ORB Warmer

*creak* The light! Oh the glorious light! What day is it?

*checks phone*

It’s already been over 3 months!? Wow, I was really preoccupied. I’m still alive I see. Let me check my notes…and there are no notes…that’s fine.

In case you forgot, it’s WavyTurtle once again, bringing you another product review for a product that will definitely feel so good on the crotch.

Right, so what we have this time is called ORB Warmer. And it’s brought to us by the maker Men Max Japan (I believe).


I got to say: this is some interesting packaging. It looks kind of like a scroll to me (I’m kind of a weeb, right? I mean I do write about onaholes.)

No, you are not seeing the picture that wrong way; it does look like an onahole.

That kind of red part you see? Get this: there are two warmer sticks inside two pockets in inside the (let’s just call it a pocket warmer). You just press the button of each stick until you hear a *click*, and the warming action should start. After use, just boil some water, leave the used warming packet in the water for about  1 minute, allow cooling down, and its ready once again.


Included under the lid is instructions on how to use the product. So I guess it is an onahole with pockets for each of the two warming sticks.

I also found a packet of lotion under the instructions. One use I’m guessing.


So yeah, the feeling is just amazing, the onahole is easy to hold and the inside really gets you going and climax is enjoyable; to the point where you may think about the next time you can use this onahole again. The way it wraps around you is just something.


Clean up is very easy; some soap and water to wash and a towel/ paper towels to dry.


Great product for those colder months and really good in a pinch whenever you have an onahole warmer or not.

Air in Premium
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Really warms up your favorite onaholes. + Convenient for when you have no easy access to a USB port for your onahole warmer + Stand can be used to dry your just cleaned onaholes
– You would need to boil some water to return the warming packet to its previous usable state. – Some planing is necessary to coordinate use to following night. – Stand may not be long enough to properly your onahole, depending on size and shape/

A great product for those cold winter and early spring nights. Discreet, easy enough to use and the “pouch” is basically its own onahole.

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