Akibafarm, a new onahole shop has appeared!

Hello guys, AnonymousD here.

YES! Another international onahole shop! Well, not exactly an onahole-only shop, they also sell japanese snacks, doujinshi, cosplay, and souvenirs from Akihabara in general.

But we are here to talk about the holes, or more exactly, the experience of buying them and how is the site in general. Check it out first > www.akibafarm.com

As you may have seen on my Twitter, I made an order from them to try the site. Their shipping options are the usual ones, SAL, Airmal, EMS, and good ol’ ePacket (remember NLS? Pepperidge farm remembers). So I chose ePacket and I made the order on September 6th, and I got it on September 12th (to Spain)!! So fast, and yet cheap, also dodged customs :D. Wish other shops used ePacket as well…

So, what did I get? Well, this was my order:

And how much did it cost?

About 61.09€ in onaholes + 25.92€ in shipping for a total of 88.84€.

I’d say that’s a cheap price for 6 onaholes. Sure, 5 of them are low-tier and small, but still it is quite cheap. Most of their prices match or are even below some of their competitors!

Also for a new shop their variety is quite huge, and it will probably keep growing.

Here a quick look at the package.

Now, there is a “””fun””” fact. See the shipping label?

Well, turns out they wrote the actual names of the toys instead something like “figurine”, “hobby kit”, etc. Luckily it didn’t result in any embarrassing situations, but ahhhh! lol

I knew that before getting the package though, they caught very quickly on the mistake, I got an email from them a few days after they shipped it notifying me about it and with an apology. They also said that I was their first customer and that they will make sure to not repeat the same mistake again, so the error is understandable for their very first shipping.

So, back to the package.

No piece of cardboard on top, it could be a good idea to protect the products from a cutter
Some sweets for the mouth and some for the pp!

So there was a promotion until the end of September that you would get 3 different snacks with your order, which was very nice! I liked the snacks, if they sell them I might order some next time, haha πŸ˜†

If you’re asking, no, I’m not going to review those onaholes, but I will talk about them shortly on our new section, mini reviews! πŸ˜€

Overall the site works well, it has all the basic features (like a wishlist, a very important one!), it is beautifully presented and they work fast, both on shipping and customer support.

I hope their site continues to grow to help expand the onahole universe with more accessibility and diversity for everyone! Good luck!

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15 Replies to “Akibafarm, a new onahole shop has appeared!”

  1. They already closing end of this month. Good I did not buy from them. Whats the matter with them. So unprofessional.

  2. Hello .

    I have a question about the customs service . I haved never use epacket , did this shipping method is really sure for avoiding the customs taxes ? ( i’m in France) .

    Thank you

  3. First shipment…. ok…, there will probably lots of things to fix where they are running into.
    Shipping cost are high, and how long will they last? We all know what happened with manholes and more.
    If I order there some products, and they go bankrupt, I’m fucked.
    Rather, order by Motsu, they have guarantee of a tirdparty and they exist for more than 10 years.
    On top of that, for the same price you have very fast shipping with UPS.

  4. Received an order from them. They declared the goods as ‘Adult Entertainment Toys’ which seriously isn’t the most discreet. Beside they do not do lower value declaration which was ok for me in this case but can be a problem for many. They should get their stuff together before they start doing business.

  5. Got problems with them. Ordered from them and they refuse to ship my order without a phone number. Other shops in Japan never had a problem with it and now they are holding my order without any reason. Also I discovered they are mailing from a Korean mail program (saw the korean in the reply). Not to be weird but Chinese and Korean have a history of selling Bootleg stuff and this makes me worried to be honest. Maybe this is why they are so cheap for some stuff. If you dont believe me, check it out yourself. I am not any shops fanboy, just pointing out facts.

  6. Just a short question, dunno where else to ask it… as i wrote in another comment section on this blog i recently got my first onaholes and tbh am a bit suspicious of counterfeits. So these little 20ml sample bottles of Moisty Plus, are they supposed to be sealed ? Cause mine neither had a seal on the bottle opening nor plastic foil wrapped around it.

    1. Usually very small bottles do not come sealed. Hopefully somebody else who bought the same item can answer you.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I also got big bottles of Onatsuyu and Moisty Plus from the same retailer, they also were not sealed on the opening under the cap but only had plastic foil wrapped around them, i guess this should not be the case?

  7. What they told me is pretty much what is written in the FAQ.

    I contacted them again, and it turns out that for visa or mastercard payments it will show up as “AKIBAFARM”. They’re working to get that fixed now.

    I’m a bit annoyed that it is on my card statement as it is now, since refunding the transaction probably won’t cancel the charge and change the name. Hope they can get this fixed soon for their newer customers.

  8. Hey AnonymousD, I was wondering what the purchase showed up as on your card statement. I couldn’t find anything about it on their site. I’m asking here because I think it’ll help some other people who might have the same question. Thanks.

    1. Never mind, I reached out to them and they replied relatively quickly. They’ve since updated their FAQ to include it!

        1. I checked my transaction statement and it also says “AKIBAFARM”, so I am unsure if it’s just an error or maybe they might need to change something.

          1. Huh, did they also mention in the email how the bank statement would be, or did they just mention they updated their FAQ about it? Probably they’re still figuring things out, for their first customers.

  9. Hi guys! If you bought from them, share your experience in the comments! And show what you got! πŸ™‚

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