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Hey everyone, thank you all for making me having so much fun blogging about onaholes 🙂

The time has come ! One month ago I announced the experience with J-List affiliate links, today I set the milestone and ask you all about your opinion: should we continue or should we stop ? What will the collected commissions be used for ?

During April, I got 50.63 US Dollars in commissions. In short: yes, it is possible to collect enough for a new onahole each month and maybe even two ! But I think it’s up to you, dear visitors from the internet, to decide what will happen. So, 3 polls: continue or not, if yes then how often, and what to get for these 50 bucks. In case of same vote count, winning toy is chosen using it’s rank in the list, and PHP’s rand() function. Polls close 10 days from now, May 16, so don’t be late ! 🙂 “Voting campaigns” are allowed in comments, if you want to 😉


  1. yes and extend: 71%
  2. I don’t care: 16%
  3. yes and stick J-List: 13%
  4. no remove: 0%


  1. each month: 58%
  2. 2 months: 26%
  3. 3 months: 16%

(NOTE: J-List payouts happening every 2 months as I later found out -see below-, a vote every month isn’t doable after all)

Below, the onaholes ! You can check the onaholes on J-List . I pre-selected onaholes I may be interested in. Pick your favorites 🙂



And that’s it ! Check back on May 16th for the results ! And remember: May is national onahole month in Japan !


Polls are closed, and I have some good news 🙂

  • affiliate links:  keep and extend
  • rhythm: each month
  • first onahole to get:  Sujiman Kupa Rinka

Affiliate links for NLS ? They proposed to send me products for free 😮 Really nice guys ! I also applied as affiliate for Kanojo Toys, if it’s accepted then we’ll see something quite interesting 🙂

It was easy for me to do a poll with all the onaholes from J-List, but if I had to do polls with all the onaholes from NLS and Kanojo Toys…  no, no way, that would be extreme to pick from thousands of checkboxes 😀  So instead, I’ll do a single poll including stuff from my shoppinglist, and a free input box if you want to vote for something that isn’t listed 🙂 The 2 most voted onaholes will be ordered from J-List and Kanojo Toys if the commissions are enough, if not then it will be deduced to the next month, and NLS is free to send me anything else from the poll, or something totally different to surprise me and the visitors 😉


About the voting period: 7 days, from the 7th to the 15th of each month ? I hope I can keep up, that all is quite some work 🙂 To prevent flooding on the blog, I post updates on Twitter and Tumblr.

Many thanks to all of you, visitors, sellers and makers, this is really an exciting project !

Update June 6th:  so it turns out J-List pays the commissions every 2 months only. Next poll is delayed to July 🙁

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