creeps me right the fuck out, lol.

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