Doddler’s story about loli content in Canada

Customs and border protection services. Sometimes there are TV shows about them, how they work, the kind of things they find and seize. They do a very important job, preventing drugs, counterfeit medicines, child pornography, living animals, explosives and other dangerous materials or people to enter the country. But also a less appreciated thing for the public or companies: applying taxes and import duties on foreign goods. In many countries, customs services have very broad powers, for example to search a person’s bags or car without needing a search warrant. Should they find something illegal, they forward the case to the police for a more thorough investigation.

Which brings us to Doddler’s case.

Earlier this year, Doddler placed an order online on NLS for 3 onaholes including what one may describe as a loli onahole, with packaging: the Sujiman Kupaa Cocolo. On February, the packet entered his homeland Canada, and got randomly checked by Canada Border Services Agency at Calgary, who forwarded it to Royal Canadian Mounted Police for investigation. The content being described as “picture of what appeared to be an animated underage girl” coming together with “a doll”.

After 1 month of investigation, including a period during which Doddler says he’s been monitored outside his home and work, tailed while being with friends, he’s been subsequently arrested after a sting operation with a fake DHL delivery driver. The charges pressed against him were “possession of child pornography, importing obscene goods, and smuggling or attempting to smuggle prohibited goods”, and the loli packaging as only evidence. Placed into custody for 13 hours, Doddler got questioned about the product, his sexual preferences, his behaviors… After being released, he hired a criminal lawyer to defend himself on court.

However, the prosecutor wasn’t in a hurry to bring the case on court. After a few months, the case was finally settled under a “peace bond”, applying on Doddler restrictions and duties including: regular meeting with probation officer, avoiding any contact with a person under 16 years old unaccompanied by a parent, to stay away from parks and swimming pools and “other facilities where children may attend”. If deemed necessary, the probation officer can conduct a psychological evaluation of Doddler. However if he abides to these requirements, after 1 year the case is closed and no criminal record or sex offender listing happens.

The story made it in the press, with local newspapers reporting the case in details, including Doddler’s name and age, leading to what Doddler describes as “pitchfork hating” on Facebook, and awkward conversations with friends and work clients. Doddler didn’t elaborate on the nature of the hateful messages he received (which one may expect to not be very “friendly”). On other online services, Doddler received more understanding messages. As of today, Doddler is back on Twitter and resumes his activities which are related to visual novels, gaming, and programming.

Text based on Doddler’s Ask reply. Doddler on Twitter

My personal opinion

Since Doddler’s “mishap”, it clearly appears to all Canadian onahole users (which are many, considering it’s the second most represented country in Onahole Review’s visitor stats), that loli content is banned in the country and associated to child pornography. So it is highly recommended to request removal of the packaging to the vendor, may the customer actually be interested in such content or not.

Loli and shota content has long been a subject of controversy, blending the Japanese character design emphasizing on cuteness/delusion and the western viewpoint that no sexual depiction of minors even of totally fictional characters should be tolerated. We at Onahole Review choose to be progressive, warning visitors about the specificity of loli onaholes against local laws, and defending a clear distinction between fantasies, fictional drawings, and crimes of sexual abuse on children. In my opinion, loli/shota content can have the purpose of safe sexual outlet for some people suffering from pedophilia, effectively reducing temptations and cases of child sexual abuse or consumption of pictures thereof. But little studies exist to either confirm such link, or in contrary expose an entry-door effect leading to real child porn. I think the debate can’t be avoided, now that we are close to virtual reality devices associated to ever better silicone sex dolls soon with robotics. I understand fictional content and plastic masturbators may still be seen as “creepy” by the average masturbation-taboo-loaded western people, but the potential effect of reducing sexual urges, abuse and rape must not be discarded too easily. Finally, I fear that focusing on fictional content created or owned by individuals drifts police resources away from investigations and prosecutions against real child sex exploitation networks, who are international, highly organized, well-funded mafias enslaving many children and causing immense harm worldwide, or for the police to help victims speaking out about family abuse. So, could I say: protect the children, legalize the lolis ? We definitively need more academic studies on that difficult subject. And always keeping a cool head.

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30 Replies to “Doddler’s story about loli content in Canada”

  1. I just want to share my story experience, just like Toddler, I ordered cocolo from otonajp, along with two other onaholes, I did not remove the packaging as I had no idea loli content was something considered somewhat “bad” in Canada. otonajp told me it was too late to remove the box and they shipped it. I then saw the Doddler story, I started panicking a little bit. I let things go, got me stressed a bit but continued life anyways, Once it got to the customs, It took ~2weeks to go through but everything went fine and it was delivered a few days later… I do suggest to remove any packaging when ordering loli content, but know that it doesnt necessarily mean you will get impounded. I just hope I can reduce anyone’s stress by sharing this.

    I stressed way too much, at an unhealthy rate.

  2. I live in canada so , I’m just thinking about buying japanese onahole from amazon ca
    can it be problem or illegal if I buy japanese onahole in amzon the product name is
    suziman kupa lolinco , I think this name kind of showing loli? I’m not sure if this can be problem or not, in this product, there is 31 reviews from customers, is it illegal to buy? I thought all products in amazon are safe to buy isnt it?

    1. Double-check who sells the product. If the product has to cross the border, then that can mean trouble. If however the seller is a company having headquarters in Canada, it means it already cleared customs and is being shipped by domestic mail only, which should be safe.
      Careful about Amazon: although listing is identical, there’s very big difference between “sold and shipped by Amazon”, “sold by XXX and shipped by Amazon” and “sold and shipped by XXX”.

      You probably want to play it safe, and request the shop to remove the loli packaging before shipping.

            1. “Free shipping by Amazon” → it’s already in a local warehouse and past international border. That’s fine.

                1. So everything with fullfillled by amazon will be safe , and no issue? Is it 100 percent? Like buying any japanese onahole?

  3. Loli is for everyone! masturbation is too!. I’m glad that in my state loli is pretty much legal, but you definitely still get looked down on, even as a girl like myself! (even though my opinion is that loli’s aren’t just for patting….fufufu~) But that’s nuts! In the end, as everyone above me has said, IT’S A DRAWING OF A GIRL THAT DOESNT EVEN HAVE A SPECIFIC AGE! There’s so much more I could say but most of it’s been said. Stay strong, Doddler!

  4. @Wanzer

    You obviously haven’t been on the internet very long.

    There are plenty of anti-Japanese messages out there….one of the more popular racist phrases is “we didn’t nuke Japan *enough” / “We need to nuke Japan *again*”.

    Each and every time Japan tries to move forward and away from its toxic past, everyone keeps bringing up everything its not doing perfectly….kinda like how the world shits on the USA.

    The “war” on lolicon is starting to draw similarities to the poorly fought “war” on drugs. However, unlike narcotics/addictive drugs which not only harm the user, but are the direct or indirect cause of harm to others (trafficking wars/gang wars, destroying families, etc)…

    Yet you’re more likely to be “forgiven” (or at least forgotten) by society if you are a recovering crack addict who shot up a school than a person who is “caught” masturbating with a piece of plastic that looks “underage”

    Just a reminder for those of us who live in the USA: just because the federal government rules that your freedom to privacy and your freedom to your sexuality is protected, doesn’t mean your state is going to follow those orders (and no one from the federal government has the balls to slap your state in line). You can still be arrested and charged with child porn possession if your state wishes to do so, and its up to YOU to take the case and waste your time, money, career, and social status to not end up in prison…

    Fuck, we can’t even get states to shut up about gay marriage when its been ruled at the SUPREME COURT that its legal….we still have asshole states like Utah who take children away from loving parents because some fucktard judge (who only got the job through nepotism and religious bigotry) rules their union to be “unhealthy”.

    What I’m trying to get at with my ranting is that we are close, but oh so far away from being the “land of the free, home of the brave”. We have so far to go, and if you live here, you need to live with one eye always open for the fuckface who would take away your freedom just to stroke their ego or to support their bigotry…

  5. Westerners are truly pieces of shit.

    They always gang up on the ONE person who likes Loli content and ostracizes them. It’s never:

    “Japan is a sick place.”

    “All Japanese needs to die.”

    “That nation of child molesters needs to be nuked off the face of this planet.”

    Because it would make the Westerner look racist. It’s much simpler to just bully one person than to call an entire race of people a pedophile or whatever idk

  6. That’s pretty disheartening. Canada is a terrible place to live in as they seem to have very little freedoms. I can’t stand it.

    1. It’s not. We have much more freedom than you know. In Doddlers’ case he was very much unlucky as things like this are rare.

  7. “he’s been subsequently arrested after a sting operation with a fake DHL delivery driver”
    That must have felt scary as fuck…
    “applying on Doddler restrictions and duties including: regular meeting with probation officer, avoiding any contact with a person under 16 years old unaccompanied by a parent, to stay away from parks and swimming pools and “other facilities where children may attend”.”
    Holy… fuck. Like seriously? I sort of imagine how he felt when he heard that, they directly labeled him like a potential rapist who needs to stay away from kids and be monitored by police… absolutely horrible. Definetly never going to Canada.

  8. I’m from Calgary and I got extremely lucky that my package didn’t get checked cause nls screw up and shipped my puni xd with the box when asked them not to. That scared the shit out of me so I took the box and destroyed it.

      1. I also want to say, the whole situation is really disheartening, and I wish Doddler the best in the future. Canada sucks for these things.

  9. It’s makes me really sad to see such a thing happen. It’s a drawing. A simple drawing. You could go in prison because of a god damn drawing. He’s getting rejected by people because of a drawing. I don’t get that.

    It made me think about an anime I watched recently, some of you might know it, it’s called Shimoneta (from it’s full name “Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai”). But I wasn’t laughing about it anymore, I was thinking “Damn, that shit is getting real soon.”.

    Why would you spend that much time and money going after a guy that just wanted a plastick toy to give himself some pleasure because there was a loli drawing on the box? And who knows if she’s really under 16 yo? How can you judge that with a simple drawing? I well aware that some of those drawing are actually picturing girls below that age, but I know many characters that are way older than what they are pictured at. Some of them aren’t even humans… (An easy exemple : Kancolle. They are… Boats you know? Boats personifications. And you want to send someone in prison/ban him from some places because he was in possession of a drawing of a little girl that is actually a boat? What on earth? Someday they will arrest me because I have figures of those boat-girls. Jeez.)

    I do agree on the fact a study needs to be made. Wasn’t Japan actually showing result of such a policy ? Anyway… Hope this guy will get more support than hatred, because that’s a really dumb case to focus on.

    1. About the age, it was an estimate by a caporal because of it’s “minimal breast and hip development” and the absence of “pubic hair”. Toy described as “anatomically correct torso” 0_o

      1. So how soon can we expect to be listed as a sex criminal by just talking with a over 18 years old female with “minimal breast and hip development” and absence of “pubic hair” ?
        That caporal should be sacked for what he did, a gross estimation about a fictional character’s age ruined an honest citizen life and reputation.

  10. I suppose the government is so desperate to be seen doing something (and keeping the attention of their people away from how much they suck) that they crack down on people like Doddlers ( Reminds of Fudge from Harry Potter anyone? ).

    Then again it’s so easy to go down on an innocent customer of plastic “toys” instead of pursuing those who molest real little girls/boys

  11. Canada is anal nazi on loli. It´s one of the worst countries to do anything associated with loli. Had he made a single Google search, he´d have found this out.

    Here´s to hoping he´ll be cleared, in social media too, when his year has passed.

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