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Cat. Girls. For too long I had it waiting, it’s about time I talk to you about Boku Ona 2 Great, nyanned to me by NLS for review. Let’s go !


Cat, cats, pussies and kitties, I love the internet. Let’s begin with a quick word about the maker: MATE. It’s actually the first onahole from them reviewed here, but MATE already has a name in the onahole world: they made the immensely successful “Boku Ona” onaholes, like Boku Ona ZERO, Boku Ona x {insert number or anime girl name here}, Boku Ona Mini, Ona Pet, Boku Ona Super Quick, huh. I had it coming: someday I’ll have no choice but to masturbate to a catgirl, which I’m not exactly against.


Those curves oooooh. I’m usually more into thirsty kittens but well. A catgirl from the same litter as Black Hanekawa can do.

"nyaa~ ?"
“nyaa~ ?”


boku-ona-2-great_a boku-ona-2-great_b

boku-ona-2-great1 boku-ona-2-great2 boku-ona-2-great3

So yeah let’s already mention the 50cL lube bottle, so you can have a correctly decent fun time with it. Nothing special to say about the lube, it could glide better maybe.


The basic shape is pretty much like Boku Ona 1/2/3/Zero’s, Boku Ona 2 Great is just larger (hence “great”, wow). With about 16cm actual tunnel length, it’s pretty good for westerners or more generally people whose penises are around that length. The material is a good soft TPE, with the characteristic smell of it, and it doesn’t get toooo sticky and oily. It’s more or less comparable to current A-One’s of N.P.G’s materials: “average”. We’re talking about low-price masturbators.

Some more pics before we focus on the inside, I tried shooting some but NLS’ lightning is just unmatchable and I can’t open the curtains unless I wanna die roasted by the sun:

1_1423024443_1_oxeFG 1_1423024444_1_eqn2z 1_1423024445_1_zrnIk 1_1423024446_1_zlknv

Strings oh strings, that’s right. It features strings inside, but unlike Bangee Shake-like onaholes those simply stretch along the tunnel and don’t get in the way. … sadly.

1_1423024448_1_wTjDu 51lYb0-9QUL._SL1280_


I was a bit curious about those strings. But, in fact…ย  could really do without: they’re almost not felt, and they just make the first half on the onahole really boring. Like “please, start making me feel good already”. The answer to that is often “we need to go deeper”, and so it is: the second half in turn is really nice, a mix of bigger ribs and tiny little ones, the alternating of them makes it close if not better than Virgin Loop. And after that, meh. There’s no real “vacuum chamber” at the end, so the pleasure depends on the stretching of the material itself and suction effect is no part of it.

How about turning the onahole around the tip, do the strings simulate something like a tongue rolling around ? That was not really like it. So using Boku Ona 2 Great for me was forcing it all over my penis, real deep so I could enjoy the second half. And that was nice, yeah pretty decent !

Once the business is done, comes the cleaning. Good thing the onahole can be turned inside out without too much effort, but the size of it makes it.. uh.. uneasy. The strings stretch in a chaotic mess I have no idea how it happens, and more than once I had to be rather forceful to clean it deep down. In the longer run, I’m pretty sure you’ll end up damaging it with your nails or ripping with all the stretching, it can endure quite a bit but there’s a limit.

So now, is it worth the price ? I must say, MATE sells their stuff at good prices, and now I’m actually curious about Boku Ona Zero and Poku Ona, it’s smaller than Boku Ona 2 Great and seems to have much better insides than Boku Ona 1/2/3/2 Great. Very cheap price for the potential. But compared to that, ugh Boku Ona 2 Great should be listed at half it’s price.

More kittens, MATE !

Boku Ona 2 Great
  • 4/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4/10
  • 3/10
    Materials and cleaning - 3/10
  • 6/10
    Packaging and addons - 6/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


Cut both the price and the onahole in half, and I’d be more happy with the bottom part

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8 Replies to “Boku Ona 2 Great”

  1. I recently bought a Boku Ona and it also had that smell, even the plastic bag was kinda white (like with some powder r somerhing) was it the same with Boku Ona 2 Great?

  2. Cool product! I’d never even seen these anime themed sex toys. Looks like I’ll have to buy a couple.. for “scientific research.”

  3. Hey,Onaho newbie here.I’ve been looking through your reviews lately,looking for a good onahole to buy,as my first toy.I was wondering if you could recommend something.I’m going to be ordering from NLS and what I’ve brought down to is either Secret Twin Tales or Sujman Kupa Lolinco.Which one would you say is better? Or are there any other onaholes that you would recommend? Thank you very much in advance ^^

    1. Welcome to the world of onaholes ^^ If you need more advice or want to give yours, feel free to use the new forums ๐Ÿ™‚

      So, huh. Since you’re a beginner I tend to say “Secret Twin Tales” because it’s a bundle with all you need. Maybe you want to keep Lolinco for later since it’s much more intense.

  4. Hello!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, thinking about buying something for my pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚ The only problem is, I found very few reviews about toys in my size. I’m searching for a closed onahole to fit in completely (I’m about 20cm). What would you recomment me to buy?

    Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

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