OtonaJP EU is now Naughty Nippon!

Great news for European onahole collectors: OtonaJP EU got rebranded and is now named Naughty Nippon!

Aside a redesign of the store front, there are a couple other significant changes:

  • while previous accounts remain the same and are imported, new accounts created on Naughty Nippon won’t work on OtonaJP (you’ll have to use separate accounts to use both)
  • .. and according to our price tracking script, Naughty Nippon’s prices are quite lower than former OtonaJP EU, meaning Naughty Nippon’s gonna be an even fiercer competitor on the European onahole market πŸ˜‰

For all sold products we already reviewed, links to Naughty Nippon product pages are available (and if not yet, our price script automatically checks whether a product on OtonaJP has been added on Naughty Nippon)

Not everything OtonaJP has in store is already available at Naughty Nippon, but there’s plenty Japanese onaholes, breasts, lube and accessories to choose from to help relax during lockdown periods!

Stay safe and have fun~

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9 Replies to “OtonaJP EU is now Naughty Nippon!”

  1. this site is a scam. I paid 50 bucks then the site tells me that I did not place any order. NO response to my emails. please don’t order.I’ve been waiting for a response for a month.

  2. I really recommend these Shops. Yes, the waiting time in the european Shop is even longer than 14 days.. what is promoted but everything else was great. They have the best variety of onaholes “here” and the prices are appropriate If you really want to avoid possible customs for example. Shipping itself via DHL was always normal. The package is pretty good and does not show any hints about its content ;).
    But If you dont care about higher prices the Processing time at otona.com is much faster and they give several shipping Options.
    Kanojo is still much faster but got only one Delivery Option which is Double expensive since FedEx will always Tax you. Hf

  3. I’d recommend against using naughty nippon. Order is stuck at awaiting payment and support does not respond

    1. I’m gonna refrain from a snarky comment such as “are their stock aboard a cargo ship currently stuck in the Suez canal?”, as I’ve had some more echoes about ordering problems.
      While it’s understandable a new shop may take a little time to ramp up it’s operations, it’s not like Naughty Nippon started from scratch… No wonder people just like me grow suspicious of sexshops that aren’t… Amazon. Current times are stressy enough as they are.
      Hopefully they put everything on tracks and process orders fluidly (or at least communicate what the hiccups are!)

    2. Maybe it’s not the best shop to buy from, for the moment. I have personally made an order on March 11th, and it is still on “order in preparation”. My guess is that they have items put on sale but they don’t have the stock yet in their storehouse, most probably the arrival got delayed and that is why it’s taking so much time. I understand that they want to put up a product for sale when the stock is “going to arrive soon to the storehouse”, but maybe is best to wait and actually have the stock physically there before putting the product for sale, mainly because that will give a bad first impression in case of a delay, which seems like it’s what is happening.
      But anyway, hopefully they’ll get business working soon.

      1. It took one week for them to verify the payment and now the order is in preparation, hopefully Suez canal won’t cock block me ( I hope they have stock in EU). Meanwhile otona only took 4 days to send out the order after payment

        1. I received my order yersterday, even DHL took their big time, usually it’s next day shipping inside Europe, but apparently not. Welp, 1 month in total, but finally got it. Good luck with yours!

    3. I second that. Had ordered while they still where eu.otonajp.com and did not get any information. When I asked otonajp.com about it they said that they were not responsible even though the order from eu.otonajp.com still showed up on the “My orders” page on otonajp.com as did the open tickets.

      I called my credit card company and after giving them all the info needed (like mail correspondence or which article I got) I got my money back (no fun telling your credit card provider that you bought onaholes …)

      Do NOT buy from them.

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