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Rends Ona Apron




At first I didn’t have any clue about what this item was… and then I flipped the package and saw this ~



Mmmh, Ok now RENDS… seriously… congratulations guys ! It sure looks weird as fuck at first, but damn it’s sooo usefull !

The concept ? Pretty simple actually ~ A piece of special paper in which you put your ereceted dick during masturbation in order to avoid making a huge mess with sperm, lube, drool or whatsover…

IMG_2222 IMG_2227 IMG_2228 IMG_2231

No need to say that the main bad point is that you’ll look like a real dumb with that thing around your dick… but at the very least, it’s working and it gets the job done. I’m using it quite oftenly when I’m masturbating since I always end up making a mess… however I struggled a little bit to get my penis inside that small opening. It’s really not wide, so I had to tear it on the side to put it completly in. I don’t know if the problem comes from the size of mine (LOOOL) or if it’s because the opening is based on Asian average size…

There are 10 pieces per package, it’ll look like this:

IMG_2232 IMG_2233


All in all, it’s still great and feels kinda durable. It doesn’t tear that easily and you can wash it up to three time. After that, it’ll start getting dirty and smelly so you wanna have to throw it away anyway. But for people who tends on making a mess during masturbation with lube, drool, cum or whatsover, this thing is definitively a good gimmick to own if you want to preserve your clothes from getting dirty !


Author: Cr4zyDuck

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  1. GF: “I don’t want to get my skirt dirty, so please be carefull!”
    BF: “Hey don’t worry baby, I got this *puts on Ona Apron*”

    I think she would be laughing like hell or would be turned on xD

  2. I doubt kanjotoys charges 85 dollars per 10pack of these tho

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