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Hello hello and welcome on Onahole Review, I’m Akaihebi and today I’m talking about a sextoy of a kind rarely reviewed here: a dildo !

It is worth noting that few dildos are made in Japan, so the best quality products come from western countries. Pride Dildo comes from USA, and the product line includes two dildos: Long Dong and Thick Rick. I got the latter.

The Pride Dildo can be bought online on the dedicated website or among several resellers like [EAN: 0760488747070 ], beware of counterfeits or imitations especially on Amazon !


If you see it on the shelf in your local sex shop and buy it, you really can’t deny knowing what kind of sextoy this is: the box includes a transparent “window” on the front, proudly showing you the colorful content.

The box also includes a description with maintenance instructions, written in English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch.

Pride Dildo features a rainbow color theme, as a direct reference to LGBT+ communities. Being pansexual and occasional crossdresser, this rings a bell to me. But this alone doesn’t prove to me this toy isn’t just a buzz novelty or culture appropriation (let alone knowing if the makers of the product really do support LGBT+ communities). This got to be judged later over the characteristics of the actual toy πŸ™‚


Inside the box, you’ll find a plastic tray, which safely holds the dildo.

Since there exist a Pride Dildo water-based lubricant, it could have been a good idea to include a sample of it. Because yeah: to use a dildo of this size for anal play, lubricant is mandatory. Anyway. I never saw a dildo sold with a lube sample…


With a length of 20 cm (8 inches) and a max girth of 14cm (5.5 inches), the Pride Dildo Thick Rick closely matches the average human penis size, which it’s also accurately shaped as: a round glans, a frenulum and retracted foreskin, a shaft with some vein-like structures, and half of a scrotum.

At the base, a suction cup to attach the toy on a non-porous surface (on top of a table, against the shower wall, …. and it also works pretty well on your forehead in case you feel unicorn-y !)

Thanks to the half-balls, you can also use the dildo with a harness / strap-on.

The material offers a bit of flexibility, and that’s very useful if the toy isn’t perfectly aligned with the hole it penetrates.

Overall it has a comparable hardness to actual human penis erection (actually rather harder). Noteworthy: the tip has the same hardness than the rest of the toy, whereas human glans are much softer/spongier. You should keep this in mind when inserting this toy in a hole with tense muscle at the entrance: the dildo won’t give much leeway at all, so be gentle and take your time !

Pride Dildo are marketed as being made of phtalate-free high quality silicone that is body safe. Like other sextoy reviewers, I learned to take the “silicone” claim with a grain of salt: makers can use a blend of material, using thermoplastic elastomer (TPE, which is commonly used for onaholes), or various other rubber plastic material (worst being jelly-like rubbers). So I did a flame test on the Thick Rick.

Result summary: the dildo didn’t flame up in a burning inferno (didn’t catch fire at all), which is a good sign that the toy doesn’t contain mineral oils. Neither did it bubble or melt, so: not a PET/PVC plastic. As it can be seen in the picture, a black deposit happens where the flame touches the toy: this is fuel residue, and it easily -almost completely- came off with water and a tissue. Therefor I can consider the toy very likely is made of silicone, as marketed.

Flame test: PASS.

(sidenote: yes onaholes quickly catch fire and flame up while also melting down and creating toxic fumes, don’t try at home)


Sooooo. The human body features several places where the Pride Dildo Thick Rick can fit, but sadly I don’t know how it feels for some of them (vagina, and anal without prostate).

Oral: I had a couple of tries “for science” licking and sucking the toy. Having made sure to clean the toy very well, it doesn’t have any distinct taste. Giving it a blowjob made me aware that one of my favorite porn acts really isn’t that easy as it seems: my jaws aren’t used to open that much for a prolonged time (while making sure not to scrape the surface with my teeth), and I barely got the red part of the toy inside my mouth before gagging reflex kicked in. Interesting experience, and a bit arousing too. Well, this made me aware of my limits and better understanding if a play partner also can’t take much of my dick in their mouth πŸ™‚

Anal: at the begin, it took me 5 sessions until I successfully got it’s tip past my anal sphincter. Once in, everything’s fine: the shaft is slightly thinner, and the rectum is way flexible enough to accommodate the dildo.

On the next session however, I was too impatient: while the play I felt nothing special, but during 3 days after I felt some mild pain at my anus (when sitting down, or walking). The anal sphincter is a muscle, and this event made me extra-aware that, like any muscle, it needs training, preparation and relaxation. Since then, I take more time warming-up the sphincter (especially when using Thick Rick, which is very close to the thickness limit I can bear).

A good start is to relax your anus and make sure you can comfortably fit two fingers in, maybe even three, before attempting to insert the toy. Use lube. Use lots of water-based lube. You really want both the toy and your anus as slick as an icecube sliding on a hot mirror covered in soap bubbles. Once the thickest part of the tip reaches your anus, very slowly turn the toy around to make sure the toy is well aligned with your hole and insertion becomes easier. Don’t force, don’t stroke: just gently press the toy and let your anus adjust to it and guiding it inside. If it becomes uncomfortable, pause and wait to let your anus relax more. At some point you’ll feel that the tip has past the sphincter, and the next 5cm are very easy and comfortable to insert. Congrats, it’s in ! πŸ˜‰

It’s a strange feeling to have a dildo fill up your butt. The rectum doesn’t have much nerve endings, but you’re aware that it’s there inside you. Over time, you’ll notice feeling less the dildo: the uuuuh.. farts-that-can’t-come-out-yet slightly inflate your rectum ^-^

The anus doesn’t have much of a choice than wrapping tightly around the dildo, feeling it slide in and out if you move it (which feels kinda okay to me), and the sphincter being stretched a lot you can’t tighten much. Which transfers some strength to the pelvic muscles, which in turn… very significantly increase the power of ejaculation, leading to mind-blowing orgasms ! That alone got me gasping in pleasure for over 10 seconds a few times. Add an onahole to the equation, and you pretty surely turn yourself into a mess when the pleasure peak is reached 😝😌

Now, the prostate. I already used Pride Dildo Thick Rick several times before I could accurately pinpoint the location of my prostate (earlier this year), and so can try to target it with the dildo. “Rule of thumb” in my case: my prostate is at the very tip of my pointing finger when I insert it into my butt (which is a quite uncomfortable position and gets my wrist tired very fast). So, Thick Rick is more than enough to reach it: I stick inside the length up to the yellow part (not reaching to green part yet), the dildo’s “balls” downside (like someone over me in the missionary position), the light curve of the dildo making for a good lever to poke/pound the prostate.

How does the prostate feel when the dildo is poking it through the rectum ? Well, mmmh… you feel a kind of pressure in your belly.. you know the sensation when you have to pee for a few hours and your bladder feels like it’s going to explode ? Well it’s close to that location, and the sensation is similar (but really not mistakable for a full bladder). It’s interesting and fun ^^

One time, when I kept the toy pressing against the prostate, I.. felt as if I become dizzy, but my breathing raced up as if I just ran at full speed a whole minute, my legs started shaking a bit, a sensation of pleasure rushed up my head and remained there, muscles here and there tensed up, I started moaning softly (uncontrollably),… and.. it kept going like that. A “feel-good-agony”. I was internally begging for a relief, for a “peak”, but no it just continued like that, 10 seconds, 20 seconds… was it a prostate orgasm ? But it’s not as “climax-y” as a common orgasm ? How does it end ? When does it end ? Eventually I “broke down” the charm and stopped pushing the dildo there. I didn’t cum, but sure as hell I leaked plenty of precum during that session (I leak precum during all sessions anyway, starting during my preparation when I just finger myself ready).

Since then I keep teasing my prostate, but not quite reaching that level of intensity. But still..

Thanks to the suction cup, the dildo can be attached to a surface for more kinds of play. I really use it only to attach to the shower wall, having some fun having it fuck me while I was bending over and feeling the water rush onto my back and head, great for when I feel submissive and fantasize about being fucked while being held one arm around my hip, and one hand on my neck forcing me to bend over, while my own hands are tied behind my back πŸ˜‹

Other plays: I sometimes have fun using Thick Rick in onaholes, or giving it a handjob.. Since it’s anatomically-accurate, it could be great for sex ed classes on Youtube or somewhere, demonstrating how guys “do it” and showing the most sensitive parts, or how to use a condom..


Since it’s a toy that goes inside the body, the lucky owner needs to pay extra attention to the cleaning process. Clean it before the first use, ideally before each use, and after each use.

To clean, use water and soap. Soap it up well and good, not forgetting the little space between the shaft and glans (like a real penis).

If you used the toy shortly before the time of the day where you usually poop, or if you use it after pooping without clearing your rectum with a douche, you’re very likely to see little brown remains from your past meals on the toy. Some people are into scat, some other people totally aren’t, and me I’m rather in the latter category.  Just… brace yourself and direct your shower head towards the toy to detach most of it, hot water works the best. Then, you can safely proceed to cleaning the toy twice or thrice with soap.

Finally, you can use spray disinfectant. I’d say that’s even mandatory if you use the toy elsewhere, or share the toy with your partner (after having both do a STD checkup). Alternate solution: put a condom over the dildo. While protecting against STD transmission or other infection risks, it also makes cleaning easier if shit gets pulled out, and improves the lubrication.


How to summarize all that in a few words ?…

Pride Dildo Thick Rick appeals to the LGBT+ community with it’s rainbow theme, and by the quality of the toy I trust that it’s not a mockery. The product has few resellers, tons of counterfeits and ripoffs are polluting stores like Amazon or eBay, so most often the safest option is to order the toy over the official website. Seeing other silicone products of that kind, I’d say it’s price is very good.

Silicone. The flame test confirmed that it’s not a simple plastic toy, so I’m fairly confident it’s really made in silicone.

It’s size and shape and hardness are pretty realistic, except for the tip. The suction cup at the base allows to attach the toy on a flat surface, a good example being the shower wall… or your forehead when you’re out for the Pride Walk.

This toy broadened my horizons (and my anus capacity), allowing me to experience the sensations of being filled up, and is one of my favorite toys to bully my prostate (which I hope will someday lead me to dry orgasm, who knows).

Sometimes cleaning takes some bravery for someone like me who’s disgusted by any contact with fecal matter, but that’s something to get through. Aside that, no major issue in cleaning: water, soap, disinfectant.

Pride Dildo Thick Rick well earned a central place in my sexual fun and wellness, up to the point where I proudly include it in my social media profile pic πŸ˜‰

PrideDildo Thick Rick
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Packaging and addons - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


+ colorful rainbow ! + very realistic size and shape + high quality silicone, indeed + very good pricing + suction cup + fills up nicely in anal + great to bully the prostate + very fun addition to your unicorn cosplay
– glans too hard – no sample of lube
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3.67 (3 votes)

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    1. Yup it looks pretty nice ^.^ and silicon doesn’t decay fast, you’re keeping all options open for you and/or your partner(s) !

  1. Hey AkaiHebi, I would appreciated it if you censored the picture of the dildo deep in your boipussy.

    Other than that, it was a interesting read. Dildo reviews always make me question my sexuality since almost everyone who have used them highly recommend them.

    Btw, I love the subtle change in your profile picture. πŸ˜‰

    1. Censorship is when a state law or policy restricts a freedom of expression πŸ™‚ however I forgot we can use a “spoiler” hiding, so visitors can willingly see a nude pic on a NSFW blog they willingly visit πŸ˜‹

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