Onahole Quick Drying Stick – KYO

Hello fellow fappers! I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new onahole accessory review, Onahole Quick Drying Stick – KYO! Made by KYO!


The name is kind of long, so I’ll stick to call it “the kyo stick”. I don’t know if the brand is called KYO, TYO, both, they’re different… but I guess for now we will know them as “KYO”.


Here it is.

Even though the package looks super simple, there is something to say about it. It’s very easy to open! You don’t need scissors or anything, just open it with your fingers without tearing anything, I liked it. But the design could have a little more spice into it, maybe the silhouette of a girl on that background?


A stick.


It’s a stick. See ya later!

Lol, in all seriousness, this things is actually pretty good.

How to use it:

  1. After washing your onahole, squeeze it and dry the bottom (entrance) with the towel, as well as the whole exterior.
  2. Then, insert the stick as deep as you can.
  3. Squeeze and twist the onahole around, make sure the stick touches every single bit.
  4. Leave it inside for about a minute.
  5. Remove it, then dry the stick with a towel.
  6. Place it somewhere vertically to dry.


And, how well does it work? Well, I’ve experienced different results from onahole to onahole, but overall… really really good! … kinda(*1). I always disliked having to dig inside the onahole with a cloth, never really leaving it dry, but this stick actually works pretty well, if you squeeze well the water from inside, and leave the stick for one minute, the onahole will be 95% completely dry! That’s amazing. I even tried using the stick without squeezing much the onahole, just getting it wet fresh from the sink, and it still works quite well (altough not recommended).

The stick does come with a few drawbacks though. One thing I noticed, from the very few first few uses, small pores appeared on the stick, making me think it will deteriorate over time. Also, the material kind of reminds me of chalk, while not that fragile, it is a bit fragile, so don’t squeeze the onahole too hard or you might break it. Still, my stick fell on the floor more than once, and so far it has survived.

Another thing is, when you clean it with the towel, it gets dirty. That depends on how clean is your towel, but it can’t always be 100% clean, and dirt sticks to it easily. One way to solvent this, is leave it drying (“dirty”), and when it’s dry enough, just use your fingers to remove the dirt.

Also, when drying many onaholes, after the first 2, it starts loosing effect. So if you fap a lot, and need to dry like 4 onaholes at once, you might need another stick. The drying time for this stick is a few hours, maybe around 4 hours or more, so keep that in mind.


As mentioned before, dry with a towel and leave it somewhere ventilated to dry.


My expectations were low, but I’m really surprised with this, it does its job very well. But wait. (*1) You remember I said kinda? Well, at the beginning it worked great, but now I’m editing this review after a few months. I don’t know where is the issue, but many times, it wont work. It may depend on the onahole’s insides, or the humidity in your house, but sometimes it just wont dry the onahole, even after leaving it for days to dry. I think the issue could be due to the huge humidity in my area, making the stick never really dry properly, but I don’t really know. Maybe you would need to dry it with a hair dryer for better results, but at that point… is it worth it? Probably not. I do use it from time to time, but I’m back again to the old classic microfiber towel most of the times. But despite this, I do recommend you to try it out, and see the results for yourself. The first time I used it I was really impressed of how well it worked, it might be the same for you if the stick does not retain humidity. Another bad thing to point out, is, as I mentioned, fragility.

All my three sticks ended up breaking, for different reasons, squishing too hard, bent in a bag while I was moving my onaholes around, etc., so be careful. You might wanna get 2 to be safe.

Onahole Quick Drying Stick - KYO
  • 10/10
    Appearance - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Usefulness - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10


+ does the job well
+ easy to use
+ discreet
– long dry time
– might not work well depending on humidity
User Review
4.75/10 (2 votes)

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5 Replies to “Onahole Quick Drying Stick – KYO”

  1. I just use regular tampons for drying up my onahole. I can find some tampones for about 1$ for 16, and it does their job incredibly well. One tampon can even sometimes be used twice cause it can soak so much water.

    1. Not bad… πŸ˜²πŸ€”! Sounds like a pretty cool life hack, but can you dry the onahole with only a tampon? Isn’t it too short to cover the whole tunnel? I might give it a try someday

      1. Yeah, it’s short but it has pretty long string and you can push it all the wat up to the end, and then pull it out for a little bit for a several times to make sure that it soaked everything well.

  2. Your supposed to regenerate the stick in the oven and microwave after every use, it is essentially like silica-stone or catlittermaterial and grow brittle if not properly regenerated.

    Secondly, I would advice it to use it with the towel. Kind of like an insertion rod, leaving most of it to be absorbed by the towel and the excess to be absorbed by the stick. This way you rarely need to regenerate the stick, it won’t go brittle and the inside be dried with 25 min.
    Been using this method with my stick and 7 months in still no damage =3

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