Internet decides: onahole poll #8 (closed)

It’s time again for a bimestrial poll to let you decide what onaholes I should request to vendors !

Quick news: hot summer, 38Β°C / 100Β°F that start to harm my beloved onaholes. Naho-chan is so lucky having fun at the sea.. Meanwhile I’ve been doing some tweaking on the blog, making it faster and safer. Nothing special to announce at this point, but stuff is underway πŸ˜‰ As usual you can add custom votes for other onaholes, and you can request new features in comments. Let’s start !


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2 Replies to “Internet decides: onahole poll #8 (closed)”

  1. Hmm i’m satisfied with the results of this poll, finally a trusted professional will try the boobies onahole for us

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