Sexy Elder Sister

New design for one of ToysHeart’s classics: the Sexy Elder Sister !


Refreshing the packaging of an onahole is a good idea if the onahole is still relevant (or even improved over time). ToysHeart does it with some of their products, including the “Sexy Elder Sister” and “Naive Younger Sister”. Is an improvement, right ?


No panic, the older sister is still in underwear bending forward, and even revealing more of her huge breasts. Her arms… looks like she’s in the volleyball club at college.


Whacha think ? Does it suit me ? Oh, did I turn you on ? Jeez, you’re such a helpless little brother. It’s alright, I’ll give you a hand~


Quite a rack, huh ? I know you love to stare at them.. It’s alright, make yourself feel good.. when I see you fapping to my naked breasts.. it turns me on so much.. oh gosh, what a depraved elder sister I am~


Moving on. Inside the box, you’ll find the usual plastic tray containing the onahole and a small sample of Moisty™ lube, which should give you enough for 2 uses or so.


14.5cm in size and 367g, with a good 12cm tunnel length, using ToysHeart’s mindblowing SafeSkin material that is stretchy, has as good as no smell, feels really nice to the touch and could be licked safely. ToysHeart still as of today on first rank in TPE material quality, with a few little bubbles spotted on the bottom but that is very minor defect (I don’t even have a sharp enough camera and bright light to see them on the picture).


Smell, durability, entrance usability… I have not a single complaint so far. It’s really quality stuff and I’m sorry to say this for, like, almost all ToysHeart products I reviewed lately, but it’s true. Even more since this onahole concept is older, just later in ToysHeart’s timeline they released Seventeen Evolution. Which means Sexy Elder Sister dates back in the very early days of Onahole Review, for fuck’s sake ! Of course at some point they needed to update the packaging to make it clear the onahole is still around, improved all that time !


The tunnel begins with a spiral shape that is definitively more stimulating than Virgin Age Graduation, a bump that is always nice (however at the wrong side to stimulate the frenulum), a wavy structure that I just must link to Seventeen series onaholes, and medium sized vacuum chamber providing a noticeable and nice suction effect (little downside: it makes some “sloppy” sounds).

ToysHeart rates it as “loose” type with medium stimulation, and I think I can agree with that. Or maybe actually medium tightness for westerners.

Sexy Elder Sister made me doubt. The first couple of times were.. simply boring, it didn’t cut it. Either the Moisty lubricant wasn’t the go-to choice, or I wasn’t in the proper mood. Or Both. So the last few times I used Chichikan’s milky lube, and opened a few tabs on ExHentai. Much better ! Weird. But the result was above expectations. In what kind of league does Sexy Elder Sister play ? It competes against Virgin Age Graduation, I say. But being single-layer. It gives stronger stimulation, and most importantly there’s some suction going on.

After the business, the cleaning. Single layer = no worries turning it inside-out to clean all the surface, I had no issue flushing away all the stuff and the onahole dries quite fast. While it’s nice to the touch as-is, you can rub some corn starch powder on it’s external surface for extra smooth feeling.

And about the price, I know ToysHeart products usually come with a little price extra but the 30-35 $ range at retailers seems very honest to me. There are cheaper onaholes, but they are smaller or way less good. No really, you get your masturbation fun for the price and with the excellent durability of the material it will last you for months (even years ?). A reliable elder sister !

Sexy Elder Sister
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 9.5/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Packaging and addons - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


Sexy Elder Sister is the exact proof that no matter if it’s a redesign, ToysHeart still outperforms any maker on materials. It totally deserved a new cover girl, and it will milk you out just perfectly if you’re a beginner. Good job !

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21 Replies to “Sexy Elder Sister”

  1. Does this toy have a successor? This is one of my favorite toys and it seems to be gone for good…

  2. Just got myself one of these. Exactly what I was hoping for. My other toys aren’t as stimulating, and this one is pretty rough on me (again, I was hoping for this). Seems like good value too.

  3. Just curious, if you would choose between buying this and Seventeen Bordeaux, which one would you get? I have enough money for one but I am not quite sure which one to get.

  4. Read a bunch of reviews on here before purchasing one of these babies. Wow… literally, not only did it arrive pretty damn fast It was quite the experience.

    Never felt the build up and the pleasure. Was almost painful at times. The end result. worth the amount I paid even if I could use it just the once, But I get to re-use it! 😀

    1. Wha, whaaa, I’m not sure I understand, it wasn’t good ? You made sure to use enough lube for inside and your tip ? (about a hazelnut worth)

      1. I think he either means thst he finnished realy quickly and never felt any build-up. Or he means that he never felt such build-up and pleasure. Either way judging by the emoji i think he liked it

  5. On the order sites they’re still using the old box art. Is it the same onahole with different packaging?

  6. This looks interesting, I still haven’t ordered my first onahole yet and this caught my eye a bit. Should I?

  7. I’ve been holding out on buying my first onahole to check out more options and this looks pretty appealing. My only question is Elder Sister or Daiysuki Hold?

    1. I think I wouldn’t choose: Seventeen Bordeaux being more “laid back”, it serves a different purpose (masturbating longer).

  8. Hey, was wondering for a recommendation. What’s the highest quality and tightest onahole you have? Looking for something really tight thats really pleasurable, a compilation list is welcomed!

  9. Nice review. I think that an easy cleaning process is the most important part of an onahole. I got a fleshlight, which I rarely use simply because I don´t wanna spend half an hour cleaning it. An ona like this, that´s fast to clean, would be my kinda thing.

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