Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers

While exploring the colorful world of onaholes, we at Onahole Review also occasionally take a look at different products, including sextoys not made or designed in Japan.

In this category: the Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers, by Lovehoney!



So far, I never saw any sextoy designed in the western countries featuring a manga-style illustration on the box. Actually, very few companies put something unreal there. “Please enjoy fantasizing to the porn star we slapped a picture of on the box”. Or “the dragon drawing on our website whose artist neither consented nor got paid for that use”.

Lovehoney leaves everything to your fantasy, just one picture of the product as box cover -of the actual product. Bummer, there was maybe something to exploit with a lamprey drawing 😉

On the sides of the box a description of the product, quote “every man should have one”. Hey, not only/all men have penises, let’s not forget that! As for the stamina claim, mmmh.. It always somehow rings a bell in my head about all the “performance” stuff like in porn movies, who really don’t depict a sexual play accurately. Should one reach their limit, other positions/actions can be practiced.. and sex doesn’t necessarily end with an ejaculation. Anyway, let’s consider this toy appeals to cis men’s stereotypes (who may be gay, as the description suggests).

On another side of the box, Lovehoney exposes it’s goal, striving for sexual happiness of everyone. Good, very good! My approach may be slightly different, but our beliefs are the same 🙂

Printed in smaller font, advice about using water-based lubricant, that the toy is made from TPE, doesn’t contain latex or phtalates. And the usual health precautions, and this toy is not a medical device and so on. Let’s dig in!


Inside the box, you’ll find the toy inside a sealed transparent plastic wrap. Upon opening, the toy has a light smell.


The Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers is 145mm long, 45mm wide, and the hole is 30mm wide. Of course the toy is stretchable, I could stretch it to twice those values with no excessive effort.

By default, it comes turned with the “ticklers” inside. At the bottom, the toy has a small air hole. By “reversible”, it means the toy can be turned inside-out, inverting the structures.

And in this mode, the toy’s insides consists of bumps. Had some fun putting the toy over my Pride Dildo, and visually it has a certain kick to it. Can’t even imagine how badly a poor little butt would be ravaged by that monster~


One word in it’s name sums it up pretty well: “intense”. The toy itself is made in a rather harder TPE material than what I’m used to, unlike onaholes it has a much as no “spongy” compression aspect, instead it’s all about stretching. And stretching it does, as I ram my westie-average-sized rock hard dick inside. It fiercely strangles around, and you plop out as soon you let go!

By all means, use a proper amount of lube. More than with a standard onahole. And be extra careful if you have phimosis, or it could end painfully.

The sensations… oh gosh.  With the “ticklers” it sure “tickles” the tip as you enter and exit, but due to the tightness you can get quite quickly numbed. The ticklers on the shaft make a.. hard to describe… “scraping” type sensation. It’s fierce, that’s for sure. Not exactly the can of worms or cup noodles I imagined.

Now for the bumps… did I already mention “intense”? How to describe the scale… picture getting a blowjob from a person with a tongue piercing. Now forget about the soft cushion feeling of the tongue and the void of the palace: instead of the hard piercing you have slightly flexible bumps, but 150 of them, all along the inner wall!! And each time you slide in and out, they relentlessly attack your glans!

And oh, you can make it even worse, little masochist: remember the air hole at the bottom? Close it with your finger when you’re fully inserted. As you slide out, you’ll make a hell of a vacuum, bringing the ticklers or bumps even tighter around your escaping glans. The tightness of the toy allows for quite a big vacuum capacity, before the air manages to sneak between your shaft and the opening.

Also: closing the air hole serves another purpose: discretion. Because if you don’t, you’ll produce a rather annoying hissing/whistling sound each time you pump in and out. Yeah that hole is.. can do without, unless it prevented the bottom from blowing up / exploding when the user penetrates without pressing the air out first.

It’s a hardcore toy, it’s tight, crazy intense, and for me too close to pain for comfort.


The cleaning is really a no-brainer: invert the toy so the “used” side is out, wash with water, soap it up, rinse, done! You can use some antibacterial spray if you want. Pat dry, store in a ventilated area away from direct sunlight, so mold can’t catch on.

If you use this toy with your partner and either of you has been diagnosed with a sexually transmissible disease, hasn’t been tested yet or overall in case of doubt or if you’re not regular sex partners: after carefully washing and disinfecting the toy, pat it dry with a wipe and leave it for a few days until all potential pathogens are died out.


One of my recurring complains about western penis toys is that the industry just doesn’t show any interest in trying to catch up with onahole technology, unless it’s about premium products like silicon sexdolls, Bluetooth-commanded toys, or some other fancy electric product. The basic toys just seem stuck 10 years ago or so. And those who seek some fantasy have not a wide selection, perhaps some dragons or prehistoric creature.

So, in the specs, Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers is not a disruptive product: it’s made in TPE, it’s see-through, reversible, quite affordable, .. not a bad product.

The promised intensity is here, oh dear it’s here. So much so, it was too much for me to handle. See, I need to keep a sensitive penis or I can forget about reviewing onaholes ^^ Sensations are above and over the top, adding a strong vacuum to the mix and this toy can pretty well serve as tease-torture device in a BDSM setting. Make sure to lube well, and make your partner whimper 😈

Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers
  • 2.8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 2.8/10
  • 5.2/10
    Materials and cleaning - 5.2/10
  • 1.6/10
    Packaging and addons - 1.6/10
  • 8.8/10
    Price - 8.8/10


+ affordable
+ reversible for variation
+ easy cleaning
+ decent TPE material
– too intenseeeee
– hissing sound from air hole
– box illustration: just the product
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