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Hey folks, this is Hake, a fresh face around these parts, here to discuss the Kunoichi onahole from Hot Powers.

Here’s what the packaging looks like:


The box art is all right. The back has some explicit box art, and the side has a bizarre hentai 4koma if you’re into that (or want to know in advance so you can request that it be shipped without a box). The 4koma seems to go like this:

  1. The eponymous kunoichi is looking serious for some reason.
  2. She spontaneously decides to start masturbating (a girl after my own heart).
  3. A ninja shows up carrying a six-pointed throwing star of some kind, which looks basically like the entry of the onahole itself.
  4. The kunoichi has now… inserted the onahole into her vagina for some reason, and is obviously quite pleased with the results.

You can see more of the packaging at Onahodouga’s review, if you like (which gave this onahole a 5/5). The front of the packaging also appears to have three symbols. The first appears to be a symbol for turning the hole inside out, and the text includes the word “OK!” (more on that later). The second one is an up arrow; I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. The final symbol has some water droplets, which maybe indicates that you should only use water-based lubricant or something? I don’t know.

The onahole is a slightly translucent pinkish white (not as dark pink as the box would suggest). It’s a pretty angular octagonal shape, with no ornamentation (e.g. labia) to speak of. This is not an imitation of a human being: this is a device for you to stick your penis in.

The internal structure consists essentially of a hollow cylinder with six long ridges on its circumference, which run the length of the cylinder. The inner surface of the onahole is also lined with small ridges perpendicular to its long axis.


The material is very soft (gripping it at one end, the other end droops at a steep angle). It has to be soft, because as you can see in the image, there’s not much actual space inside the onahole. Not counting the ridges, the hole is maybe 2.4 cm in diameter; with ridges, it’s around 0.5 cm. When you insert your penis, the soft material gives way: the ridges fold back, and the onahole itself expands as well. The overall effect is that the onahole is very soft and sticky, wrapping itself around your penis, yielding and not offering very much resistance. This effect is enhanced by the internal surface actually being somewhat sticky (an unusual phenomenon that I haven’t noticed in any other holes).

This all sounds very erotic. In one of my favorite doujins, the main character shouts, “Why are little girls so soft and sticky inside?!” That being said, I personally found this sensation to be somewhat disappointing. The onahole is so soft that it doesn’t offer very much resistance or stimulation. I couldn’t really feel the perpendicular ridges at all, either. It still got the job done, but I didn’t experience the same sense of surprise and delight that I do when encountering the various structures of my favorite onaholes.


Perhaps this is partially because I’m uncircumcised. Because of that, the foreskin can cover the head of the penis; I noticed that the foreskin would kind of stick to the walls of the onahole, covering the head so that it didn’t actually come in contact with the walls. This effectively shielded the head of the penis from sensation much of the time. Or perhaps that’s got nothing to do with it, and it’s just a matter of preference. I generally prefer onaholes with a very distinct feeling – where you can describe the structure of the onahole without looking at it. The Mouth of Truth is the most distinct (it’s extremely obvious that there’s a row of teeth), Virgin Age: Admission is also fairly distinct (I can tell that there are firm ridges inside), and this is one of the less distinct holes I’ve used. I also prefer thinner lubricants (Lovely Girl’s Drool) to thicker ones (Golden Lotion) because they make for a more distinct feeling, but even with Lovely Girl’s Drool, this hole felt kind of muddy and unclear; I could tell that I had put my penis inside something, but I couldn’t tell you what.

So, for me, this wasn’t very good; but this seems like the kind of thing that could be totally idiosyncratic. If you love thick lubes, very gentle stimulation, and softer materials, then you might be really into a soft, sticky feeling – and this hole is the softest and stickiest of any I’ve tried.

There are a few other things about the onahole which I think I should mention. One is that it’s pretty oily on the outside (this fades somewhat after several washes), which is a bit inconvenient. Another is that it can be turned inside-out (as advertised on the packaging); this is really awesome for cleaning, as you can just flip it, wash it, and pat it down without laboriously trying to dry the inside. For me, easier cleaning far outweighs the slight inconvenience from the oiliness.

As you’d expect at this price point, the onahole doesn’t come with any special extras, only a one-use foil packet of lubricant. It’s quite thick, like gelatin: maybe even somewhat thicker than Golden Lotion. I assume this is to enhance the sticky sensation. Also, the internal structure makes it conduct heat very well, so it’s easy to heat up (as opposed to onaholes with large internal spaces); if you love the USB onahole warmer, and getting hot makes you hot, that’s a plus. Finally, at 29.15 USD, the price is reasonable for for this production quality/quantity of material. It all comes down to whether you want a firm, rough hole with lots of nubs and ridges, or a soft, sticky one that yields to you.

Kunoichi -normal-
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5 Replies to “Kunoichi -normal-”

  1. Bit sad to see your less than stellar review on this one Onahodouga giving it the rare 5 star rating and a 5 star for maximum pleasure on top of having heard it was pretty tight had me quite interested in it.
    So sad to see it is neither very tight or stimulating.

  2. Here’s a translation of the 4koma:

    Narration- “Here’s the history of the Kunoichi’s pleats. To become a splendid kunoichi, the girl would study during the night how to make men ejaculate.

    Kunoichi-“My secret move is [Squirmin Thousand Folds], but that’s not enough. I need a technique that can make men cum from just the head.”

    Ninja-“yo isnt my shuriken cool?”

    Kunoichi-“That’s it! What my technique was lacking was this!!”

    Like this, the Kunoichi became an Elite. The end.

  3. I have to say, the product looked interesting but the review was way too wordy. After the third set of pictures, the text gets muddy and cumbersome to follow. The notes about your circumcision were insightful, as it’s an important detail affecting the sensations the toy gave you.

    Anyway, I think your writing was still nice. Your grammar was good too. Keep it up!

    1. Hmmm. Thanks for the feedback! That makes sense; it’s quite a large amount of text. When I was writing the review, I thought that it wouldn’t be very useful to just say “I like it” or “I don’t like it”, and I should try to explain in a lot of detail my reasoning. That way, readers can read the review and then decide for themselves, since these things are subjective after all. But I also don’t want to burden the reader with a wall of text and make them just give up reading entirely. Do you have any suggestions on how I could improve the review? Should I just cut out as much as possible, or maybe structure the review differently?

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