Bangee Shake Ibocross

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Today let’s put one of RIDE Japan’s products under the magnifying glass: Bangee Shake Ibocross!

Ride Japan has been milking the “Bangee Shake” concept for a while since the original product, notably releasing a hard version of it and a longer Bangee Shake Glans. The product line specializing in those strings spanning across the hole, Bangee Shake Ibocross tries something else with the wall structures: cones. Before we start comparing those to the original simple ridges, quick word about the packaging!


One thing Ride Japan does is putting PLENTY of text and stuff on the box, so much so the illustration girl gets buried underneath. I mean, those thigh highs are worth a study.

Shy and blushing she avoids eye contact, she opened her shirt revealing a bit from her huge breasts, and.. perhaps she isn’t wearing any panties, hence her visible embarrassment?

“The world changes, ONA Hole”


Inside the box, you’ll find the onahole in a plastic wrap, and a 12mL sample of water-based lube. It’s a quite decent lube, should be enough for about 2 uses.


Rip open the plastic wrap and take Bangee Shake Ibocross in your hand.

Rather surprisingly considering Ride Japan’s history, this onahole presents just a little smell upon opening. The outside is very soft, somewhat sticky to the touch, and is about the same size than the original Bangee Shake: 12.3cm length, 6.5cm in width, and a 10cm deep hole, weighting 230g.

Side by side comparison: (left) Bangee Shake, (right) Bangee Shake Ibocross

The very first strings after the opening form an X, a cross, hence the onahole’s name. Those and the two additional strings further down span right through the middle of the hole, meaning they scrape on a random side of the penis depending the angle and glans. So, penetrating it from different sides brings a variety of sensations.


Bangee Shake is kind of a staple onahole, it was released pretty long ago but it brought surprisingly nice sensations for such a low cost, tickling around the glans just fine with it’s ridges and bringing some fun with it’s strings.

But Bangee Shake Ibocross tries something new with the cones on it’s walls. For just a second, a picture of a lamprey’s mouth popped in my mind. The cones gently scrape along the penis, and… yeah that’s about it. It’s really not like the master toy of such types of structure, which is Squamate Hole.

To optimize the sensations with Bangee Shake Ibocross, like the original product, the choice of lubricant is quite important. You really don’t want the structures drown in gooey fluid, preventing you from feeling them around your dick. Thus, the provided lube may be too thick for that: better choose a thinner lubricant, or mix a little bit of water. Somewhat like precum fluidity.

Bangee Shake Ibocross’ cones are simply too small and smooth: had they given a little bit of structure to them (like aforementioned Squamate Hole), the results could have been quite great!

Instead, Ibocross is “just good”. Sensation-wise the cones are not too bad, and the strings still save the day. Not exactly a mind-blowing orgasm to expect, not an onahole I’d see myself picking every few days, but while more expensive than Bangee Shake it’s still a decent price for the performance.


As with most small/medium sized onaholes, simply turn it inside-out and soap up well, rinse, and let air dry away from direct sunlight. For cleaning, it hardly gets any easier for an onahole.

Optionally you can make the surface extra smooth by applying baby powder.


Bangee Shake Ibocross may have been a step too far: Ride Japan milked the Bangee Shake concept dry, and Ibocross doesn’t live up to expectations. While worth considering, the cones internal structure lacks a “little something”, like a ridged surface, to reinforce the sensation against the glans and skin. As for the strings, they are always welcome, although the “X” cross strings are a weak selling point.

The packaging illustration is too loaded with text, I barely notice Ibocross among other Ride Japan’s product boxes on Amazon. As for the price, I mean…. much better cost/performance ratio than an Apple Pro Display XDR stand!

Bangee Shake Ibocross
  • 5.4/10
    Sensations - 5.4/10
  • 4.4/10
    Materials - 4.4/10
  • 2.3/10
    Packaging - 2.3/10
  • 9.4/10
    Pricing - 9.4/10


+ price
+ strings
– lackluster sensations
– rather sticky material
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