Tuku-Lotion by Myself DIY Lubricant

Hello fellow fappers, I’m AnonymousD, presenting you a new lubricant review, Tuku-Lotion by Myself DIY Lubricant! Made by G PROJECT!


Well, it’s not exactly a lubricant review, it’s a powder to make your own lubricant! “Wait, making my own lubricant? Why would I wanna do that when I can just buy one already made?” Well, I’ll try to answer that in this post πŸ™‚


Let’s see take a look at what it looks like, but it’s pretty straight forward; it’s just powder.

Damn, the girl on the box is a cutie! Just that makes me wanna buy it before other brands, lol <3
Soooo cuuuute
More instructions… (don’t worry, I’ll give a translation later)


And here it is, a bag of powder and a small spoon, nice to have it included. The other small bag is to prevent mold I think, just throw it away.


The product, once again. This small bag will give you tons of lubricating!

So after reading Akaihebi’s DIY lube review, I decided to give this a try. If this works, it would be a HUGE step towards… eh… masturbation-goodies-convenience. Buying lube is not the best, it is one of those things you always forget to restock, and the “dry days” are horrible. Also it could be a bit expensive, depending on the shop, and it adds quite a lot of weight to the package. Once I made an order of only lubricants, it consisted in 6 different types of bottles, and it was around 80 EUR. It lasted me a year+ (some of them weren’t really good).

But with this, you could stock up on powder bags, which are small and compact, and make liters and liters of lube, worth for many years! That is, if you get enough bags and don’t mess up.

Most of my old bottles I had to dig up, and see which would be suitable for a decent container. It’s a great chance to do some cleaning, see how much lube you can gather in once palce, and throw away the bad ones.

First of all, how many average ~360ml of bottles can you get with this bag? Well… I’m not sure, since I tried this many months ago, but it is definetly no where near 50 bottles. Roughly, 6 spoons = 450ml of lube. I don’t remember how many spoons are in the bag, but looking at it… 36? So maybe 2-3 liters of lube? It all depends on how dense you like the lube too. Let’s see how it’s made.

Since I can’t read japanese, I asked a friend to help me translate it. It might not be a very accurate translation, but just so you can get the idea.

Uhhh… so let’s break it down a bit.

I guess you could try different liquids, but I recommend only water.

I don’t know how putting powder inside the onaohle (with a bit of water I guess?) is gonna do anything even close to lubricating, so just ignore that.

The instructions are kinda confusing, and the 500ml with 1 spoon and a half is absurd. The first time I tested it, it was a mess, the lube was absolute crap, because the proper amounts are: every 2 spoons, 200ml of water.

At least that makes a normal viscosity lube for me, similar to the red cap pepe, perhaps a bit more dense. So, my instructions are:

You need that, + water + glasses/plastic cups!

Take a recipient and fill it with 200ml of water.

Add 2 spoons of powder in a glass/plastic cup.

Fill each glass with the 200ml of water and stir for around 3 minutes, and do it as soon as you put the powder in, don’t wait or small solid pieces will form. Just do it one by one.

Let it it flow inside an empty recipient through a skimmer (~<1h)


Pour the lube in your favorite recipient.

In this example, using 3 glasses, or 6 spoons, I made 1 bottle + 2/5 of a bottle, roughly 450ml.

I made a video as well, enjoy πŸ™‚


So how does it feel? Well, good, like any other decent lube. I’ve been using it for the past 6 months or so, and I like it, I would definetly choose it as my main lube from now on.


It cleans as easy as any other lube.


So, it’s all of this worth it? I’d say… YES!! Like, I would prefer to just buy the lube and that’s it, and that might still be the best option for most people, but it depends on each person. If the shop where you buy the lube is expensive, or maybe the shipping, or you if fap a lot like I do (pretty much daily), you will need tons and tons of lube. All the mixing, stirring process, filling, etc. it’s kinda tiresome, but I think it is definetly worth it. I would suggest buying more than 1 bag of powder, and get a whole evening just to brew lube and stock up for years. Doing a small amount like I did is not the best way, having to repeat this again makes me just not wanting to do it, lol. I will probably buy soon many bags of this, and stock up with many liters of lube. I will make a post on my twitter when I do, make sure to follow me @AnonD_onaholeeu !

⚠️ UPDATE (17-DEC-2019)⚠️

So I was checking on my onaholes and stuff, to find a terrible surprise. In some of the bottles I filled with lube, mold started growing!

These are all my bottles, and you can see it more on some than others.

This is the most noticeable one, if it wasn’t for this one, I probably wouldn’t have found out.

And two of the bottles look a bit yellowish, but is not very appreciateble in the photo. And all the rest smell bad if you open them.

This one last bottle was the one in best condition, but still smelled a bit bad.

So, I live in a very humid area, and the bottle caps didn’t properly close, so it could be due to using bad bottles… or just hand-made lube grows mold… whatever the reason, all those hours and hours making lube, gone… I had to throw all my lube and make a quick order on Amazon to have something in the meantime… sigh, and I thought this would be the best solution to always have lube, but it turns out, it isn’t. Perhaps this could work better for you if you use better containers.

For now, the best way to get lube is from a shop from your country/continent (to avoid customs), new and sealed, and open only when the bottle you were using ran out.

You can still make lube with the DIY powder and use it like normal, but it should be one at the time, and using a good bottle with a good cap that seals properly the lube from humidity. All my lube got wasted in <5 months… welp, this is sad.

  • 10/10
    Sensations - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Materials - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Packaging - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Pricing - 9/10


+ cheap
+ stock up lube for years!
– tiresome process
– other brands might give more lube with less powder/cheaper
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10 Replies to “Tuku-Lotion by Myself DIY Lubricant”

  1. As for 2021, looks this lube powder like many other, it was discontinued. Unlike the Magic Eye powder, there is no info about the ingredients. Wander if we could make one ourselves. I think find out what cause the gas (they claimed it was CO2) is the key to produce a homemade lube powder.

  2. More then likely the lube powder didn’t have any preservatives in it and thats probably why it started to mold and smell bad after awhile. I would probably recommend mixing a safe preservative like Potassium Sorbate in the lube when making it so that it doesn’t go bad really quick after making it. The bottles should of been fine, but the lube that was in those bottles orginally probably had some form of perservitive in them. Kinda wired that they didn’t bother to put any sort of preservative into the powder so the lube could stay in a bottle for awhile.

  3. I literally ordered this one day before you made the update xd. i guess i’ll just make them slowly over time, still seems like a really good buy in my opinion (happy new year btw)

    1. Ouch >.< Yeah, I still think it is, just make sure you get a good container that closes very well, and make one at the time, and I think you shouldn't have problems. Also if your area isn't very humid is a plus. Happy new year!

  4. Chemistry never been my favorite subject, I think it’s time to change mh major

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