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As you well know, with sextoys or some sexual activities, lubricant is needed. The lubricant reduces friction and allows for smooth gliding of delicate body parts. On the Japanese market, one of the major water-based sexual lubricant makers is PePee. The type we’ll take a look at today is Rubber and Lovers.

The PePee Rubber and Lovers comes in a 360 mL bottle, easy to differentiate from other PePee lube types by it’s pink cap. No anime girl, no lewd picture, an uninformed person wouldn’t tell from far away what this product is (although the “rubber and lovers” name will definitively raise a flag). Said cap is very easy to open, which is worth mentioning (especially if your other hand is busy elsewhere):

PePee’s Rubber and Lovers has a couple characteristics, namely it’s thicker than PePee’s standard lube (orange cap), this is best demonstrated with NLS’ pictures:

It’s thickness, or rather it’s increased viscosity, makes it flow away slower and so is more convenient for use with insertable sextoys (like that anal plug), and longer-lasting performance during vaginal or anal intercourse. While I didn’t had much anal play time, I definitively noticed that PePee Rubber and Lovers made less of a mess than Onatsuyu, and was better than a Durex lubricating cream.

-by arthoe_bella

However, for use with onaholes, it may not be a good choice: the high viscosity erases the onahole’s internal structure sensations, so mixing with some water may be required to fully enjoy onaholes.

PePee Rubber and Lovers is described as non-toxic, and so is safe to use for oral sex. It’s tasteless, odorless, and clear.

Slightly more expensive than the standard PePee lubricant, it’s still affordable and relevant for couples and/or solo fun with your body. Yep, it’s not bad, well done PePee 🙂

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