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11 Replies to “Cleaning your Onahole

  1. Oh i turn my virgin age admission inside out when i clean it.. appears you do not.. you think it will stretch out and lose its tightness if done so?

  2. I’m using Shimetan, too. It’s hard stimulus good hole.
    To cleaning Shimetan, you should put Shimetan to 30cm under the faucet. And you shed water vigorously.

  3. Hi, I can’t reach the end of my dual layer hole for drying, so I fear leaving a bit wet inside will grow mold, what do you recommend?

  4. What do you think is the best way to deeply clean tight onaholes with a small opening without tearing the opening, like Open My xxx Lolinco?

  5. hi from america, so I only just got back into using onaholes after last using my fleshlight STU (damn that open-ended design) maybe a few months ago.

    for reference, last night, i used the “dojikko nurse no shaseikanri”

    so I guess i pretty much followed your cleaning instructions, didn’t turn the onahole inside out though because i was afraid of damaging it further.

    but anyway, my question is about using microfiber cloths/towels to dry it. The kind I used were 7 by 6 inches, and the kind of texture you’d probably use otherwise to clean glasses. My problem is that it left some lint on the onahole. So, should I be using some other kind of microfiber towel instead to avoid this issue? Maybe closer to the kind of towel you used in your video?

    1. Depends on the microfiber I guess. The one I used feels a bit like leather to the touch.
      But nowadays I hardly use any towel, I just let it rest on my shelf so the air can dry it nice and well πŸ™‚

      1. I think the microfiber towel I used was like that too. The kicker is that it’s also black, and since I think you or someone else has said to watch out for black mold, I don’t want to confuse that for my towel’s lint or something

        Anyway, thanks for the advice, I think I’ll try letting it air dry too, maybe in a toy bag?

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