Gokusai Monster Alraune

Hello everyone, it’s time for a new onahole review 🙂 Today: the Gokusai Monster Alraune, by Magic Eyes !


We at Onahole Review love playing around with products made by Magic Eyes, they never fail to surprise us and the product quality is usually really good ! Their products are not just thermoplastic elastomer penis sleeves, they develop a concept and a story the user can more easily fantasize about, or just learn new stuff. This is certainly true with the Kaitai Shinshō, the (iron-) Maiden, or La Bocca Della Verità. There’s always something to dig into, intellectually ! And the Gokusai Monster Alraune is no exception.

Box illustration and background story


Ooooh what exactly is going on there ?! What did we step into ? Who is this girl ? Is she crying of pleasure, of pain, out of fear ? What kind of monster girl do we have here ? Quick, let’s scan the box for more information !


Lots of things to chew on, I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with the “vegetarian” style of the girl.


I’m glad I got first hand second hand information from Magic Eyes’ product designer Mrs Nonaka, many many thanks to OtonaJP for their help with contact and translation 🙂

Alraune is german, and means “mandrake”. Looking at it’s flowers and comparing them with the one the girl has in her leaf-hairs, it’s easily confirmed.


Mandrakes have a lots of folklore with them, being a toxic plant that causes hallucinations/unconsciousness and weird shaped roots. Among the mandrake legends, the most notorious is: when you pull out a mandrake, it’s roots emit a powerful shrill that can kill you. This myth is well known by the Japanese, I take as proof the event in the first episode of the recently aired anime Flying Witch, when Makoto found and pulled out a mandrake:


(a rather good slice-of-life countryside anime with some magic and fun, by the way)

A certainly more kawaii reference to mandrakes than Harry Potter’s:


Now there’s another legend going in Japan, where when a mandrake receives the body fluids of someone, then the mandrake turns into that person. Mmmh this means… that onahole may… uuuh.

With this being cleared, we can now safely say: the mandrake girl on the onahole box was just pulled out from the earth and she’s shrilling in fear and defense, as it turns into… a girl named Joan ?.. Luckily for us, you risk neither death nor angry neighbors when pulling out the onahole from the box.

Let’s continue the investigation: why did Magic Eyes use the german word, “alraune” ? Mandrakes were used for lots of supposed magical things, with aphrodisiac effects, it’s roots were cut into human-like shape as lucky charms, sometimes even cared for (baths, clothing,..). And there’s also an event in German history that could give us some light: during a witchcraft trial in 1650, an accused admitted he masturbated into a dish and buried it into the forest, hoping for a lucky charm. And a mandrake was created ?

Witchcraft. I think at that point Magic Eyes had to choose a witch for mentioning on the box, however that’s where the investigation gets a bit blurry. Because, one of the most famous witch-accused historical figure was.. Joan of Arc, also named “The Maiden of Orléans” (of which you can read the translation in German on the box: Die Jungfrau von Orléans). One more surname mentioned on the box: La Pucelle (now that’s French and can be translated as.. The Maiden).


I won’t go into Joan of Arc‘s story because there’s really not much mandrake-related in there, only that she’s been accused for being a witch, or being possessed by the devil. And how could they be sure the “voices” she heard inside her head weren’t the devil ? Because the legend says that the devil can’t possess a virgin girl, and she was indeed virgin maiden unsullied hymen-bearer bullshit. And… that’s why it’s related to a sextoy ? … oh dear.. the mandrake legend turning into the person… oh that’s cool, Joan of Arc was 19 when the was burned at the stake.


Box and content


I like that box, I’ll keep it preciously 🙂

/me likes easy opening

Inside the box, the happy new owner finds the onahole and a 15 mL pack of lube.


Without surprise, the pack of lube is Magic Eyes’ own brew which is fairly good for onahole use and allows a joyful experience. For such an onahole, there’s enough lube for about 2 sessions.

The onahole outside


A total size of 160*87*66 mm and a hole 135 mm deep and a weight of 415 g, no worries if your junk’s bigger than that because the onahole is stretchy. Oh wait..


Now, mine has 15 cm in size and weights 423 g 😉


What a design. Magic Eyes is renown for their dual layer onaholes, but this one has three layers ! The onahole is engulfed in a meaty tentacle-like layer representing the root of the mandrake, it’s a nice feeling to hold in your hand and it seems the blending of that layer around the “main body” is very well done. Although I think, in the long run, it could start separating if not properly taken care of.

"visual shock"
“visual shock”

The material is Magic Eyes’ standard thermoplastic elastomer, which tends to be a bit smelling out-of-the-box, a bit oily and rather sticky compared to ToysHeart’s product materials. The surface can become extra smooth thanks to talc or corn starch, however the red color of the outmost layer will be less vivid. Magic Eyes also tells us that the material has been tested for toxic elements by the Japan Food Research Laboratories:


Okay I mean, they certainly wouldn’t have released the report if it found out dangerous toxic elements, right ? There’s an ongoing and never ending battle between public health authorities, policy makers and industries about endocrine disruptors like Bisphenol A, so I don’t know what to make about current regulations and if they are enough to protect public health in long term as endocrine disruptors are active at even small dose. Then again: everything can give you cancer so better keep your immune system top notch 🙂

The onahole insides and performance


Yay, belly bulge 🙂


The entrance starts like a funnel, progressively tightening until you reach a first valley of little bumps attacking your frenulum. Shortly after, you reach the “gate”: when going through, it pushes matter up and creates a bulge in it’s tummy, very good. Squeezing a bit more around you, the hole finally ends with a narrow “semen-collection” chamber. Sadly not an uterus/vacuum chamber, so the suction effect is really weak.

However the stimulation type in which that onahole shines is pure rubbing sensations. The tightness is just perfect for it to wrap you and attack you all around, the sensations get intense very fast. I sometimes insert in it from “behind”, so the “bump valley” doesn’t push me off the edge so fast when it targets my frenulum. Oh fuck..

The innermost layer being a bit harder than the “middle layer”, it’s more intense and good and aaaaaaah

I came twice within 10 minutes


Nothing specially difficult about cleaning, I must say: stretch the opening a bit, use water to flush out everything, put soap, rub inside, clear, and you can use a microfiber towel to dry (although because I can and because I’m lazy, I simply let it rest on my shelf “hole downside”).

Price / value

Truth to be said, there’s not many three-layer onaholes to compare it to in terms of price, but… it’s totally worth it ! The listing price by retailers like NLS is really good. Always take good care of your mandrake girl 🙂


Gokusai Monster Alraune
  • 9/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 9/10
  • 7.5/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7.5/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ very inspired background story + deadly plant girl + innovative product concept and design (3 layers) + intense stimulation + tummy bulge + very affordable price
– only 15 mL of lube included – material stickiness – {long term durability of material ?}
User Review
3.86 (7 votes)

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  1. You forgot to mention that in the mediaeval times in Europe people which pulled out the mandrake, used a dog for this dirty work! So it was okey for them, to get there dogs killed by the cream 😉

    The design and story is quite interessting but the entrance of the onahole just looks like shit!
    Sorry but if they designed the rest so nice, they also should keep an eye on the labia!

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