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The Virgin Age Series from Toy’s Heart is probably at the same level of popularity as the Sujiman Kupa Series from Magic Eyes. However with those, and particularly Virgin Age ~ Admission the main point is usually the incredible tightness of the insides in order to sorta replicate the super tight sensation every otaku is fantasizing/dreaming about ~ you know, like to enhence the illusion of fucking a real loli !

After having tried Virgin Age ~ Admission, I quickly became a fan of this new line of product. However there were a few things that I didn’t like such as the small depth of the pussy, the small size of the onahole or the fact that the tightness was a little bit too much at some times…

Here, our cheerful loli has grown up and is now in her last year of high school ~ her boobs are bigger (flatness is still justice) and her pussy changed a bit.

Get ready guys to explore the insides of this cute bishoujo =)

NOTE: If not done yet, check out the review of Akai Hebi too !



Let’s first take a quick look at the overall design of this box ~

As expected with Toys Heart standards, the packaging is truly amazing. It’s really hard to believe that they worked so hard on the box design knowing that the content was a simple onahole. But anyway, I LOVE this art ! Honestly the box is as beautiful as Virgin Age ~ Admission, I have absolutely 0 complain about it.

We have a cute anime girl with apparent panties, very nice pinkish colors, great pics of the onaholes and its insides, quality label of the material used, and even the text written in some kind of glowing letters ! Also the background kinda reminds me of some sort of dotted panties xd

It’s really a smart and cute design that we have here. Truly, the embodiment of MOE !

Onaholes from Toys Heart might sound boring concerning their look since they are usually based on the same shape, but let’s be honest: the overall design of their packaging are most of the time perfect.


As previously with Cum Maid – Uterus Sex, the display inside the box is exactly the same: the onahole safely placed in a hard plastic case while being wrapped in an other plastic bag to avoid any marks on the outside. Right above, we can see a nice and cute little bottle of lube, which isn’t that bad but will only be good for a few faping session.

I recommand using Onatsuyu ~ Female Nectar Lotion which is simply the best lube to use with onaholes ! Also don’t forget warming the insides beforehand with a warmer or somthing similar. Because in all honesty, trusting your dick in a wet, warm, tight and double layered pussy is something indescribable.


Now let’s get right into the review of this pussy !

As I said previously, this is nothing else than the generic deisgn most of Toys Heart product are based on. I would say this is probably one on the best and smartest design for an onahole, but on an other I find it quite boring since there are absolutely no innovation like with product from Magic Eyes.

The material is top notch. Feels great in hand, doesn’t smell, and is super durable. The size fits me better than her loli sister Virgin Age ~ Admission since it’s a little bit larger and bigger. Even tough it still fits perfectly in hand.

The insides looks gorgeous. Instead of Admission, Graduation features a sturdy pinkish layer which makes the pussy looks very arousing. Apart from the look itself, it also provide more stimulation and a better firmness. I also noticed less leak of lube than with her little sister, I don’t know if it comes from the added layer but all in all it’s a really good thing because wasting lube is something I truly hate.


As you can see, the pinkish layer is actually a whole part of the onahole. This is slightly different than other product where the double layer is really thin and only glued on the inner walls. I’m not a big fan of this method since it’s easier for the layer to get riped of and to have multiple tears, it’s also not very durable.

Hence, onahole onahole featuring the same inner layer as graduation have really a better durabilty. Ever since I got mine in december, I assure you that I don’t have any single tear or anything.

Now for the feelings itself. Honestly, this onahole feels really, really good but in a gentler way then Virgin Age ~ Admission. As you can see on the pictures the tunnel isn’t as tight. It’s rather loose at the beginning and then it gets tighter and tighter the more you get inside her.

Not featuring a womb chamber, these both onahole have that particular feeling of rejection ~ implying that the girl’s pussy is trying to push you out as if you were raping her. This is something I find pretty arousing and it changes a lot from most of the onahole with a vacuum system.

Most of the patern on the inner walls are made out of ribs. Your glans will get to pass through vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines which will provide a really good stimulation before reaching the tighter part. Notice that this last structure of the onahole does not feature any patern on the walls ~ its just plain. And honestly I think it’s a rather wise choice not to have included anything here since the stimulation due to the tightness is already so strong that adding more stuff would have made a lot of guys cum (including me) in a too short amount of time.

By the way, you see the outside layer which kinda looks like a sponge ? Well, this material is one of the best I’ve ever tried to keep the insides warm. If you use a warmer, or even with the heat from your erected dick, the inside will feel so freaking hot for a long period of time. This again, truly enhence the experience of fucking a young virgin pussy.


Well I’m gonna skip this part since it’s always the same trick anyway. Water, scrape the lube/sperm out with your finger and get the inside thoroughly dry with a microfiber towel. Done.


If you have already experienced Virgin Age ~ Admission or if you simply love virgin themed onahole, then this product is for you. The quality/price is really good and the durability is near from perfect. Plus, it provides some really good sensations even though they aren’t as strong as her little sister where at some point it felt like this lolicious pussy was litteraly raping my glans. The product is bigger, longer, and a bit heavier so if you have a larger cock this could benefits you (I broke my admission due to her small size). Cherry on the cake, the insides looks gorgeous, it’s really easy to hide/clean and the box is a real piece of art deserving to be put on display !

Shortly put: I really recommend this product =)

Virgin Age Graduation ~ Cr4zyDuck
  • 10/10
    Feeling and pleasure - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Materials and cleaning - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Packaging and addons - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Price - 8/10


+ Perfect sensations + Easy to wash + Esay to hide + Durable material + Doesn’t get sticky (apply powder!) + Smells nice + AWESOME artwork (VIRGINS are justice) + Safe packaging + Small bottle of lube provided + Good price range
– Basic shape – Uuh… sorry I can’t see any other default for this onahole
User Review
3.57 (7 votes)

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