Kuma Buru purple


Cramps ? Your body is aching ? You’re exhausted after work ? MODE Design has created something for you ! Cute “shoulder massagers” !

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No no really, see how much Tomoko loves getting her shoulder massaged:


Pure bliss ! Get your very own Handy Massager now in any local supermarket !


… oh, I fool nobody down in this shady place on the internet. Yes indeed, what is marketed as “shoulder massager” just happens to have another, more interesting function[⚠porn⚠].

Long story short: it vibrates pretty hard, and when applied to a girl’s pussy, it makes her cum in no time. This kind of device was therefore nicknamed “magic wand”. But please, look at the Handy Massager: it reminds me of a kitchen mixer. Kinda scary. And the cord makes it even less convenient. You find it on J-List, by the way. But today I’ll talk about MODE Design’s hit, with Kuma Buru !! I got the purple one, with the big ears.


Look at that !!



Small and handy, the vibrating head is nice to the touch, the vibration power is quite decent, and it’s so fucking cute ! Once the foreplay is done, you need the matching condoms !

Purple can be used while rubbing the ears against the labia, pink can tease the clitoris with it’s arm, and mint is just.. nothing special, just good everywhere. Your lover is a young girl, kinda scared for what happens next, maybe even virgin, but you are in control of the situation, and with Kuma Buru you’ll make her heart melt with repeated “kawaii~ !”, and once you apply it against her panties, you’ll hear her moan right away and see as her panties get wet of her love juice. Then pull the panties away, and make her experience unexpected new pleasures with the help of this cute magic wand. Thank you, Kuma Buru !

After use, it’s time to reload the battery and get it ready for the next session ! You don’t need batteries, you don’t need Japan-to-{your country} wall plug adapters, you just need the best standardized and universal plug in this world, the Universal Serial Bus: USB !


(Apple keyboard not included)

About 90 minutes loading time, for 60 minutes of fun. Very good.

Now you ask me: can only girls enjoy Kuma Buru ? The answer is: no. The vibration works pretty well on the penis too, keeps it hard and gives a nice feeling, more intense than rubbing with your finger, see ? I think it’s even possible to cum only from that, but I didn’t check myself. The purple version is better here since you can put your penis between the ears.

Kuma Buru
  • 5/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 5/10
  • 8/10
    Materials and cleaning - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging and addons - 10/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


Cutest. Vibrator. Ever.

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