Puni Virgin Ride

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Today let’s get a look at Puni Virgin Ride, a toy made in collaboration between G-Project and Ride Japan!



As always, let’s begin with the box illustration: for this toy, G-Project and Ride Japan selected this busty schoolgirl, drawn by mibunatuki.

Sailor uniform atop a swimsuit, wearing white underknee socks and pink ribbons in her hair, shyly smiling at you while flicking her clit through the fabric. Would you join her?

Oh you’d prefer her in a white bra, pleated skirt and black pantihose? G-Project got you covered!


Inside the box, you’ll find the wrapped toy, but also one of G-Project’s famous storage bags and that’s always neat to have! (later found a 5mL sample of G-Project x PePee lube hidden inside the box, good stuff)


Puni Virgin Ride is a medium-small sized onahole with closed bottom, measuring about 135mm in length and weighting 300g. That is, NLS finds slightly different values:

Like with most onaholes, this one’s pretty flexible and can accommodate most penis sizes. If I’m not mistaken it’s Ride Japan who gets to cook and mould the actual toy, as I recognize it’s tendency to… become somewhat oily and sticky on it’s surface. Additionally to having a rather strong smell upon first opening, and not as good quality finish as regular G-Project toys.

But how does it actually perform? Let’s dig in!


Immediately after the entrance, one encounters a group of four bumps with small ridges. Not bad at all, tightening softly around the tip and giving it a little slide deeper inside. But beware: they don’t work well to retain lube and stuff inside, so expect some spillage.

Next segment is a trio of bumps with little nubs. Well, in my opinion they should have switched those with the 4 bumps at the entrance: at this point there’s lube+stuff buildup, effectively drowning the nubs and making them barely noticeable.

And then, one of Ride Japan’s trademark designs: the clover-shaped ridge tunnel that makes up the entirety of Virgin Loop’s insides. Except here, it simply doesn’t work: to feel it properly you’d need extra thin lube, but that kind of lube would have a hard time covering the earlier bumps. So instead, you’re left with almost nothing going on there when it could have brought a nice little “tickle” along the tip as you push towards the bottom. Well you can still try to bring it into the spotlight by using spit as lubricant, but yeah..

Following a little cervix-like entrance (make sure to clean that part extra well!), comes a rather small vacuum chamber. Expect nothing particular there, no real tip-teaser nor significant suction effect.

Can it make you cum? Yes it can. Does it have a “personality”, a little touch that makes it recognizable and enjoyable among other toys? Not really…


Being a single layer toy, Puni Virgin Ride makes it simple for you: simply turn it inside out, wash off, rub with soap, rinse, turn back to normal, pat dry with a cloth, and let fully dry in the air.

I’d really recommend patting some baby powder on it’s surface, the stickiness is no joke.


All in all, I expected some more from Puni Virgin Ride. The design is a bit “hey let’s cram our various structures in there”, and for the TPE material I kinda wish it was made in G-Project’s factories instead.. (granted, that’s not the same price tag)

The girl’s pretty cute but gives off a “double vibe” between schoolgirl and newly wed housewife, you see? Hey, maybe that’s your jam, and that’s okay 🙂

Don’t get me wrong: yes Puni Virgin Ride is good enough to drive me to orgasm (and even a second one some time later) and can be a beginner’s crown jewel, but for a connoisseur it’s simply not a podium contender even in the smaller toys category.

The cleaning is as uncomplicated as it gets, and that’s a must when you want to clean away the smell upon first opening. But the stickiness is significant, more than once I found tiny flies trapped stuck on the surface. Oooh maybe a relevant alternate use during summer 🤔

And lastly, about the price: for a toy with the G-Project logo + storage bag this can appear as a rather nice deal, but for Ride Japan’s products Puni Virgin Ride is a tad more expensive than average. Overall, I’d say: “yeeeeah.. maybe as an extra to your main order”

Puni Virgin Ride
  • 7.2/10
    Appearance - 7.2/10
  • 3/10
    Sensations - 3/10
  • 3.8/10
    Price - 3.8/10


+ easy cleaning
+ comes with storage bag
– smell upon opening
– sticky material
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