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Game-controlling onahole: the future is (not yet) now


G-Project released today a new product, the Ju-C Air inner hole. I previously reviewed Ju-C, and I think this new toy should compare pretty well 🙂

Anyway: Ju-C Air introduces sensors and controls buttons that go along with a (bluetooth ?) device to link it to your PC. Custom Maid 3D is a hentai game that supports the Ju-C Air controller, running on Windows XP/Vista/7 (I asked and no, the game won’t be ported on other platforms). Create a maid, model and dress her at will, and make her have sex with you in sync while you stroke with the onahole. Next step: brain implant to have all the missing sensations (touching, tasting, smelling in an ultra-lifelike simulation).

But let’s keep calm and focus on what’s already here. Of course it’s all new and quite expensive, after all CM3D+Ju-C is just the second product available for “interactive onahole experience”. 3D Custom Girl with USB onahole was there first. Onaho.net reviewed both and released plenty of screenshots and a video showing how it works. I repost both videos, but in HTML 5 format 🙂

 /!\ warning, explicit content

3D Custom Girl with USB onahole:

Custom Maid 3D with Ju-C Air:

So, what can we see ? Custom Maid 3D seems technically ahead, and the wireless connection makes it more convenient than USB. Also it seems to feel better, and has better sensors. But both have a quite big downside: animations aren’t smooth, and a good half second delay makes itself obvious, between the stroke and the in-game effect. What can be technically done to mitigate these issues: a smooth animation pattern, down 10-millisecond delay or a “stroke prediction” based on user’s habits and stroking rhythm. Good luck 😀 Also the “man in blue” is..  I mean yes you can make “him” disappear totally, but I think a realistic “third-person view” could be good and wouldn’t require much code rewriting (and can even be easily reused for threesome/gangbang/bukkake or gay intercourse).

The control is manual however, but I’m pretty sure we will see automatic (and convenient) onaholes soon enough. After all, when the girl gives you a blowjob in-game, it should feel realistic right ? Onaholes could even adapt their internal structures accordingly (vagina, anus, mouth, breasts, feet, armpits, -whatever-). The possibilities are astonishing and I’m pretty confident Japan’s sextoy industry will fulfill everyone’s most crazy expectations.

Wait and see 🙂


Author: AkaiHebi

European otaku exploring Japan's most amazing anime sex toys for fun, since 2011. Feminist and sex-positivist. Pansexual. Genderbender. Freedoms activist. オナホ レビュー 著者 「onaho-review-author」

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  1. Hehe… I have seen before the USB onahole girl, but this one with lolis.. oh god *~*.. it makes me wanna buy it! But the animations really are horrible.. I think the main problem is with the sensors of the onahole, I think they try to determine the position of the penis, and represent in on the game by changing the girl’s head (for example) in the same position, but since it does not detect it so well, she is just jumping from one side to the other… I don’t know how could they program it this bad, I mean, when you insert your penis, just make her head go gradually against you, because it’s normally what is going to happen, most of the times. I’ll wait until this technology improves.
    I really like your future thoughts for the onaholes, like the automatic onaholes, and adapting internal structures.. makes me think of a better future! haha

  2. I’ve seen this before and have been tempted to try it. Automatic onaholes (SOMCOM) already exist and interface with supported ero games. They are very expensive though.

  3. So the video is censored, is the game censored aswell?

  4. is there a possibility to get a mod or something to get something uncensored?

  5. Does anyone know how big the box when you order this comes in? cuz if i do buy something like this, i dont need a huge ass box for it, something that would hold a game in it with some extra space for stuff like the onahole

  6. Certainly agree with the potential, this has a strong selling point for the anime-lovers who have chicks they fall in love with. I’m sure producers will “inadvertently” add features that allow the user to build their favourite characters, prime example would be Hatsune in the video. P: Currently, Onahole producers sell on packaging looking like the target’s favourite characters but this takes it a whole step further.
    Still…these are very expensive and you could get a few high quality Onaholes instead of just one.

  7. is it hard to use or install if i dont know japanese? and is there a english setting?

  8. 404 video not found ;_;

    • AkaiHebi

      What, the two videos in the post ? They work. What’s your browser ? What happens when you open the link directly ?

  9. Only one selection of onahole? What about Open My Pussy ~Rina~ ? Can we use it to replace the default one? 🙁 We need new onahole for 3D Custom Girl ><

  10. Is this discontinued? I can’t find it anywhere.

  11. I mean I can’t find the Ju-c air anywhere. can you help?

  12. http://gyazo.com/d8847b6c559b2e22ba7e290dfd2abb8a
    It seems as though the actual controller is discontinued. I can’t find it anywhere. The link you posted only includes the inner sleeve and not the actual usb controller.

  13. Now that’s what I call… Playing with yourself.

  14. Apparently you can use this new device (http://www.maiko-dos.com/index.htm) as a controller in PC games that support something called “+ 1D” (http://www.plus1d.jp/).

    I think this is the first game that supports it:
    The device interaction is demonstrated half way through the trailer.

    You can buy the MAIKO-DOS at NLS:

  15. where can I buy one ” 😀 ” I have the game but i mean that JU C air thing.
    I only found one on ebay at the price of $1200 holy f@#K

  16. OK, we’ve waited and now the “CUSTOM MAID 3D with Chu-B Lip” is out in the wild, time to revisit our dress up cyber friends? I’m most curious if the latency issues have been addressed in this latest offering.

  17. Hey I know I’m super late to the game as I recently just got into collecting onaholes but can you explain how the onahole feels? The video and explanation are extremely helpful but when I first read about this I thought it would use sensors and tiny air cushions to contour its shape to match whichever maid you’ve created and/or whatever sexual service she is performing. But by the looks of the videos it just seems as though the game just matches, well tries to anyway, the movements of the sleeve. If you ever see this and respond thanks in advance.

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