Metal Pick 4


Made by NLS, a collection of little metal sticks 🙂 How is that related to a sextoy shop ? You’ll find it out real soon…


NLS is one of those shops who not only sell sextoys, but also sometimes make their own to meet customer needs. The Metal Picks are as simple as it gets, sticks of stainless steel coming in 4 different shapes.

Packaging, content


Packaging is just plastic wrap with barcode, name and number. If someone in your family or friends found this out, they would be unable to guess what it’s purpose is.. unless they are users of such tools too. I got type 4.




Sounding. In case you’re not familiar with the concept: this toy is to be inserted into the urethra. Yes exactly: inside the penis. By using such toy, you can stimulate spots deep inside your penis.

I sometimes saw this happening in porn and hentai, and I got quite curious about how it feels, what can be done with it. There’s only one way this can end: trying it yourself. So I requested one to NLS, got myself in a weird excited+terrified state, and did it. Poked the Metal Pick at the entrance of my urethra, rubbed my penis somewhat so I produced precum (cowper fluids) I could lubricate it with, and all so slowly inserted it in.

Since it’s metal, I first noticed cold. It took a couple seconds until the tip warmed up. The sensation was… weird weird really weird. The entrance of the urethra being very sensitive, I barely dared to move. Collecting myself for a minute, I inserted it further. And further. And further. First “wave” was in. It’s girth fit just perfectly to my urethra, no stretching problem. I adjusted of the sensation, my urethra usually leading streams of pee and cum outside being now invaded by a foreign object. Further.

Midway, problem: I feel that it’s not going further by itself, there’s something blocking the sound in my urethra. I quickly understood what was going on: see, my penis when fully erected slightly bends towards my tummy, a ever so slight “C” curve. But the sound, well, is straight: not enough play space to slide further. So I tweaked my penis by “counter-bending” it with my hand, aaaand the journey continues !

At that point, I could let go and the sound would slide inside by itself, using Earth gravity. But I always kept a finger inside the ring, in case I had to pull it out in emergency. But no pain, no problem, I just watched the sound sliding deeper and deeper, until the last segment (where the ring is attached) reached the urethra entrance. And I think that’s exactly as deep as it could get, my urethra deep in there curving back up towards my prostate, where it divides in two channels: one up to the bladder, one down to the testicles.

And there I was, my penis now with a metal bone inside of it. The sensation is… dunno. You can really feel there’s something in there, and it has complex effects on you: you no longer dare to move around… I took my penis in my hand, and I was surprised: I could really feel the hard metal sound through the lower side of my penis ! By sliding my finder along the shaft, I could really follow the shape of the sound !

Of course the next couple of sessions, I tried .. uh.. fucking my urethra with the sound, sliding it in and out. However that didn’t make “sexually good” sensations so I think it’s not possible for me to orgasm from that. I pushed the experiment a bit further and made myself cum with the sound halfway in (so the cum could still dribble around it out of my urethra), but it didn’t make much of a difference.

So.. yeah. That’s definitively a tool for teasing your sub lover, making them whimper in anxiety as they watch the sound penetrating their penis and reaching spots that weren’t ever supposed to be reached from the outside. One could associate this with licking the glans and shaft, so every twitch of the penis wraps tighter around the sound. It’s a very special sensation.


Can the sound be used on people without penis ? I.. guess ? However since their urethra is much much smaller, only the tip would be inserted. And could it actually trigger the release of urine if poking the bladder ? Dunno.

Using the sound in different holes of the body… I would recommend against using it in the nostrils since it would trigger the sneezing reflex (please don’t impale your brain with the sound), and also against anal play since the sound is too thin (risk of piercing the rectum) and there’s not much to prevent the ass from sucking it in (and surgery to remove stuff from the rectum is pretty common but never fun).

However the sound makes for a perfect tool for drying the inside of your onaholes when you wrap cotton or tissue around it. Which brings us to…


Stainless steel, no problem cleaning with water and soap, non-porous, very safe. Make sure it’s very clean before using, because, well, urethral infections are shit.

Price / value

I have a problem there. I can’t really compare it to similar toys, yet on a pure “metal price per kilogram” ratio this is expensive as fuck… unless you’re talking about medical-grade stainless steel. Is it worth the price for the amount of fun it gives ? I’d tend to say: “no”. Unless you’re really into sounding, in which case it could be a good investment. And very durable too: maybe in a couple million years someone will find your Metal Pick and will wonder what it was used for 😉

Metal Pick 4
  • 4/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 4/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 2/10
    Packaging and addons - 2/10
  • 5/10
    Price - 5/10


+ stainless steel
+ different types available
+ can be used for onahole drying
– dull packaging
– price ?
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3 Replies to “Metal Pick 4”

  1. It sounds pretty horrifying!
    I would maybe try it but the only the look of that kind of metal pick would make me run away I guess >.<
    I think this is really for teasing people!

    I already tried an anal plug but I guess I am not that type of human which enjoys, having something inserted into your holes of the body. I feel like that it do not belong there and its uncomfortable.
    I'd use an vibration toy on my body rather then inside. At the balls something vibrating feels awesome!

  2. Dude reading that shit really freaked me out. I was contorting myself in my chair. Seriously, I’d NEVER EVER EVER insert something into my urethra. It sounds terrifying.

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