Virgin Fella

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Virgin Fella, that’s the onahole I’m reviewing today ! A-One’s best (blow-)job in loli fellatio !


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Every once in a while, I review an onahole made by A-One. You know, they have a tendency of playing with your soul and sanity by releasing stuff like the Chichikan Nipple Penetration onahole, or a certain tsundere little sister. Superb Fella was good ? “Hey let’s replace the word Superb with Virgin” ! Chosen gets a loli illustration, made gets plastic mouths, and ready for world success ! maybe ?

Box illustration


Little sisters. Cute faces, cute ribbons in the hair, cute underwear, cute knee-socks, and … eager to help out the onii-chan releasing stress when he studies for his exams ? Who knows. I can’t exactly think of the context leading to this situation, but: the little sister has nipples taking fresh air, she’s seemingly horny as heck, she opens wide her mouth and sticks out her tongue, and the small pic on the top shows us… gooey stuff in her mouth. I think it’s her onii-chan sperm, but I may be wrong and she’s simply eating a medusa~

Box content

  • the onahole
  • a small bag of lube

Let’s get this right off the bat: the lube was shit, it dried up and got less fluid than toothpaste, and when adding some water to revive it… it’s performance is simply bad, it dries up too fast and doesn’t help the gliding without ruining sensations. I wouldn’t even use it as anal lubricant. Why didn’t A-One include a lube that mimics spit ? You know, for all the fellatio stuff.. Anyway.

The onahole outside


Well, I think it’s okay ? They made some lips, you halfway expect a piece of nose on top, … The material is pretty sad when compared to current onahole technology: upon opening it has a fierce bad smell, and while the smell fades away over time, the surface remains sticky and a bit oily. It could have been better. And another thing: the lips have a tendency to be “pushed inside” when trying to slide in, which makes it not-so-sexy to watch.

The onahole insides and performance


First half has some rides to help insertion (?), and a big bump supposed to mimic a tongue. After that, a few ribs and another smaller bump should make for the throat and uvula. It seems good.

… however… I actually used my own spit to lube up the onahole so I could feel as much as possible from the structures. They’re too soft, they get simply pushed away when the dick enters there, leaving nothing but regret and sadpanda. I mean, yeah she’s supposed to be a virgin or whatnot.. but…  COME ON. It took me some serious effort to be able to achieve an orgasm in there, simply too few stimulation, the Maid in Fella did so much better… or even Her Small Mouth, that is ?! The best technique I found was a “twist-slide” motion.. that… totally didn’t match the fantasy hatching from the box illustration…


Nothing particular to notice there, I had no trouble clearing the stuff with water and rubbing the inside with my fingers and soap, and it’s well stretchy enough to pat the inside dry with a small towel. I really recommend putting talc or corn starch on the surface because it’s sticky and not pleasant to hold.

Price / value

Well… it’s totally a low-price product with the matching quality. Can you live without ? Yes absolutely, unless you fell in love with the illustration. I recommend saving up for a Bocca Della Verità, no matter if you pull out it’s teeth in the end. But you can’t expect a good dual-layer mouth onahole at that price tag, not yet.

Video on Youtube

Virgin Fella
  • 2/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 2/10
  • 3.5/10
    Materials and cleaning - 3.5/10
  • 8/10
    Packaging and addons - 8/10
  • 4/10
    Price - 4/10


+ cute horny imouto
+ not difficult to clean
+ basic mouth features
+ affordable
– low quality lube
– material smell
– material stickiness
– “lips” get pushed inside
– faint sensations
– virgins can’t blow
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