A Clean

Cleaning device ! No, that’s not a nose-spray πŸ™‚

It’s cheap but it will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning onaholes not-so-easy-to-clean. In general, onaholes you can’t easily flip “inside out”, like Fera Zoma, Greatest Stroker II, Kozaru,..

The instructions are quite easy: fill with water, close, stick into onahole, press, do again until onahole clean even at the innermost parts. Can also be used for anal washing, or as discrete water-pistol (because it actually shoots strong, straight horizontal you exceed 2 meters away easily).

Lightweight and cheap, can at least help you getting closer to weight level limit for shipping.

A Clean
  • Materials and cleaning - 7/10
  • Packaging and addons - 3/10
  • Price - 10/10
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Dirty onahole ? Never again !

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6 Replies to “A Clean”

  1. hey, since you mention the use on this for washing out onaholes that do not turn inside out easily, i am very curious what you reccomend for drying those same types of onaholes. usually i can wash it without to much issue but then the inside doesnt seem to want to dry and i am afraid of damaging the toy by forcing the inside out flip which is a big pain! (makes me want to use some of the cheaper smaller ones that flip easily….)

    ca you do an article on proper cleaning/maintaining your onahole? (including drying/powdering) some of us are fairly new at it and want to maximize our investment/enjoyment! also a quick response on this comment with how to dry it properly on the inside would be greeaat!

      1. hm, i saw that earlier. it’s not as forward-spraying as the A, but maybe that’ll help to get into bumps and such on the sides
        thanks AH

  2. Is there an alternative to both those products: A-clean and Free Washer?


    Found this, but don’t know how well it’d work…

    I want to order a big order from en-nls, but I need a washer to help me clean those hips and both washers are pretty much out of stock/discontinued…

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