Sex Machines

Greatest Stroker II

Yes, it is what it is: a thing with a moving part inside that “strokes” your thing. Or actually not. Wait for it. How should I review it ? The entrance is so narrow that a full-erected western man can’t enter it, and of course with a soft erection you can’t correctly “press it inside”…


Tsun Ero

Just because it depicts an anime character doesn’t mean it’s a great product. Today’s proof: Tsun Ero. Basically it’s an onahole that matches to this flog pillow (or “frog pillow”, according to NLS): Just focus on the onahole. Oh yeah you recognize her, it’s Hiiragi Kagami, from Lucky Star. Ok now, how do describe.. NLS…


Bubble Shake

You surely know ToysHeart, they’re around for quite some time now, releasing many products with some being -very- popular. This time let’s talk about the Bubble Shake series: two onaholes, named “real type” (brown) and “function type” (pink). Which one I got ? Real type. Note that mainly color and internal structure differs, the point…


Tenga Flip Hole

Higher class product of Tenga: and I’m tired. :s Just take a look at these commercials for the Flip Lite series: Get it ? open lube close use play with buttons to change stimulation when done, open pass through clear water to clean dry close store And this for 70 times, they say. Oh of…


Tenga Egg

Just wanna a really compact one, to carry around ? No problem, Tenga got disposable holes for this: the Egg series ! And there are so fucking many of them, they even release special editions, like for Christmas or Valentine’s day. Other products too, you can still find the special “cool edition” of their Soft…


Chinraku! Tako Musume

“The Octopus Girl”. Sounds familiar ? Yes, parody of Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Squid Girl). Disposable toy, not available on J-List any more. Got the yellow one (warty) for 11.50 $. I’m filled with sadness when I see how much NLS sells it. Wish I had known this website earlier πŸ™ Ok let’s quick this up….


Tenga 3D Β· Zen

Hi, how everybody’s doing zen ? πŸ™‚ As announced in the Tenga Cups review, this new one is about the first reusable toys by Tenga: the 3D series. And they come in different flavors ! Yes, they put them in a “statue-form”, modern art like..  as if you would show them in the open with…


Tenga Cups

A quick word about Tenga: It’s one of the fastest growing company in the sex toy industry. About 13 000 units are sold in Japan every day. Of the 20% of products sales worldwide, top countries are the USA, Spain and China. And: they got the “super-employee”, who broke twice the masturbation world record with…


Tenga Air Cushion

Yes, there are like “air cushions” in it. They provide a very nice tight sensation, better that one obtained with elastic material. The internal structure is quite simple yet effective (you see easily on the section view of NLS that it depicts a (simple) vagina, the cushions recreating it’s muscles). Oh don’t worry about the…


Tenga Soft Tube

This one enables you to “squeeze” the walls to variate stimulation. The internal structure doesn’t differ much from the Deepthroat’s except it has a “ribs-passage” instead of the tightening zone. Overall good but unimpressive. From the same series: Rolling Head (not reviewed) Double Hole (not reviewed)