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Insert Air Pillow



Using onahole is awesome, we all agree on that. But using those amazing toys with an air pillow is even better ! So that’s why japanese sex industry created this new and awesome product ~ The Insert Air Pillow by Tamatoys.







I’ve always been using onaholes with my hands, as most of the people here I guess. This way of using those toys is good, but even greater when you’re adding an addon such as an air pillow. Because to me, the worst aspect of using them as if you’re masturbating normally is the fact that you can feel your hand wrapping up around your dick. (like any random fapping).

It kinda gives an unrealistic feeling, even though the onahole is great.

However with an air pillow, you can use it by graping it on the size and making it jump on your lap as if you were having sex with a “real” 2D girl ! Plus, the air pillow has two holes, a big one at the top and a smaller one at the bottom. Thanks to that, each and every onahole will fit inside no matter their weight, lenght or girth !


The size of the air pillow is approximately 31.5cm by 51cm. It’s not that big, but still big enough to have a lot of fun and enjoy your time with it ! The quality of the pillow is very good and should last for a very long time if you take care of it. However I noticed a strong plastic smell at the opening but which tends to fade away after a few days.


The entrance of each hole are 6cm and 12.5 cm. In case of difficulty to insert your onahole, I recommend deflating it a bit or using some lube. You can blow it either with a regular pump or by yourself. I’m personally do it using my mouth and in about 5 minutes it’s already good !


Of course, using an air pillow is good but… with a hentai pillow cover, it’s the BEST !


        Aww, such a cute catgirl :3


Tamatoys thought about each and every detail with those covers. First of, the quality is awesome and thanks to it’s size of 540 x 340 mm the cover fits perfectly on the air pillow. I don’t really know which material is used, I guess two way tricot since the quality is by far better then my peach skin dakimakura. It’s way more stretchy and soft to the touch, and the quality of the printing is perfect without any blurry parts.


Inserting the cover on the pillow might be a pain in the arse the very first time. But don’t worry you just got to find the good way to put it on and then you’re good to go ! I recommend following the technique of the picture right above since that’s how I’ve been doing it so far and it works really well.


As you can see, the hole of both the air pillow and the cover are located a few centimeters bellow the girl’s pussy. I guess Tamatoys did that in order to keep the vagina visible when you’re masturbating…

As said previously, you can use ANY onahole with this pillow. I personnaly had my best climax with the Meiki Three Sisters: Nymphomania. First, because of the realistic design of the onahole which looks just amazing with the cover. Then, thank’s to it’s fairly good weight, length and girth. Once inserted inside, it won’t move from an inch even if you’re pounding it like a beast.

You can really enjoy your time and have lots of fun with that thing. I would even say that if you want to have a taste of how an onahip feels like, then just go for the air pillow and you’ll learn tons of new things to try and with all your favorite onahole !

You can buy different cover if you want, Tamtoys released tons of new ones lately ~ the only annoying thing is that we always got this fucking pixelled shit on the girls pussy 🙁

dakimakura-insert-pillow-cover-kurimochi-chizuru insert_air_pillow_cover_48_ebi_193 insert_air_pillow_cover_50_come_to_the_shiba_inu_1 insert-air-pillow-52-schoolgirl-idol-anime insert-air-pillow-cover-22 insert-air-pillow-dakimakura-adult-manga-case-42-th insert-air-pillow-erotic-anime-pillow-cover-6-1 insert-air-pillow-erotic-anime-pillow-cover-8-1 insert-air-pillow-erotic-anime-pillow-cover-29 insert-air-pillow-manga-girl-pillow-cover-2-maid insert-erotic-pillow-yukinon-cover insert-pillow-erotic-anime-pillow-cover-18-1 japan-dakimakura-cover-adult-11-yukiji-shia s-l300 tams-017-hoes10 tams-037-hoes30

But the one I WANT no matter what is this loli :3


I guess having this kind of air pillow is also good thing for people like me who love daki sex but don’t want their precious dakimakura cover to get dirty with their semen during climax.

Cleaning is easy, at least it depends if you’re smearing it during masturbation or not. I don’t, since lube and cum usually don’t go out of the onahole to get stuck on the cover or in the inside. So I would recommend to clean the air pillow from time to time once it gets dirty with tepid water, and for the cover by hands or in a washing machine but not over 30° !

Notice that the cover is sold separately from the air pillow ! 



Author: Cr4zyDuck

Lolicon, pantsu lover, onahole fapper, yuri addict, ecchi and hentai devotee ~ Lolis are the only rulers of this world, and I am their master. 2D > 3D - Cr4zy rage quit from reality

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  1. I recently found this blog, and find it be much more interesting than what I would expect from a blog about onaholes, liking it alot

    Though through reading many reviews I have.concluded which onahole I should get aswell as.what lube I should get whenever I do decide to buy one

    This one onahole seems really intriguing and it appears it hasn’t been reviewed (which, uh due to the price, makes sense) and I want to know if it’s worth the ridiculous price tag (it’s almost as expensive as the Vorze A10 which is robotic and customizable to your liking, and hands free, which makes the price tag justifiable) or simply pricy garbage

    Which is this one, punyu punyu deluxe https://jlist.com/ao383 …$350? The hell? Skeletal structure?

    so pretty much, if it were possible for any of you to review it I’d greatly appreciate it

  2. Does anyone have a link where i could buy an air pump for this? nls seemed to sell it before but now …

  3. It would be a nice pillow for your bed, if you would nice a non ecchi cover instead^^

    I wouldn’t buy this pillow, because it would be annoying to get the air in and out just for some onahole action!

    • Cr4zyDuck

      I can’t disgree, sometimes I’m lazy as fuck and just the thought of having to blowing it up is depressing…

  4. How much noise does the pillow make?

    • Cr4zyDuck

      It’s a bit noisy without the cover because of the friction with your hand. But with a cover it’s fine.

  5. will “la vie en ROSES” onahole fit in this?

    and any idea where i can buy this for US shipping? CoolMST and Toydemon dont sell them 🙁 and i wanted the covers too!

    • Cr4zyDuck

      La Vie en ROSES can fit inside the air pillow but not completly. It’s rather a large and long onahole comparated to the average so there is a part which is kinda “dangling”. It’s kinda annoying but if you force it a bit inside it’s fine.

      The best seller to me would be OtonaJP, I buy most of my personnal stuff from this shop. They have the onahole you’re looking for, plus cover and tons of other things. You can also try NLS or OtonaSekai but I don’t know if they sell to the US though

      • Thanks!
        Is it that it’ll fit well if you insert the ROSES in before filling air into the bag, like suggested in the review? having both the holes would be awesome!

        Oh, we could use a review on this https://www.otonajp.com/silicon-nipples too! looks like its for this pillow! 😀

        • Cr4zyDuck

          Hey !

          Well, yes the best is to insert it when the pillow is empty. Same goes for the cover, otherwise it’s such a pain in the arse to put on…

          So yeah in fact the problem with La Vie en ROSES is the bottom part. In fact, the “butt” is too large to get inside. Let’s say it can fit up until the belly button, then the lower part is like “dangling” and it looks kinda strange ^^

          But you can still use it and it’s great, switching hole feel so nice and it’s kinda like using a hip =)

  6. Ride Lori CQ is one I’m keen to buy, the way the cervix sticks out and I enjoy that idea of my dick thrusting through it. But think something like Drunk Frog onahole is even better in pleasure. Any thoughts?

    • Cr4zyDuck

      Don’t really know, I don’t own any of these product. But Drunk Frog has good feedback so it might be worth buying, even though (as a womb-penetration addict) I’d love to try Ride Lori CQ =)

  7. what’s the difference between this one and the stuffed version?


    • Cr4zyDuck

      The Insert Air Pillow is made out of plastic and you have to inflate it to get volume. This one is just an other version, this time with a real cushion. I guess the advantages are various: easier to grap, better feeling, easier to hide and clean…

      From what I know, the cover of the Insert Air Pillow are compatible with the stuffed version since the measurement are the same.

  8. Is the Insert Hug Pillow just an updated version of this? I noticed that its 5 CM longer whereas this one is 55 cm long. So far the new one doesn’t have many covers while the air pillow has tons but I think I’d settle for the Gyaru one its my fetish lol

    • Cr4zyDuck

      I guess it is. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but it does seems to be a good product from what the pictures shows. However the lack of cover is really its current weak point, hope to see more release in the month to come. What I really like about it is its shape with this curved part on the bottom, guess that could inspire hentai artist to create super lewd drawing of 2D girl :3

  9. I freaking love this thing. I instantly bought 6 more covers to spice things up. I also listen to some Hentai audio tracks to enhance the experience~.
    I used the Temptation witch onahole. It fits perfectly and doesn’t slip.
    I use my own lungs to fill the pillow. Takes a couple of minutes.
    Thank you for opening my eyes to this product~

  10. Boy, looking at the packaging (or rather, lack thereof) for the covers totally eliminates getting a loli one, doesn’t it? Plus if you get caught you’re literally paying for loli artwork (unlike onaholes where I guess one could argue that the artwork on the packaging isn’t the product itself?).

    Too bad.

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