Magic Face 2


Hey everyone, it’s been a long time ! Today I’m back after a long break with a product that was send to me quite a long time ago now from the staff of Motsu Toys ! As you can see on the displayed picture, this time we’ll be talking about a very large and sophisticated ORAL onahole. Well we could even call it a whole face masturbator since the product itself is so big !

You guys know it too, before going for a vaginal penetration a bit of oral stimulation is always good to warm yourself up !


First of all let’s start with some pictures of that amazing box artwork !

In case you didn’t know already, the Magic Face 2 is a new and improved version of the original Magic Face released a couple of years ago by Japanese maker PPP. A major difference with her little sister apart from the face itself is that this packaging design is actually based on the very famous Taimanin Series, which is originaly an eroge as well as an anime. Most accurately, this girl comes from the spin–off Taimanin Yukikaze and is the main girl featured in the show.

I could write lines about how awesome and perverted this series is, but this is not the goal of that review so I’ll just say that it truly worth it if you love extreme stuff featuring lots of bukkake, nakadashi and scenes were girls are treated like nikubenki (japanese fetish of human toilets).

Anyway the box in which that cute bishoujo face comes in is super gorgeous as well as incredibly… HUGE ! You might be surprised by the size of the packaging the postman will bring you if you ever purchase this trust me. I knew it would be big but not to this point. Hence I couldn’t keep the box for storage reasons and ended up throwing it away.

But overall it looked really great. Apart from the traditional promotional pictures, the front artwork featuring that super horny tongue dripping Yukikaze was truly arousing. Just by looking at her face, my dick was already rock hard and I was aiming for one thing only… stuffing her mouth with my cock and having LOOOTS of fun 🙂


Inside the box you’ll find the face of a super cute anime girl surrounded with TONS of plastic bag and safely placed in a large case. No need to say that mine didn’t have any scratch from shipping with all those protection ^^

Further inside the package were two little addons : a sample of lube (always nice to have) and a sort of black ribbon used to cover her eyes if you are into those things…


Molding-wise, the face is top notch with barely no default, expect at the tip of some hair but that is just detail… she’s really gorgeous to look at with that pale white skin of her and to top if off her size is massive standing at over 3KG with the only aim of sucking your dick ! The material is great too, it feels squishy and soft to the touch like you would expect from the skin of a cute anime girl. Also it doesn’t really have any bad smell and is quite durable, mine doesn’t seem that it would break anytime soon. One of the main asset of this face, is its internal bone frame kinda like the PUNI ANA SPDX for instance. This makes her completely different to the previous version by enhancing the illusion of having a “real” anime girl’s head at yout disposal for sexual intercourse.

Finaly regarding her mouth itself, as you can see it is quite different. Personnaly ever since I started using onahole I only went through 2 oral masturbator which are the two mouth of truth from Magic Eyes. Those gave me some of the best sensation ever with their ultra detailed design featuring double layer, squishy tongue, soft teeth, throat etc…

While here it kinda looks way more plain, and it actually is when it comes to the feelings. Instead of a crazy reproduction of a real girl’s hot and wet mouth, here we are only greeted by a first single tunnel full of tiny ribs on its walls. Then halfway through it will split in two with at the bottom two small vacuum chamber for extra suction.


When it comes down to the feeling itself, and by this I mean the stimulation  of your cock only through the structure of the inner walls… well it isn’t THAT incredible of a sensation.

To sum it up it only relies on quite a large tunnel on the first half with then tiny little ribs to bring stimulation to your glans.

In my case my penis is circumcised so I couldn’t feel much with this pattern only. Plus as I said, I used to be quite accustomed to strong and intense stimulation from my former Magic Eyes blowjob onaholes, so trying this one for the very first time felt truly plain and tasteless.

HOWEVER, considering this blowjob product at the same level as the others would be a mistake. Actually to really enjoy it, you have to take your time and add a lot of “play” with it. By this I mean patting her head, squishing her cheeks, using her handfree, upside down, on a bed… in short taking all the asset of her unique design to benefit most of the feelings.

At the beginning I did not do this and was left quite disapointed. But then I learned how to properly use her and then the sensations suddenly went crazy.

Keep in mind that you really need to take your time before starting to feel something, at least in my case. I was so used to have super strong stimulation that getting used to this one was quite difficult. But in the end, by using it for like 1 hour at least, switching with other vaginal onahole and stuff I quickly became addicted, mostly due to to the endless possibilities it offers.

In details regarding the tunnels, once you get into one of the two at the bottom that’s when things are getting serious. However I can only put my dick in the upper one, that’s the one where your dick will naturaly slide in if you fuck her. The second one is just unreachable. I tried all the position possible but never achieved to fit my glans in this, the angle is so but like at 45° and the entrance way too small for my cock.


This is yet an other disavantage of such a large product, washing and drying it is a real pain. It’s too large so it does not fit in the sink of my bathroom hence I have no choice but to clean it in the one of the kitchen.

And then of course it’s a pain to dry and powder between all the nooks and crannies of her hair…


I did not try the first version of the Magic Face so this product was really a new thing to me. In the end I’m left truly satisfied with that experience. Learning how to use it is the most difficult part, but once you get used to it then it becomes super pleasant !

If you look for a product that gives you gosebumbs right after getting your dick in, then forget about this one, same for those who have logistic trouble for hiding/washing her.

Otherwise I highly recommend to those who can afford it to get this Yukikaze in addition to any other vaginal hole, this truly is a blessing to use and will give you some unforgettable orgasms !

Magic Face 2
  • 8/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Materials and cleaning - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10


+ Once you understand how to properly use her, you’ll be addicted to her blowjob + Shape allows for tons of funny play and positions to try + Odorless, durable material + Awesome molding
+ Perfect packaging and artwork
– Really expensive, even without the shipping fees…
– Difficult to hide & wash/dry
– Sensations are a bith weak at first
User Review
5.83/10 (6 votes)

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2 Replies to “Magic Face 2”

  1. I bought this few months ago,It’s really good for realistic BJ experience.
    Although I didn’t know What’s that feels like.

    1. Hey I want to ask what kind of seal does the box come with? Like i got mine but it feels weird that there is no wraps or anything. And looking it it looks like some one had handled it. Like how you use some of the onahole and like due to friction little nub of the material form. Brought it off toydemon and really never had such issue before. Not sure if its just large build stuff have those smaller defect in production or this was return.

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