La vie en ROSES

Innocent girl trapped in a box, ultra realistic blowjob device, maiden with articifial hymen and red lube to reproduce defloration’s blood, perfect reproduction of loli’s body, puffy pussy, camel toe, bone structure, 3 layered onahole, onahole which squirts lube throught the nipple (wait, wut ?) monster and tentacle design…

Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome, to Magic Eye’s.


“La vie en Rose” or I guess “Life in pink” if you can’t understand french (shame on YOU !) is one of the latest Magic Eye’s product available on the market. As you may already know, I love Magic Eye’s because their product are always so… original ? Yeah, I guess that’s the main reason.

Unlike other companies, Magic Eye’s always try it’s best to create new and revolutionar onahole based on some specific theme, with most of the time crazy concept or with certain “special” addons. *WINK, WINK*

Working in this company seems to be paradise on earth, you just need to combine crazy idea with a bit of imagination and a lot of perversion and you’re done. Perfect job !

Anyway let’s start this review by the traditionnal pictures of the box !


I don’t know about you, but personnaly I’m in love with this cute pinkish box. Everything is well thought. The artwork matches perfectly to the flower theme. I adore the picture on the side of the box with the blossoming of the rose, making this cute and innocent girl appearing. Aww *-*

The girl is incredibly cute and I love her pose and outfit. At the back, big enlargement on a divided pic of the onahole. We can clearly see both tunnel with the amazing entrance of the vagina depicted at the top. Down bellow, a huge stamp pointing out the weight of this awesomeness at 700G !

Wait. W… wut ? Both tunnels ? BOTH, FREAKING TUNNELS ???

Magic Eye’s. I love you so much guy’s…

It’s the very first I time see an onahole of this weight and size including both a vaginal and an anal tunnel. Holly. Fucking. Sh****

Anyway time to move on !


As a french person, I feel so glad to see an onahole entitled with my native language ^^


Really ? They did bother pixelizing the pussy ? Oh my…


Such a cutie *.*


“Se livrer à une douce rêverie” ; “La fille porte bonheur”

Magic Eye’s pushed the concept of french citations up to the corner of the box ! Amazing job.


Very smart opening system. It might sounds stupid but I HATE destroying my onahole’s box by struggling like an idiot during the first opening. Here it’s quick, easy and safe !

Oh by the way this little piece of sheet is really funny ! I didn’t know what it was at first and then I read it with a wen (because it’s really small) and it appears to be a laboratory report from the control quality check ^^


Pan paka pan ! Here it comes ! 


WOW ! It’s wayyy bigger than I was expected. Awesome packaging, for once Magic Eye’s didn’t provide it in a simple plastic bag but in a big and hard plastic box to avoid dammaging during transport ! Very Nice.


As you can see, the inside of the bag is full of sticky/oily marks. Don’t be surprised, that’s the same for every Magic Eye’s product. The material they are using is good but I would recommand to wash the onahole under tepid water before the first use. There is as usual a small out of the box smell but which will fades away after a few washes !


Look at those curves *.*


Now this is something Magic Eye’s are used to do but which tends to be annoying . The stamp of their company is always printed on their onahole. You don’t really see it, but it’s here. And to me, it’s really annoying because the onahole is soo good looking and then you have this mark standing there and out of nowhere, meh…


According to such a size and weight, this onahole feels really incredible to use. It’s still deep enough when I’m fully erected so you won’t see your glans touching the top when stroking. This is a very good point concerning durability facilites. My former Sujiman Kupa Lolinco had a hole at the top and wasn’t usable anymore because it’s lenght was too short for my size…

Now let’s take a peek at those two fuckable hole ! Let’s  start with the pussy first =)


Take a look at this waist and cute belly button ! *instant boner*


Mmmmh, yummy pussy *.*WOOAW !



As you can see, the design is truly amazing ! I admit that I was a bit surprised by those HUGE pussy lips. Knowing Magic Eye’s for kind a long time now and if you know me bit, I bet you know that I’m a big lolicon and that I prefer kawaii loli’s camel toe to those tremendous, things…

After all, it’s the theme of La vie en ROSES. Representing the blossoming of a girls pussy by… making her lips looking like a rose, right ?

But this time, it’s great. Not only does this feels good but  it also helps lubricate your dick for a better insertion and sensation. Plus, fluids are always retained inside and don’t pour out.

I personnaly had the best experience with my favorite lube Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion



Concerning the inside tunnels, both vaginal and anal gets conected in the middle of the onahole. Starting from this point, they are using the same one and the sensation doesn’t change anymore. However, I had my best climax with the pussy. It’s just… really good and hard to describe. All I could say is that if you use a warmer during a few minutes before penetration, it feels heavenly good. It’s rather tight but not too much so it’s fine. One more thing, slidding your glans against this little bump (just before the tunnel gets down) is amazing !

The only downside is that there are no vacuum womb… otherwise it would have been close to be perfect !

Concerning the anal, it’s way more plain and simple. Just a straight tunnel with some ribs on the side and with no differences of tightness up to the end. Honestly I rarely cum in the anal, the pussy is way better.

However it’s now that having two holes is becoming interesting. When I feel that I’m at my limit and about to cum, I switch to the butt and use it calm down. It still gives good sensation though, but I’m used to use it this way and it fits me perfectly ^^

You’re already buying such an awesome toy, it would be a shame to finish in 5 minutes… take your time and enjoy =)

As usual with Magic Eye’s, it’s a double layered onahole. Which basically implies two things:

Firstly, when you spread wide open either the pussy or the asshole, it looks… beautifull and so lewd *.*

Secondly, tears and scrathes might appear since dual layered tunnel are more fragile than normal ones. So be VERY carefull to not be too harsh while using it, same goes for the cleaning. Be extremly carefull when you DRY it. Do not get stuck too deep with your microfiber towel since it’s the best way to wea the material and get some tears. No need to say that if too many tears are appearing, the structure will start to get separate and then your onahole will bu completly unusable.

That’s what happened with my “Open My Pussy!” series: Rina

However though, it seems that on this one Magic Eye’s improved the quality of the layer. I used it a couple of times now, and it still look perfectly fine. So let’s hope it’ll last for a while.


Kawaii ! 


Overall the design of this onahole is 100% success for me. It’s so well detailed and the inside structure looks outstanding !

Cleaning is rather easy, as usual just put your soapy finger in both holes and pulls all the fluids out. Since they are connected, it’s even more simple ! But please do NOT turn it inside out otherwise it’ll be bad for the inner layer !

La vie en ROSES
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Materials and cleaning - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Amazing artwork & box + Easy to clean + Awesome sensation + Delivered in a hard plastic box + Very good material + Good looking + Awesome price for a double hole onahole
– A bit sticky during the first opening – Be overcarefull with the dual layer ! – I don’t really like those pinkish lips. Loli’s camel toe all the way for me, are the best !
User Review
3.93 (14 votes)

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7 Replies to “La vie en ROSES”

  1. Hello, i’m planning on buying onahole to replace my tenga, but i still don’t know which one to choose between Lolinco Virgo or La vi en Roses
    I already view so much reviews but still confused in the end, wether its about the durability or the feeling
    So please help, which one do you suggest ?
    (btw i’m neither a fan of cameltoe or the flappy labia)

  2. I dunno. I have this one and just found it too soft. It’s not the worst thing though I suppose. I guess it’s really good if you want a long session or something, but it’s just way too soft for my taste.

  3. To be honest with you, I love Magic Eyes. Their product looks so beautiful and the sensations it delivers are awesome. The reluctant bad point with their onahole is definitely the durability. I dont think the material used are BAD, but there is definitely something wrong with it. Like, I dont really care if the internal layer tear up or if there are scratches on the outside. But once you get a hole at the back “as I used to have on Virgin age admission, sujiman kupa Rina and regular lolinco” then that sucks. A lot.

  4. Did yours have an extremely small hole on top? It might be a defect, but i want to check. I only notice the hole because sometime lube would squirt out of it.

    1. No I don’t have any hole on the top. I bet it’s a factory defect if the onahole is brand new, otherwise it maybe got perforated while you were using it ?

    2. Mine had the same defect, a bubble at the top the very first use; I welded it shut and it was good as new-a few times later; ended up ripping it a new anus

      Magic Eyes quality control folks.
      Hopefully someone else comes along to make a more durable version. Even still I’d probably buy this again because it was pretty good overall otherwise.
      >those hips/butt + both holes
      I’m just hoping a better/more durable alternative appears

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