New banners by RenRen !

bed sukumizu

RenRen-sensei, our beloved moe artist level 100, just finished an awesome work on Naho-chan the mascot to create two new banners for the blog and Twitter+Tumblr profiles !


Bonus, here as wallpaper:

naho-bed1 naho-bed2

I’d like to publicly thank RenRen for all the amazingly cute drawings and genius ideas πŸ™‚ Please follow RenRen’s Pixiv and Twitter for more moe and kawaii !

Going forward, what do you think of Naho-chan ? Would you be interested in a dakimakura-cover version of those banners, to hug and cuddle (and dakisex ?) with Naho all night long thanks to the combined skills of RenRen and a custom dakimakura printer ? πŸ˜‰

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